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Well, I guess everyone’s up to speed on Nataku’s shenanigans!

The Blade of the Immortal manga has recently been getting the Omnibus treatment, and I’m completely engrossed in it. It’s a  Tokugawa Shogunate era story about an immortal samurai bodyguard travelling with a girl who wants to get revenge on her parents’ killers. It’s got a very Tarantino style to it, full of high tension, explosive violence, and amusing characters and anachronisms. But it’s characters also feel grounded and real, with very clear motivations. It can occasionally be easy to feel more empathetic towards series’ antagonists than some of the characters trying to stop them.

I followed the manga years ago, but failed to keep up with it. I don’t actually know how the storyends, but I’d still rate it in my top three favorite manga, next to Kenshin and Berserk. The artwork in BotI has been an inspiration to me for years, and it still looks strikingly contemporary, despite it having run from ’93 to 2012. I remember being vastly disappointed with the anime adaptation, the manga pretty much leaves it in the dust. I’ll have to check out the live action film that came out last year at some point! For anyone who hasn’t read Blade of the Immortal, WOULD RECOMMEND.

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  • Kid Chaos

    Early update! YAY! 😁 And the girl’s gonna live; that’s awesome. 😎

  • Ryan Fletcher

    Character development for Ken! Yes! You gain that wisdom!

  • Crestlinger

    Well that’s proof. ‘Don’t stop not dying’ is an aoe aura. Next big battle Everyone be by him!

  • Minando

    Of COURSE it would not solve anything! You beat the raid boss and you STILL don’t get the point of going to war!

    Xp, of course!
    Also, items.

    • Major Tom

      Gotta get that last achievement too. For brags.

      • Minando

        Achievement ‘Mopey Dog’ unlocked!

  • cu

    Rocks float! Everyone is saved!

  • cu

    As a matter of fact, some foreigners do realize how Daisuke put up fights. One of them named the clan, after all.

  • KungFuKlobber

    Does this mean Ken’s ready for an adult name now?

    • Hfar

      And why look, we also have the last adult member of the Daisuke conveniently standing around in the last panel as well, just ready to give that adult name. What a coincidence.

      • Ginger Mayerson

        I’m a little worried that the Daisuke ronin standing around in the last panel is foreshadowing something unpleasant (that was drawn months ago, by the way).

        • suburban_samurai

          I’m just here to reassure you that Joe and I are both strong advocates for happy endings in our entertainment fiction!

          • Moocaekz

            bow chicka wow wow

  • Turul

    Go Yumiko!

    > I followed the manga years ago, but failed to keep up with it. I don’t actually know how the storyends, but I’d still rate it in my top three favorite manga

    Sounds familiar. 😉 I was getting mine from the library, so it was a lucky day if I managed to get four consecutive volumes. (Then I’d read them twice over and some scenes ten times, because it’s the sort of thing that latches onto your brain like a drug.) Sounds like it’s time to splurge on the omnibuses then!

  • Ginger Mayerson

    Thank the Kami, Yumiko lives.

    • clogboy

      Curious whether they were going by the reactions to decide whether to kill her off (but I don’t think so), hope they have a steady role for her. They do have a need for a legendary archer.
      Also hope she isn’t hampered by her injury the way Genchu is, all like, nope folks can’t do that stuff no more sorry

      • suburban_samurai

        All these pages were drawn months ago!

        • clogboy

          I believe that :)

        • Ginger Mayerson

          Wait… who are you again?

          • suburban_samurai

            It’s true, last year we wrote out the comic to the end, and I drew many pages ahead! It was the most proactive, productive thing I’ve ever done in my life.

      • Ginger Mayerson

        Nah, it’s all the Kami.

        • Renadt

          No, the Tao.

  • Hfar

    What’s this? Is our boy Ken growing up? I guess that apocalypse those monks were worried about really is starting to happen.

    • Brandenfascher

      … Wait. Where’d Cho and the priests go? OH N-

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO


        • Kid Chaos

          They all went out for sake; what’s the big deal? Oh, right… 💀

          • Nos Rin aka CTCO


  • Nos Rin aka CTCO


    • Xinef

      I think Nataku must have hit Ken a bit too hard in the head, causing severe brain trauma.
      These are the results.

      • Renadt

        Nataku was his revenge. That part is done. Now that he is dead, Ken is free to reflect upon his clan, and it just so happens two people survived that massacre. Enough to start to recreate the name of Daisuke.

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        makes sense.

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    As for Manga might I suggest Monster Collection? It’s the best manga I ever read, and I’ve read the likes of Kenshin and FMA. Personal opinions I know but it’s excellent.
    Amazing Art, Great characters with good development, a driving plot and just the right mix of comedy and fan service.
    It’s a true hidden Gem. Also only six volumes so it’s a quick read.
    All based off the premise of someone wanting a manga with a female summoner as the main character.

    I think japan even got a card game out of it? And maybe a game set in the same universe? Hmmm.

  • clogboy
  • clogboy

    Funny to see how Yori now realizes Ken is adopting the same state of mind as Ina. As in, war is pointless, and we should all own up to our responsibilities.

    Side note, I can’t blame the Catholic priest and Hindu monk for wanting a cold drink after tending to all those wounds.
    And then Cho will be like ‘Are they selling hotdogs here?’

  • Sunwu

    Ken: I guess the real person I was at war with all this time was…myself….
    Live studio audience: awww….

  • animalia555

    Will Yori ask Genchu to take him wandering? Because I think it would be just to painful to stay around there and you KNOW he doesn’t want to turn into into his father?

    • animalia555

      I am not saying that’s how the story will end. I am saying that might be the next page in though.

  • Frank Royce Harr

    Not quite everyone.

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