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That’s it, we’re done with flashbacks (for now). What’s the deal, Hirotomo, no love for Eijiro?

I started playing Life is Strange, which has been staring at me through its shrink wrap since Christmas. Gotta say that I’m really loving it so far! There are too many 60+ hour games coming out lately, and I just want something that I can beat in a week. Although, I recall that the internet seemed kind of down on the final chapter’s ending, so maybe I should brace myself for disappointment. Then again, the internet was really down on Broken Age, another quirky adventure game (albeit one with significantly less swearing and murder), and I loved that game. That’s fine, internet, we can disagree sometimes. I still love you and spend most of my time with you, and constantly want to know what’s going on with you, and carry you around in my pocket at all times in case you have something to tell me.

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  • Kid Chaos

    Finally, we’re back in the present! Will there be more Genchu in the weeks to come? And what about Ken & Yori & co.? Oh, the suspense is killing me! 😜

    • suburban_samurai

      hold yourself together, man!

  • SlugFiller

    So, does that mean he actually expects Yori to beat the demons of sorrow, or something?

    • charles81

      Possibly. He wanted them to face Yori individually and commented that Yori should show what his honour is worth as he sent the DoS.

      • suburban_samurai

        If Hirotomo intended to have Yori outright executed, his instructions so far have been highly suspect.

        • charles81

          Absolutely. It certainly comes across as testing. I think there was some excuse around him still being his son and giving him honourable combat and death but I don’t think it holds water.

        • Astralfury

          Wait are you suggesting that Hirotomo is a complex and possibly conflicted character instead of a one dimensional “big bad”?

        • leavescat

          When he sent the DoS after Genchu, there was no “one at a time” crap going on. It’s possible that he knew Tadashi wouldn’t kill him, but that strikes me more as what someone does when they actually want someone dead.

        • Xinef

          Maybe… he just finds DoS creepy and wants to get rid of them?

          If that would be his goal, I’d say his plan is… super effective.

  • charles81

    Son, not sons plural? Either Yori just got disowned or he has very poor expectations for Eijiro.

    He is full of disappoint.

    • IDPounder

      Such son. Little honors. Much disappoint.

      • suburban_samurai


    • leavescat

      Just? Yori has been disowned since the start of the comic. He’s been so thoroughly disowned that there are 4 elite warriors trying to kill him.

      • suburban_samurai

        That’s like maximum disownage.

        • leavescat

          Ironically, he’s been handing them back maximum ownage.

    • suburban_samurai

      Could be both of those!

    • animalia555

      I know it’s technically to late but I couldn’t resist the joke.

      Why not both?

  • Zapmolcuno

    whats the opposite of “daddy issues?”
    “Sonny issues” sounds very wrong somehow

  • Da’Zlein

    “He’s just got to slaughter his way back into the clan like I did all those years ago”
    “You didn’t do that”
    “Don’t question me, servant.”
    “I’m your son, Eijiro!”
    “Whatever you say, now get me more tea.”

  • lilanimefan

    “Past me, do not smile while looking at a failure.”

    • Turul

      “And past Harumi, don’t talk to Genchu while looking at me. It’s very weird.”

  • clogboy

    Watched a playthrough of the first chapter of LIS. I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable playing a 18 year old girl… other than that, making Rewind an in-game feature it saves a lot of pondering and reloading and introduces an interesting new game element at the same time.

    • suburban_samurai

      I’d hardly consider LiS’s protagonist uncomfortable to play as considering how often we play as 15 year old girls in Japanese games, usually wearing lingerie and using oversized weapons to murder monsters and whatnot! Granted many of the decisions you have to make in the game are maddeningly difficult as there’s usually no ‘good’ answer. I already feel compelled to do a second playthrough utilizing fore-knowledge to make the best decisions.

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