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  • John Smith

    Nobody has time for a nice game of checkers anymore.

  • Da’Zlein

    Well, I guess that’s where she gets it from…

  • Alex FAN

    Yeah this is a good idea

  • Nickle

    Whenever I see this guy, I can’t help but think of a young uncle Iroh.

    • Katie Balfour

      Poor Iroh. Only ever wanted to play Pai-Sho and had to be dragged around the world looking for Zuko’s honour. At least he got to drink some nice teas! One of which almost killed him, but whatevs, he got better.

  • SnootsDwagon

    Forget putting him in charge. Put the SISTER in charge. She sounds like a rhino on meth.

    • Kid Chaos

      She’d drive the household staff to mutiny within a week.

  • Quiet Mastermind


  • B-loved Worlock
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