Okay, not gonna lie, things are looking pretty grim.

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The heat is on! Can Nataku not handle the onslaught of the Daisuke Duo??

I’ve been watching this anime Megalobox. It’s like this amazing throwback to 90’s anime, even including a filter to make it look like hand drawn cell animation, and I love it. The show is an easy recommend to all the old school anime fans out there (and new school fans, too, it’s just a good time in general)! It’s only 13 episodes long (currently waiting for the last one to air on tv), which makes it very easy to binge. It’s on Crunchyroll exclusively atm, I believe.

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It’s Yumiko, come to impede on Ken’s glorious vengeance!

So, E3 is over, and I still can’t believe how we got three separate feudal Japan samurai action games announcements! Well, okay, technically Ghosts of Tsushima had been previously announced, but that gameplay trailer is incredible. This E3 was definitely the year of the samurai.  I’m admittedly bummed all the rumors swirling around the Nintendo Direct didn’t manifest. No Retro Studios Starfox game. No new F-Zero. No Bayonetta 3. Not even info on that Yoshi game. And even though we finally saw the Fire Emblem Switch game, it does not appear to be the incredibly tantalizing but dubious gothic themed FE (although I am still very excited for it).

I did finally pick up Hollow Knight on Switch since it shadow dropped during the Nintendo Direct. I’ve wanted to dive into that particular Metroidvania for what feels like years now, but it seems holding out for the Switch version was the right call. I haven’t gotten much beyond the opening few minutes yet, though, but I have no doubt it’ll be a good time.

Anyway, it was a pretty great E3! And hey, David Hayter is back as Snake, nice!

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Don’t tease me like that, Honouko!

E3 is happening AT THIS VERY MOMENT! Based on all the rumors swirling around Nintendo’s Direct video stream coming in two days, my hype level it THROUGH THE ROOF. But that doesn’t mean that the three press conferences we’ve had thus far haven’t shown some amazing stuff. In the past I’ve been pretty meh about Microsoft’s conferences, but now that they’ve committed to bringing all their games concurrently to PC, I can finally get excited about what’s on offer, and A LOT of great stuff got shown off. I’m just  gonna quickly run through what has me most excited, feel free to share for anyone obsessively following E3.


I just want to get sucked into Tunic’s world.


The hilarious insanity of Metal Wolf Chaos has interested me for a long time, it’s so bizarre to see it being resurrected as a remaster.


The first Ori game is a FANTASTIC metroidvania, and I’m extra hyped by the sequel, even more so because they hired on the guy who made AM2R as a level designer.


Is this technically a Dark Souls game? At the very least, it’ll likely be the first Souls-like game made by From Software that I actually beat. I’ve said before how much I love Nioh, I don’t think I could be more hyped on Sekiro!


When people criticize games for having bad stories, I just want to show Life is Strange in their face. Really looking forward to this (spiritual?) sequel. Still need to go play Before the Storm…

I’m still waiting for that Rise of the Tomb Raider GOTY Edition, but I love the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot so much, that I’m excited for any continuation, even if it’ll be a couple years before I likely get around to playing it.

I don’t much care for shooters or multiplayer, but I do care about story driven Bioware RPGs, mechs, and incredible looking open worlds. I may end up passing on Anthem when it launches, but right now I have dreams of getting wrapped up in it.


This is the big one, probably what I’m most excited for, although who knows when it’ll come out. I loves me some gritty, gorgeous scifi cyberpunk.

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Oh snap, that is not a place you want someone to put a sword!

It’s June and E3 is in the air! I’ve been playing a lot of Mario+Rabbids and that game is GREAT! I’ve found myself laughing out loud at a lot of the gags. The soundtrack is also delightful, and I don’t think I can adequately describe the euphoria I feel every time I watch Peach blast an enemy with her OP shotgun. I also tried playing the Dark Souls Remaster and that game is INFURIATING. This is my fourth attempt at a Souls game (including the original Dark Souls PC port) and I don’t think I’ll ever get into that hyper punishing checkpoint style of gameplay outside of Nioh. The bubbling rage that playing a Souls game instills in me just makes me want to pick up a Platinum game and murder the living heck out of things in a chaotic ballet of violence. Speaking of which, I hope we see some Bayonetta 3 in Nintendo’s E3 Direct this year. Only a couple more weeks!

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Feet! Is this the end of the Demons of Sorrow??

How bout that Solo: A Star Wars Story? Despite apparent disappointment at the box office, and a lot of C+ rating reviews, I actually thought it was a pretty good time! SPOILER talk below.


I just want to go through my positives checklist:

I loved the set up for Han’s game with Lando that won him the Falcon.
I really enjoyed any scene with Lando.
I liked how Han met Chewie.
I liked the Kessel Run sequence, but I think mostly because it referenced the rebel theme and asteroid field chase music from the original trilogy a bunch.
I liked the handling of Han’s origins in general, it didn’t feel as pandering as I’d expected.
I liked that it was mostly a goofy sort of movie, although I wonder if it would’ve been better if it had presented a darker sense of humor, and played up a bit more grittiness.
I thought the acting was good across the board.

Yeah, really, my big problem with the movie is that it feels like three or four movies combined. The plot is way too overstuffed, and about half an hour too long. There is an undeniable sense of peril fatigue, where the characters seem to be in constant extraordinary danger from beginning to end, so any sense of tension is completely lost. Granted, this is a major problem with pretty much all big budget action adventure movies nowadays. I also thought a lot of the character deaths fell pretty flat in the film, and there were a lot of them!

Also, ugh, the inclusion of Darth Maul makes me roll my eyes. YES, I’ve seen Clone Wars and Rebels, I know he canonically survived The Phantom Menace, but let’s just make this real clear. Most audience goers’ immediate question upon seeing him is going to be “HOW IS HE ALIVE?” And the answer to that is so convoluted and stupid that it’s unlikely any future Star Wars movie would ever address it. I don’t like when a movie’s plot point can’t be understood without supplemental material, and on top of that, Maul does eventually die on Tatooine having a half second long duel with Old Ben, so seeing him in this movie is just dumb to me, because following up on it in a sequel film would be redundant to the cartoons, and contradicting it would seem unlikely since Lucasfilm really wants to make everything one big canon. There’s also my personal bias against anything Prequel era, but obviously that’s not going away. So to quote Lando, “I don’t like it, I don’t agree with it, but I accept it.” (gotta give Joe credit on that gag)

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UPDATE (5/28/18): Next page should be up tonight.


Oh, Masuhiro, weren’t you even listening on the last page? But then, things just happen so fast, ya know?

We’ll be seeing Solo on Friday, I’m excited! I mean, even though the advanced reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are putting it around 70% and it’ll likely drop even lower after its release… But then again, Rogue One is sitting pretty at, like, 86% and that movie is like 80% super boring characters being boring. And who cares about Rotten Tomatoes scores anyway, amirite? Either way, I’m sure I won’t be able to shut up about it on the next comic update.

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Hey, hiding in smoke is, like, Uso’s thing, man! You can’t just go stealing your dead co-worker’s gimmicks!

So I love Full Metal Panic. It’s basically like someone took the handful of unintentionally hilarious scenes from Gundam Wing with Heero Yuy and Relena in high school and made a whole series about it. Granted, in Full Metal Panic, Sagara Sousuke is in charge of bodyguarding Chidori Kaname and not telling her to go die in a hole. I’m a sucker for fish out of water scenarios, as well as action comedies, and anything mecha, so I don’t know if there’s an anime that feels more tailored to my tastes.  Full Metal Panic does tend to drop off the radar for many years at a time, but whenever it re-emerges,  I get hyped, and it feels like every new season is better than the last. The latest, season 4, titled Invisible Victory, feels like it took direct inspiration from The Winter Soldier, with fast, intense action sequences and knuckle biting tension. FMP has always been an action comedy with the tail end of each season dipping into some heavy drama, but IV just dives right into the deep end, and it might end up being my favorite anime of the year depending on how it plays out!

You can actually watch the entire first season of FMP on youtube for free!

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Eijiro, you kept a LIT MATCHLOCK RIFLE IN YOUR TROUSERS?? Come on, kid, I know you’re just learning about guns, but you’re gonna shoot your butt off! Or set your pants on fire. But, I suppose how else are you gonna pull off a badass surprise quick draw?

Movies are incredible, if you really sit back and look at them. I mean Infinity War is like this marvel (pun intended) of cinema movie magic, a near perfect merging of effects, acting, and narrative, that delivers one of the most intense, if not THE most intense, comic book movie experiences to date. I barely even had a moment to breath in the movie, and maybe that’s a criticism of it (it was so intense, I don’t have a lot of drive to see it again very soon), but that’s also an acknowledgement of how well realized this cinema universe has become, and how much I feel invested in it. I loved all the character banter, and almost laughed myself to tears on multiple occasions, while at the same time getting emotionally kicked in the gut! As an experience, Infinity War may be top of its class. As a film, I think it’s solid with some problems, and I’m going to talk about them a bit, so SPOILERS BELOW.




The movie starts out with Thor’s worst day ever, and that’s coming off what had JUST BEEN his worst day ever in Ragnarok. The death of basically everyone from his franchise films immediately set off alarm bells in my head that I’d be seeing other major character deaths in the movie, as well as the high likelyhood that the sequel film will rewind time/merge realities in a way that brings back those who died. I don’t think anyone who’s seen the movie would disagree with this.

But that’s all standard comicbook fare, and who would be disappointed if they bring back T’Challa or Peter Parker and the myriad of other fan favorites who got wiped from existence? I DO think that maybe killing several liked/loved characters in the opening scene (as well as literally all remaining Asgardians) tipped their hand perhaps too early that we were seeing a worst-timeline scenario with an inevitable reset waiting at the end. I’m not sure if this is really a criticism, though. I did (partly) check out emotionally because the movie was clearly setting itself up for a lot of shocking character deaths so early on. But I also have to assume most of the movie-going audience was eager to be rocked by this kind of drama, and it’s essentially the whole schtick of the film, so I can’t really knock Infinity War for being what it intended to be, especially when it did so on such a grand, operatic scale.

But OH MAN THANOS, DUDE, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM. The movie tries really hard to make him a sympathetic or relatable badguy, but he’s a moron and there’s no getting around it. He has the literal power of creation, he can do ANYTHING, he can turn the entire universe into literal paradise, and what does he do? Kills half of all sentient life. Why? Because…resources? He could’ve snapped his finger and created infinite resources. He could’ve made half the population infertile, if population overgrowth was such a problem. He could’ve given free healthcare to everyone, he could’ve made it impossible for politicians to lie, he could’ve fixed the plot holes in The Last Jedi, BUT WHAT DOES HE DO? He wipes out half of all sentient life and goes “Yay, I saved the universe!” What’s even dumber about this is that it’s not a permanent fix, the universe will eventually repopulate and then, in another two thousand years (give or take a century), he’ll have to do it all again! What a dope. And what a dope that none of the good guys even tried to suggest to him that there were other options (not that he’d listen I’ll give Thanos that he was highly self motivated and goal focused).

In truth, I kept expecting a twist with Thanos’ plan. I expected him to do something with the Infinity Gauntlet that only someone with the power of creation could do, something otherwise totally impossible. But wanton genocide hardly requires a metal glove decked out in rainbow jewelry. It just helps the process along a lot faster. On top of that, Thanos seemed to think the autocratic governments he put in place on his conquered worlds were great at bringing peace and order, but those governments came AFTER the planetary genocides he’d committed. Why, when he snapped his fingers, did he not set up Thanos-controlled autocratic governments on all worlds as well? Why ONLY the genocide? But whatever I guess Thanos is just crazy the end!

Also, this movie had a lot of choking in it. The first five minutes in I was like “Man, lotta guys gettin’ choked in this film”, and the rest of the movie was like “Hold my beer.”

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