New to NN4B?

What’s going on here?

Patience, new reader. It will all make sense shortly. Welcome to No Need for Bushido (or NN4B for those who dislike typing) a long running webcomic that takes place in Feudal Japan, sort of. Sticklers for historical accuracy will need to leave their encyclopedic knowledge at the door.

Long running?

Very long running. NN4B has been published online for over a decade and is still going.

What’s it about?

It would be foolish to attempt to create a well-crafted summary that could briefly and accurately convey the complex interwoven stories that make up NN4B. So here’s a poorly crafted one in comic form that we published shortly after the comic’s return from a short hiatus.

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Why are the first 100/200/300 pages so crappy looking?

This is because they are very old. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to read the entire archive to catch up. We recommend that readers interested in skipping the old stuff begin with the chapter The Foreigners. Completionists should start from the very beginning.

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  • Hfar

    “Minus Cho.”
    Solid guy, that Cho.

    • John Smith

      Don’t stop not dyin’, Cho!

    • MoveAlongCitizen

      Cho Rocks. Agreed.

  • Ben Johnston

    from the beginning it is!

  • A very VERY sadistic person

    Any idea where the pg. for where Ken got beat?

    • Kid Chaos

      Which time?

      • A very VERY sadistic person

        Everytime i guess

        • Kid Chaos

          You really are A very VERY sadistic person, aren’t you? :)

          Ken has taken a few beatdowns (not as many as Yori, but still…), so let’s check them out!* First off was the Wu Tang Brothers, who rather easily kicked Ken’s can (SEE: p. 218-221). Various things happened, and Ken came face-to-face with Nataku, the man who killed his family (p. 445-448, 465-476). Ken got whupped again, but Cho (and the Senshin Army) arrived in the nick of time.

          Last (but certainly not least) was Ken’s kalamitously krazy konfrontation with his long-lost relative, Yumiko Daisuke, now a member of the Izuma Ninja Clan. An epic (if largely one-sided) battle that introduced “TREEVENGEANCE!” into the NN4B lexicon (p.528-532). So, how’s that? :)

          * Not counting flashbacks. :)

          • A very VERY sadistic person

            YAY!! Thanks!

          • A very VERY sadistic person

            But it would be great if you included flashbacks…

          • Kid Chaos

            *sigh* What am I, your pet archivist? But if you insist…

            The main flashback that I consider relevant is Ken’s original one (p. 78-86). Genchu’s take on the same events does not specifically cover the night he saved Ken, but rather the aftermath. There was the truly epic battle with Hirotomo (p. 269-284), followed by Genchu’s clash with the Demons of Sorrow (p. 555-566), which reminded us all that FISH AIN’T BREAKFAST!!!

          • A very VERY sadistic person

            Yay~! Thx again! Pets you on the head

          • Kid Chaos

            You’re welcome…to do your own archive trawling from now on.

          • A very VERY sadistic person

            *insert spoiled brat voice here* NO!*grabs a chain+collar*

          • Kid Chaos

            Too late! And remember…don’t stop not dying, Ken! :)

          • A very VERY sadistic person

            *still spoilt brat* NO! *cries* MUMMYYYYYY!!!

          • Nos Rin aka CTCO

            Damn, someone’s dedicated!

          • Kid Chaos

            I do my best. 😜

  • Nathan

    I have to say, I love the annotations of the recap. The “Emotional Trauma” and “Physical Trauma” especially.

  • Ved Walker

    Woow! That is a lot of story! Wouldn’t just be easier to start at the Big Bang and work your way up? Just kidding; this sounds like a very interesting story! Let’s dig in!

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    Anyone who doesn’t read from the beginning is a Filthy Casual. 😛 😛

  • Kid Chaos

    RIP, General Atsumori. 😯

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