UPDATE: I said there would not be an update on 3/6, and there was not! But because of several personal events occurring this month (family visiting, and now a vacation that I did not properly plan ahead for, general lack of free time),  I’m in a position where I’ve run out of time to properly complete the next page and get it to Cole for coloring! So, re-evaluating my schedule, it’s going to take a lot of stress off my shoulders to push the comic into a three week hiatus. I know that kinda stinks because the story is about to go into wrap-up mode, but we will be back at the end of March, 3/30, and move into the conclusion of NN4B!


Looks like all the villains have been killed and/or redeemed! I think we’re fresh outta bad guys, everyone.

Just a heads up that there will not be an update next week!

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Don’t believe the haters, Hirotomo! *cough*nataku*cough*

Honestly, I teared up when I drew this page. I’ve been stewing on the broken Wataro family dynamic for literally half of my life. It’s almost amazing to me that we’ve reached this point, even if Joe and I set out with the strong intention of bringing the story to a conclusion after we came back from that year-long hiatus (shnikies, that was six years ago!!).

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So I’ve actually been pretty trepidatious about posting this page. Just yesterday I saw a tweet that was like “I’m so sick of lgbtq orientation reveal being a major plot twist.” To the person who wrote that tweet, I have no defense. We’ll do better in the future!

There’s also the cliche of gay characters always having tragic love stories, and we’ve kinda fallen into that trope too, although I think it’s worth noting Genchu says “loved” in the past tense. He and Hirotomo have been estranged for a decade now, and there’s no indication that Genchu’s spent every waking moment of that decade pining for the guy that actively tried to have him assassinated (and also who he tried to assassinate). Genchu’s a pretty happy go lucky guy when he’s not fighting, so I think it’s safe to say he’s found happiness outside of his decade old unrequited relationship, although I do regret not showing that was the case in the course of the comic.

Back when we introduced Genchu into the storyline outside of flashbacks, and he was living in a shack as a fisherman, I’d strongly considered giving him a significant other that would ask him not to leave with the Portuguese traders, and Genchu would then promise  to return. Ultimately, I think that may have been a better way to introduce Genchu’s orientation, but at the time we were working to economize the story, and it was cut mainly to keep things moving along at a faster pace (dang, that was four years ago!).

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It’s some luck that the rain didn’t put out the match on that matchlock pistol!

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Alright dad, you’ve had your genocidal fun, let’s wrap it up already!

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When your clan leader starts demanding his son kills him in ritual combat, it’s gonna furrow a few brows!

There’s not going to be an update next week as the holidays have finally caught up to me! regular updates will continue the week after (granted, we’re getting pretty close to the end here, folks). We here at Bushido Studios apologize for this delay and throw ourselves on our blades in dishonor. Joe, you go first. (Have I made this joke previously in the past 17 years? I legitimately can’t remember)

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Oh hey, I haven’t drawn those guys in a while! Well, at least Ryoku I haven’t drawn in a REALLY long time…

I saw Bumblebee yesterday, and it was alright! I would describe it as ‘amusing’, which is a significant step up from the Bayformer movies, which I would describe as ‘torture’. Sitting next to them, Bumblebee feels like a masterpiece of cinema. The movie is a little too Saturday-morning-cartoon with its logic and a little too roller coaster with its tone to be a great movie, but it’s got plenty of 80’s music, enjoyably hammy characterization, a handful of effective emotional moments, and transformers that actually look like the toys. And it’s actually under two hours long! nice! (I am of the opinion that movies based on 80’s kids merchandise should not legally be allowed to run longer than two hours.)

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Come on, Ken! Suzuka has spies and knows the guard post changes, and maybe it’d take a few more minutes, but…oh well.

I hope everyone had an already holiday thing! I finally saw Into the Spiderverse, and I think it’s my favorite movie of the year, and easily my favorite Spiderman movie! Good stuff, highly recommend and all that. Also finally started playing God of War, and it is also quite good. I’m getting in the best of 2018’s media right at the tail end.

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Yep, just a normal day at Wataro Castle, nothing weird about this.

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And we’re back! And so is Yukizane! Looks like everything’s gonna be OKAY.

I’ve been watching SSSS.Gridman, which, I mean, so far, is GREAT. It has a simple premise, and does a great job of slowing expanding its world while adhering to an episodic format. It’s basically an animated version of a Tokusatsu show, which is a fun gimmick. The animation is also great, as it’s a Studio Trigger project, and their shows are always top notch. I guess I don’t have too much to say about it other than I recommend it to anyone looking for a great anime and the opening theme is just the catchiest piece of Jpop I’ve heard in a while.

I’m also watching my way through Netflix’s She-Ra, and, dang, it’s really fun! The first episode straight up starts off with Adora, a supersoldier badass raised by the evil Horde, entering into mock combat training against rebel insurgents. Not what I was expecting! the story feels like a really clever, contemporary take on the original concept, with an enjoyably diverse cast of characters. It pays A LOT of homages to Star Wars, which doesn’t hurt my enjoyment of the show. There’s a decent amount of screen time given to its villain characters, which helps add some stakes and depth to the overall military conflict, which feels reminiscent of Avatar. I actually think a comparison to Avatar isn’t off the table, She-Ra’s chemistry feels very similar. I haven’t finished the first season, and it’ll likely have more seasons to come, but it may end up being one of the stronger kids’ action cartoons on offer, especially if it keeps raising the stakes and its story arcs carry enough emotional impact at their climax. Also, the show has a really good soundtrack (not including the super corny 20 second opening song).

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