As we all know, sons of Hirotomo are super into fightin’ wars! (EDIT: If Tadashii’ anger in the first panel doesn’t make sense, it’s because I realized that some of Honou-ko’s dialog had been omitted from the previous page. That has now been added back in!)

How bout that NINTENDO SWITCH, friends? It’s like an actual portable version of the WiiU’s second screen controller! Obviously we don’t know the system specs or the battery life, and, if we’re being totally honest here, a portable console isn’t exactly revolutionary outside of Nintendo’s insular logic. I mean, gaming laptops with HDMI cables? Smartphones with VR headsets? iPhones and AppleTVs? TV to portable gaming is faaaar from revolutionary, but that doesn’t matter in the slightest, because in the Nintendosphere, nothing could be more rad than the Big N combining its portable and console developers into a single device (well, okay, a unified eShop account would be more rad so I could stop re-buying Super Metroid). I mean think about it, the next Pokemon game will be a console game! It’ll have to be if Nintendo is merging everything into the Switch. I don’t even care about Pokemon games and I think that’s exciting!

So I have a dream scenario, and I’ve pieced it together through these simple logical premises:
* The PSVR headset can display any device that outputs to HDMI on a giant screen in VR.
* The Switch, we have to assume, will output HDMI for digital TVs.
* The Switch is portable and can play Zelda Breath of the Wild.


(granted, it does occur to me that if only the Switch’s dock contains an HDMI port and not its portable screen, my dreams are waylaid…)

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Okay, I’m not pointing fingers, but who let that samurai into the bamboo forest? Now it’s RUINED.

I’m sure everyone’s seen the newest Rogue One trailer. Still looking super swanky! And sure, there are plenty of reasons why this movie might end up being terrible, I’ve certainly been burned by great trailer for sub-par movies before (Man of Steel), but for Rogue One I WANT TO BELIEVE. The trailer has a far more oppressive weight to it than any of the other films, the Empire exudes an overpowering presence, which I love. Also, and maybe these are hand picked for the trailers, but every shot looks like a painting pulled from conceptart.org. This movie is looking visually fantastic, and not just in a ‘nice special effects’ sort of way, but in terms of shot composition and lighting. Also I don’t see any silly cartoony action sequences that break my suspension of disbelief, which is SO refreshing. At this point all I want is for the movie proper to replicate the tone and pace of the trailers and I’ll be a happy fanboy.

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I know you’re all thinking “why is Tadashii standing shirtless in a forest with that creepy Honou-ko sneaking up behind him?” I assure it’s nothing weird probably!

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Hey, remember this flashback before it was so rudely interrupted by Ricardo’s proclamation on the acceptability of certain breakfast cuisines? Turns out there was more flashback to be had!

PSA, Red Letter Media’s Force Awakens Plinkett Review is finally out! It’s not as wildly entertaining as the prequels reviews, though, and that’s partly because Force Awakens isn’t a train wreck. But There are still come good points in there that I can get behind. I especially like their take on what the plot could have potentially been. Truly, the lack of a final scene between Han and Luke was a huge missed opportunity.

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I love how the soldier in the bottom left panel is sticking his tongue out while packing in the gun powder. It shows you he’s REALLY CONCENTRATING.

Confession time, I haven’t played, like, a REAL racing game, with actual cars (not karts), since probably Lamborghini on the N64. Seriously, I don’t play racing games. I’ve never even touched Gran Turismo (which I’ve been told is a dead franchise at this point), and since I don’t own an XBox of any sort, I’ve never tried the Forza games. Drive Club has gotten a lot of post release buzz as the best of the driving sims, but I’m fairly certain I’d find a ‘realistic’ driving game a frustrating experience.

But recently Microsoft has decided to dual release all its first party games as PC/Console digital crossbuys! This is great because I’m sitting here with a fairly high end PC and now I’ve got full access to all future Microsoft XBox games (in theory). And I’ve gotta say, something about Forza Horizon 3 has captured my imagination in the most gleeful way possible. Like, for the last couple of weeks all I can think about is cruising across the gorgeous Aussie countryside in my Lamborghini Centenario (which is the actual name of a car that actually exists), listening to some sweet eletrobeat jams. Something about the buzz words “beautiful location”, “open world”, and “arcade racer” have me entranced and I can’t wait to pick this big boy up on Tuesday (I believe it’s a 46GB download)! Hopefully it’s the racing experience I’ve been waiting for all my life, you know, if I’d been waiting for one.

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I always worry about people who smile when they’re holding a gun!

It’s been a late night, but I’m sure I’ll write more here tomorrow (well, technically later today).

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Grabbing loaded firearms out of other people’s hands, does that make Eijiro an action hero? Unfortunately, Yoko isn’t able to continue coloring the comic, but current reader and lead member of the ‘Unhealthy Obsession with Ken’ fanclub, Discorvid, has stepped up to the task. You may remember him from the mountains of incredible NN4B fanart he’s produced, and now he’s officially part of the team!

So Sony announced its next console of sorts, the PS4 Pro. For those not aware, it’s basically a PS4 with a better processor and other hardware, but running the same OS as the original PS4, and fully compatible with any PS4 games. It’s also the same price the PS4 was at launch, $400. I’m thinking about upgrading from my current PS4, except for one little problem. if I’m being totally honest, most of my gaming happens either on my PC, which is like 10000x better spec’d than any console, or on my WiiU, which happens to have all the console games I want to play this generation (I desperately want to play Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE). Then again, Last Guardian is incoming! That’s not likely to come out on PC any time soon, if ever. And I suppose getting the best performance out of Final Fantasy 15 would be ideal, if, like, I had any desire at all to play that terrible looking game. (shots fired!)

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Genchu is FLABBERGASTED in that last panel.

Okay, no lie, the last week of my life was completely consumed by the Nioh Beta. Shortly before posting this page I managed to complete the last piece of content this beefy demo had to offer! I think Tachibana Muneshige, this super aggressive samurai boss, killed me around 200 times over the course of four hours before I finally took the jerk down. Well, he was really polite about it, bowing every time he ended me, so maybe he’s a nice guy, I dunno. Either way, finally beating him was like the best video game feeling ever. Then I watched this video of some guy beating him with a level 1 character and a wooden sword and I was like FFFFFFFFFFFF.

I’m inspired to try Dark Souls again, because I think Nioh has helped me see the appeal of the Souls games. Granted, I don’t think the Souls series’ combat is as good as Nioh’s. Wielding any weapon in Nioh feels precise and powerful, and you’re always in control. Maybe I’d enjoy Bloodborne, as I’m told the combat in that is very fast paced and there’s less random jank than what you find in DS 1 and 2 (dunno about 3). Then again, I already fear for my free time whenever the full version of Nioh comes out. GIMME A RELEASE DATE, TEAM NINJA!!

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The next page starts with Tanaka shot in the face. SPOILERS!

I saw Kubo and the Two Strings and I loved it! It’s a real shame at how quickly its dropping out of theaters and how little money its made, especially since it had such a killer trailer. How did this movie not get a massive hype train to show up on? Kubo certainly deserves more buzz and call to action than it’s received. But, even though it’s a joy to watch, it’s not a perfect movie. Lemme talk about it! (SPOILERS, for real this time)

So Studio Laika has made some of my favorite animated films, and Kubo has definitely stolen my heart! I think Coraline is a better film, but Kubo has epic sword fights and feudal Japanese stuff, so I’m enamored with it. Kubo’s not a perfect movie, but even though its plot coherence is a bit muddled, it’s emotional intent is very clear. I teared up a couple times during this movie, its ending is painfully bittersweet. But what do I mean by muddled plot coherence? well…

Was Kubo’s mom’s memory fading at the beginning of the film because she hit her head when she fell out of her boat, or because she was losing her divinity? Her father, the Moon King, lost his memory as soon as he became human(?) again.
Was the Moon King always a monster thing, or was he a human who could take monster form?
After the Moon King turns human, is his new left eye Kubo’s? Seems like it, but where did it come from, where was it being kept?
Was it Hanzo’s intention to overthrow the Moon King or just marry his daughter? “You are my quest” is a very romantic thing to say, but it confuses me as to what he wanted. Both, I guess?
There’s a lot of talk about the Moon King and his family being above humanity, which indicates they’re celestial beings, but the movie makes them the bad guys. Yet there’s very little clarification as to why being a Celestial being is bad, other than you have no empathy for humans. I guess that’s bad enough!
Why does Beetle kidnap Kubo when Monkey isn’t looking? If he just wanted to introduce himself anyway, why not just pop up and give an introduction?

There were some other things that bugged me about the plot that I can’t immediately recall, and the introduction of Beetle and Monkey also felt disjointed with some cringe worthy humor. But I don’t these are plot holes so much as a vague plot in general, operating more on feelings and concrete details. And this is also fine because the movie is pure magic. The soundtrack is wonderful, the visuals and character designs are top notch, the animation is incredible, and the characters are very likable. It’s also a kids movie that forgoes a perfectly happy ending. I mean Kubo sees his mom die twice in this movie, and sees his dad stabbed in the back. It might be bloodless but it’s still kind of brutal, and I dig it. Also, the creepy sisters are just the coolest, and that fight on the sinking leaf ship? Incredible!

Basically what I’m saying is that if you samurai stuff, you’ll probably also like Kubo and the Two Strings. Go see it before it’s out of theaters, you won’t regret it! (also if you read this before seeing the movie, I’m sorry I just spoiled a bunch of stuff for you)

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It’s impressive how unimpressed Tanaka is by the show of force on display here! Dude’s a stone cold samurai.

We had a great time at Matsuricon this weekend, and now I’m too tired to write anything interesting. So off I go!

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