• Volume 1
    • The Epic Beginning
      Ina Senshin learns of her upcoming betrothal into the hated and feared Wataro clan. Her decision to run away to avoid the marriage lands the sheltered princess to new dangers.
    • Ninja Death Inn
      Ina Senshin, along with her new tagalong companion, Yorikiro, stay at a welcoming inn with an unusual name.
    • New Sword
      Cho Teko, a blind Taoist monk, joins Ina and Yorikiro. Cho gets his bearings, Yorikiro gets a new sword, and Ina gets annoyed.
    • New Trouble
      The recently rearmed Yorikiro runs into trouble by the name of Kenta Daisuke.
    • It's All in the Past
      Yorikiro is spared when Kenta learns of an unlikely connection to both of their pasts: Genchu Daisuke-Wataro.
    • It's an Ambush!
      Disaster strikes on Masuhiro Senshin's journey to meet with Hirotomo Wataro.
    • Loose Ends
      Kenta joins the cast, while Matrix takes care of a loose end.
    • It's Political
      When Eijiro Wataro makes an unexpected visit to Senshin castle, Yukizane Masamune, interim leader of the Senshin clan, must think fast.
    • Demons Among Us
      Hirotomo Wataro sends his trained assassins to hunt down and kill his errant son.
  • Volume 2
    • Send in the Ninjas
      Ina, Yorikiro, Cho, and Kenta are attacked by Bunzo. Meanwhile, Masuhiro Senshin awakes to find himself captured by the Izuma Ninja Clan along with two familiar faces: Fumio and Fujio, the bandits.
    • Kyoto Chaos
      Kyoto offers a wealth distractions for the main cast. Theaters, foreign foods, and life-and-death fights await!
    • Yorikiro's Dead!
      As Yorikiro collapses from his fight against Murasaki Maru, a scene from Yorikiro's youth passes before his eyes; Genchu and Hirotomo part ways over the fat of the Daisuke clan.
    • Nurse!
      Matrix provides her diagnosis of Yorikiro's situation.
    • Not so Great Escape
      Masuhiro switches tactics to gather intel from within the Izuma ninja clan.
    • Demons VS Ninja
      The Demons of Sorrow encounter Ayane of the Izuma ninja clan.
    • Out on the Town
      Kyoto's bar scene proves to be the ideal meeting place for playwrights, washed-out samurai in purple, and angry theater enthusiasts. Meanwhile, two Chinese monks arrive in Japan looking for Cho.
    • The Kabuki Must Go On
      The crew find themselves performing in a kabuki play covering the contentious history of the Wataro and Daisuke clans.
    • Monks and Demons
      The gang is divided when they are attacked! Kenta and Cho face off against the monks Wu and Tang. Yorikiro defends against Ryoku, the blind Demon of Sorrow.
    • Deals in the Dark
      Masuhiro sees the orchestrator of his capture face-to-face.
    • Genchu Returns
      Genchu returns to face Hirotomo. Yorikiro makes a difficult choice.
    • Line of Sight
      Yorikiro face Ryoku in an abandoned shrine.
  • Volume 3
  • Volume 4