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And we’re back! And so is Yukizane! Looks like everything’s gonna be OKAY.

I’ve been watching SSSS.Gridman, which, I mean, so far, is GREAT. It has a simple premise, and does a great job of slowing expanding its world while adhering to an episodic format. It’s basically an animated version of a Tokusatsu show, which is a fun gimmick. The animation is also great, as it’s a Studio Trigger project, and their shows are always top notch. I guess I don’t have too much to say about it other than I recommend it to anyone looking for a great anime and the opening theme is just the catchiest piece of Jpop I’ve heard in a while.

I’m also watching my way through Netflix’s She-Ra, and, dang, it’s really fun! The first episode straight up starts off with Adora, a supersoldier badass raised by the evil Horde, entering into mock combat training against rebel insurgents. Not what I was expecting! the story feels like a really clever, contemporary take on the original concept, with an enjoyably diverse cast of characters. It pays A LOT of homages to Star Wars, which doesn’t hurt my enjoyment of the show. There’s a decent amount of screen time given to its villain characters, which helps add some stakes and depth to the overall military conflict, which feels reminiscent of Avatar. I actually think a comparison to Avatar isn’t off the table, She-Ra’s chemistry feels very similar. I haven’t finished the first season, and it’ll likely have more seasons to come, but it may end up being one of the stronger kids’ action cartoons on offer, especially if it keeps raising the stakes and its story arcs carry enough emotional impact at their climax. Also, the show has a really good soundtrack (not including the super corny 20 second opening song).

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  • Sunwu

    How are the Daisuke Boys gonna get outta this one!!

  • Crestlinger

    Still have in the back of my head how much of a WTF factor it would be to find out Yukikaze is the grandmaster third party behind everything:

    -Origin point from forming up the start of his own ninja hit squad over a game with a general who take in war orphans and all willing to fight and train them with various revenges as motivation. (Anyone know what they talked about while playing? Also why he was familiar enough with ninja in the first place to not be surprised much by Ayame?)

    -Proposing to Masuhiro to marry off Ina to their rival clan and his only known opposition, then having Misaki spill the beans when things weren’t happening fast enough.

    -Being in the background by not being much of a physical fighter, But fending off Enjiro easily, among other intelligence gatherings and maneuvers, and earning the respect of his sister (who might have actually figured him out) in the process.

    -Then seizing equal partnership With said ninja squad after it had its trial by fire test of keeping Masuhiro contained for a set amount of time (that also serves to knock off the dead wood In said ninja hit squad).

    -Now, after fully infiltrating his rivals, he wants to watch how the death match between father and son plays out personally to adjust his pieces, pawns, and puppets accordingly, check if there are any new players, and even brings the friends along as an alibi to explain why he’s here.

    Could still be working for the good of others to drag their clan out of the dark ages, but equally himself as he’s turned out fairly well off from everything.

    • Kid Chaos

      Yuki’s good, but he’s not that good…I think. 😵

      • Ginger Mayerson

        He plays a lot of GO, and now he’s got lethal women working for him, so he might be that good.

      • Turul

        The famous last words…

    • Nos Rin aka CTCO

      works for me.

  • Slograman

    As a deceptive ploy, Masuhiro will be faux-tied up by Suzuka in order to infiltrate the castle. Then, at the moment of truth, Suzuka betrays Masuhiro and reveals that he is restrained by a TRUE KNOT. Masuhiro then makes a PLAUSIBLE but amazing escape, having been inadvertently trained by the treacherous Suzuka on the art of escape. And just as Suzuka is once more about to seduce the misogynist Masuhiro, he sees his daughter kicking Eijiro in the nards. He realizes that he’s been underestimating Suzuka for far too long; having learned his lesson, he uses the rope still tied to his wrists to swat away Suzuka’s airborne poison darts . He then beheads Suzuka and wears her flesh as a face mask, gets on his motorcycle, and careens out of Wataro castle. Okay, so I need to clean up the ending a little bit, but other than that, YOU MIGHT WANT TO REWRITE THAT SCRIPT, JOE.

  • Ginger Mayerson

    As always, Suzuka looks awesome, tho’ I kind of miss the pink outfit. It’s such a good color on her.

    • Turul

      Maybe she’s wearing a more serious colour to a more serious occasion. I like how she’s colour coordinating with Yukizane, they’re making an effort to look their best. Very respectful towards their hosts.

  • Xinef

    Is he suggesting stealth to Ken?
    I know Yuki’s a genius, but how is he going to pull that off without having Ken destroy half the castle?

    • Archangel

      All things in due time.

    • Turul

      Well… if Ken kills everybody, then there’s no one left to see or hear him, so technically he’ll reach the ultimate stealth at that point.

    • Reaverrun

      Its called a half-giant rogue, with training in intimidation. It works like this:

      Guard 1: “woah there buddy, I’ma have to stop you right there with my sword.”


      Guard 1: “Huh, must of been a trick of my eyes. Frank, did you see anybody?”

      Guard 2: “I ain’t seen shit!”

      • Xinef

        Hmm… I suppose if Ken was having a good enough mood to spare some guards’ lives…

  • Warcodered

    Well I mean if you bring a grappling hook I’m pretty sure you’re required to us it by law.

  • Frank Royce Harr

    Does a Pope pray in the woods?

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