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No Need for Bushido has a talented following gifted with repurposing existing songs for the glory of NN4B. Below is a collection of just a few of these wonderful works!

Genchu lives to the rhythm of “Still Alive”
by charles81
Inspired by page 565

This is a triumph
I’m making a note here:
Huge success
It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction

You fought to save the clan
For the good of all of them
Except the ones you behead

But there’s no sense crying over every sword fight
You just keep on swinging with all o your might
And the killing gets done
‘Till the clan falls to the son
For Wataros who are still alive!

== And in a separate contribution ==

He’s met Tadashi and he’s still alive

He’s doin’ fishing and he’s still alive
He’s sellin’ weapons and he’s still alive
There’s a war on and he’s still aliveThey’ll go pub crawling while he’s still alive
The world will end and he’ll be still alive


Yorikiro reminisces to the rhythm of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme
by KungFuKlobber

Now this is the story all about how
I flipped my life right upside down
And if I could have a minute of your time to borrow
I’ll tell you how I became estranged from the House of Wataro

In power and money born and raised
In the dojo is where I spent most of my days
Genchu had me trainin’, gainin’ some skills
While my dad went out to reap a lot of plunder and kills
Then he exiled Genchu for changing his side
And I learned of a plot for a groom and a bride
While the daimyo sent out all the Demons of Sorrow
I ran away from home and Hirotomo Wataro

I had lots of adventures among towns and trees
Makin’ new friends and lots of enemies
And some crazy redhead chick from the world of tomorrow
Helped me remain the living ex-prince of Wataro

I rolled into the village about seven or eight
And I yelled to a soldier, “Yo, homes, hold the gate”
Ran into the three remaining Demons of Sorrow
It’s the price of being the ex-prince of Wataro

Ken talks smack to the rhythm of “Baby Got Back”
by KungFuKlobber

I like big swords and I cannot lie
You samurai can’t deny
That when a ronin pulls out a twelve-foot sword
You think he’s out of his gourd
You should run: the fight’s already done
‘Cause you notice that sword’s insane
It can send your friends all flying
Just listen to the dead and dying
Don’t run; I just wanna play games
Kick butt and take names
Don’t listen to ’em try to warn ya
That they’re all about to mourn ya
Red Dragon Zanbatou
You’ve never heard it swung before?
A big boom, after a swoosh
‘Cause I’m here to play Nuclear Kadoosh!
I’ve seen them drinkin’
To hell with deep thinkin’
Ooh, rice wine
Your sake’s about to be mine
It’s kind of like my fuel
And I’m not especially cruel
But when I’m running short on my favorite brew
I’ll take what I need from you
So, ronin! (Yeah!) Ronin! (Yeah!)
Is your shord shorter than you? (Um, yeah …)
Get a bigger one! (Well …) Or else! (Okay!)
Get a big, fat sword!
Baby got blade!

Uso multiplies to the rhythm of “Team Rocket Chant
by KungFuKlobber
Inspired by page 450

– Prepare for clones
– In residential zones!
– To protect the clan from humiliation!
– To subdue all peoples within our nation!
– To denounce Genchu and the pupils thereof!
– To shoot fake arrows from above!
– Uso!
– Uso!
– Team Uso, shoot him at the speed of light!
– Yori will never win this fight.
(Uso! That’s right.)

Uso’s plans unravel to the rhythm of “You’re So Vain
by KungFuKlobber
Inspired by page 455

You walked into the village
And you were disguised as someone hot
Your hair strategically covering your eyes
To further your evil plot
You had one eye that was swirly for
The victim of your shot
Yorikiro dreamed that you were the princess
You were the princess, and

Uso vain
You prob’ly think this comic’s about you
Uso vain
I’ll bet you think this comic’s about you
Don’t you? Don’t you?

You shot him several hours ago
When he was still unaware
You noticed that they made such a pretty match
And divined they were a pair
Your illusion failed eventually
But that hypnotic glare
Made Yori dream you were clones, by the Kami
Clones, by the Kami, and

Uso vain
You prob’ly think this comic’s about you
Uso vain
I’ll bet you think this comic’s about you
Don’t you? Don’t you?

You made Yori dream you were clones, by the Kami
Clones, by the Kami, and

Uso vain
You prob’ly think that Yori won’t rout you
Uso vain
I’ll bet you think this comic’s about you
Don’t you? Don’t you?

Well, I hear you are a Demon of Sorrow
Ryoku naturally lost
But you’re vain enough now that you think you can still win
Although your streams are all totally crossed
Well, Ina knows where you are right now
It’s time to pay the cost
Now you’re gonna get a beatdown from her boyfriend
Beatdown from her boyfriend, and

Uso vain
The audience is starting to doubt you
Uso vain
I’ll bet you think this comic’s about you
Don’t you? Don’t you?

Ina Lavigne calls out Matrix to the rhythm of “Complicated
by Sunwu
Inspired by page 584

You come over unannounced
Dressed up like you’re somethin’ else
Where you are ain’t where it’s at
You see you’re making me laugh out
When you strike your pose
Take off all your Ninja clothes
You know you’re not fooling anyone
When you’ve become…
Somebody else ’round everyone else
You’re watchin’ your back like you can’t relax
You’re tryin’ to be cool
You look like a fool to me
Tell me!!!…..
Why do you have to go and make our plot so complicated?

Sunwu  reflects upon Masuhiro’s peace treaty to the rhythm of “The merry go round broke down” (Loony Tunes Theme)
by Sunwu
Inspired by page 580 & 581

Oh the Daimyo’s plan broke down!
As Riccardo’s guns got passed around!
the Senshin will wish, it hadn’t come to this!
As the Daimyo’s plan broke down!

OH What fun! a wonderful! Time! Nataku’s gonna commit some more bad war crimes

Now the Daimyo’s plan broke down!
But you won’t seen Ken frown!
It’ll work out fine! he’ll play kadoosh! all the time
Because the Daimyo’s plan broke down!

You can’t trust a two-faced Daimyo to the rhythm of “Blues In The Night
by Sunwu
Inspired by page 576

My Sensei done told me! when i was a white belt!
A Daimyo’s gonna peace talk! and give you a good wife!
But when that peace talk is done….

A Daimyo is a two-face!
A worrisome thing who’ll leave you sing Kabuki in the night!

Now the priests with guns are ‘coming!
Hear the drums of war a calling!
My Sensei done told me!
A Daimyo is a two-face!

Yori and Ina’s marriage moves to the rhythm of “You Never Can Tell
by Sunwu
Inspired by page 575

it was a Teenage Fedual Japanese Wedding and the old folks wished them well!!!
You could see that the Wataro did truly loved the Senshin girl quite well!
Now the young monsieur and madame have rung the Shinto bell
“セ・ラ・ビ”, say the old folks It goes to show you never can tell!!!

They bought a souped-up Carriage
’twas a cherry red 1753

They drove it down to Osaka

To celebrate the anniversary

It was there that the Wataro was married

To the lovely Senshin he loved so well
“セ・ラ・ビ”, say the old folks It goes to show you never can tell!!!

Genchu’s plan is made clear to the rhythm of “Hey Joe
by Sunwu
Inspired by page 573

Hey Genchu! Where you going with that sword in your hand?
Hey Genchu! I said where you going with that sword in your hand?
“I’m going cut down my old friend Ricky, I caught him selling guns to the Wataro clan!”
And that ain’t too cool

Yukizane sits out the fight to the rhythm of “Onward Christian Soldiers
by Sunwu
Inspired by page 571

Forward Senshin soldier marching without fear!
With our old commander safely in the rear!
Yuki plays Goh from morn till night and thinks he’s very brave,
but the men who really did the job are dead and in their graves.
Forward Senshin soldier Marching without fear!
With our old commander safely in the rear!

Dead Daisuke haunt Genchu to the rhythm of “Spooky Scary Skeletons”
by Sunwu
Inspired by page 568

Spooky Scary Skella-Daisuke send Shiver down Wataro Spine!
Kadooshing Skulls Will shock your soul seal your doom tonight

Spooky, scary skeletons
speak with such a screech
You’ll shake and shudder in surprise
when you hear these Daisuke shriek

We’re so sorry, Kenta-Kun
You’re so misunderstood
You only want to drink sake
And maybe just break some wood!

‘Cause Spooky, scary Skella-Daisuke
shout startling, shrilly screams
They’ll sneak from their sarcophagus
and just won’t leave you be

Ken and Yumiko court to the rhythm of “The Piña Colada Song
by Sunwu
Inspired by page 545

If you like Killing Wataro! and getting caught in the rain!
If you’re not into yoga, if you have half a brain!
If you like robbing bystanders at midnight while wearing a mask and a cape
Then I’m the Daisuke that you’ve looked for! write to me and escape!

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  • KungFuKlobber

    Using my Disqus posting history, I have compiled a file containing all of my lyrical offerings along these lines, including the dozen or so that disappeared along with all the other comments. Page numbers are included. I can email them to you, Joe, if you’d like.

    • http://www.nn4b.com suburban_samurai

      Oh yeah, send an e-mail to both of us! Joe’s busy formatting volume 2, but I can find time to get them up on the site.

      • Sunwu

        Can I send you the ones I can as well?

  • Sunwu

    some of mine are lost to the passages of time *Sigh*

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      If you posted them with your Disqus account, they should still be in your profile history, if you care enough to look through it, the same way I found mine.

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        I didn’t when everyone started this whole singing thing, I was logged in as a guest and had stupid names like “Monkey king” or “ricedeath”

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