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  • John Smith

    The Tao is an asshole. :)

  • Da’Zlein

    “You know what, I lost that chess game against the clan general, better do a hard reset on the world”

  • SnootsDwagon

    A monk, a guru and a priest walk into a bar.
    The monk orders a beer. With a deft move he twirls the handle with his finger and dumps the entire beer down his throat without spilling a drop.

    The guru, not to be outdone, throws his mug of beer in the air. He then jumps up and drinks the entire beer down, without spilling a drop.

    The priest looks at both of them and slowly sips his beer. “I’m Irish,” he says. “This one mug is going to last me all night.”

  • Filipe de Sá

    Well, we noe know about how this whole mess will end. 😛

  • Falling Star

    I’m dead.

  • Joshua Ineichen

    I forgot about this….the hindu guru and christian priest are in the comic now….(im re reading)

  • Phillip Moyer

    Well, congratulations, you’ve gotten the brick joke made by 8-Bit-Theater’s beaten by a good eight years.

    (Though there were fewer pages, so I guess it’s kind of a toss-up as to which is the longest brick joke)

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