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Thanks, Ricardo. The situation’s a lot less complicated now!

So we went and saw Crimson Peak. It’s a very pretty movie with some great period costumes, sets, and cinematography! It’s also kind of boring with very little in the way of legitimate scares, and a plot that doesn’t offer much in the way of twists. The trailer is also somewhat misleading, making it seem like more like a ‘Haunted House‘ scenario than it is in actuality. Granted, Guillermo del Toro kept selling it as a ‘Victorian gothic love story’ more than a straight up horror movie. But considering there’s not much emphasis on the romance after the first quarter of the film, I’m pretty sure it’s just a lackluster horror movie! I still love del Toro, though. I just wish he’d gone with his more bombastic style on this one!

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  • Little Kingsguard

    Now that’s the sort of retort that lesser men only think of an hour later too late to change anything. Bravo, Genchu

    • Rose

      Yeah, it might have been good to do this earlier. I guess the Wataro ambassador wasn’t as effective as Nataku in the “obviously could kill you once you have no gun” kind of way.

  • Astralfury

    Yeah but Genchu has started thinking about killing him before he does the deal.

    • Dorje

      But Genchu isn’t a pacifist, nor is he a warmonger. Therefore you can’t trust him at all. He’ll kill you anytime. ;P

  • Xinef

    There are plenty of reasons to sell guns to pacifists!
    To begin with, you can use guns to shoot down asteroids that are threatening our planet. There are other uses for weapons when fighting against environment as well, such as shooting volcanoes, fires, earthquakes and tsunamis. … well, ok, explosives work a little better. Nukes might also work.

    Other than that, you can use guns during historical reenactments. A very important event for pacifists, as it clearly shows why militarism is evil.

    And don’t forget pacifists know how to turn guns into farming implements and other useful objects!

    … oh, and don’t forget zombie apocalypses. During those, even pacifists take out their shotguns and chainsaws.

    • SlugFiller

      Now I’m picturing Ricardo shooting down an asteroid. Or maybe mount Fuji, if that ninja ever manages to toss it.

      • Xinef
        Last panel. Never doubt Bunzo!

      • Rose

        I’m picturing a NN4B zombie apocalypse.

        “No! Not Yori’s shampoo!!”

  • charles81

    Pacifists buy guys….. to keep the warmongers in line of course.

    “Man, all these uprisings and rebellions to our pacifist rule from all those ‘warmongers’.”
    “Maintaining a pacifist regime is hard work”

    • Xinef

      You can also prevent rebellions by buying all the weapons, so that none are left for the rebels 😀

      • IDPounder

        Doesn’t work, Xinef. Someone ALWAYS makes more guns.

        • Xinef

          Just offer better payment than rebels?
          To the point, the rebels will sell you all the guns they already have?

          • psYcHOticHiCKeN

            Will not work if the rebels already robbed your banks. Also some citizens might rebel because of wasteful government expenditure. Then there is the coup problem. Well armed citizens might be the deterrent which checks the generals in your expensive army.

          • clogboy

            This is exactly why the AK-47 was invented. Well not exactly why, but it being very reliable and cheap + easy to make doesn’t hurt its popularity.

          • Anothis Flame

            Only way to avoid a rebel victory 100% of the time: Never use policies likely to induce rebellion in the first place and keep a steady eye out for corruption. Aka, actually be a government.

      • Anothis Flame

        They’ll just start using tools, cerca nunchucks, sai, hammer etc.

  • Flaming Squirrel

    What? Ricardo’s actually listening to reason? If the priest wasn’t standing right there, I’d think he put on a Ricardo suit and wig and took his place.

    • IDPounder

      I think this comment demands an illustration, Alex!

      • Flaming Squirrel

        Make it so! 😀

      • suburban_samurai

        Ask and ye shall receive.

        • Flaming Squirrel

          Bahaha! I bet he pulls a Men in Black when he fires it 😉

        • IDPounder


        • Rose

          Looks pretty weird too. But surprisingly convincing. All he needs now is a fake beard

    • Sunwu

      He’s five foot-two, and he’s six feet-four,
      He fights with muskets and with spears.
      He’s all of thirty-one, and he’s only seventeen,
      Been a soldier for a thousand years.

      He’a a Catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain,
      A Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew.
      And he knows he shouldn’t kill,
      And he knows he always will,
      Kill you for me my friend and me for you.

  • Leo

    …Really, if he manages to find them, I think Ricardo’s best deal would be with the ninjas. They do have the funds, they live up to their arrangements and they are a neutral party to the political scenario so nobody would be angry at you for your sale.

    • SKy

      More like everyone would be angry if they ever found out. I doubt anyone would like to see a clan of highly skilled assassins outfitted with superior weapons. At least not if you could become their next target any time…

      • Leo

        The point is that he wouldn’t be playing favorites. Ninjas are mercenary forces. If someone points them at your direction you will be angry at either the ninjas or their contractors. Not at some random Portuguese merchant that was doing his job. Contrast what any clan would do. “A foreigner brought to Japan a form of weaponry that will change warfare as we know it and we are the first to have it. Surrender/cease your attacks and your clan will not be the first one to fall to its great power.” At that point you become mad at Ricardo for beneffiting from the political landscape in a way that clearly screwes you over.

        Not to mention that discretion is the 101 of a ninja’s job. Nobody would know who the supplier is until his next, vastly better equipped travel, in which buying the weaponry is a better use of the time than pursuing vendettas.

        • SKy

          Sure, the ninjas won’t tell where they got the guns from – and if it’s just to keep others from using the same contacts. I can see Ricardo brag about his huge sale though. And Genchou can’t be the only one there who speaks Portuguese…
          Sellig to a single clan would put him into the spotlight alright. He could hide behind them though – they’d be pleased to keep him safe in exchange for an exclusive trading contract…

          • Xinef

            Looking at Rrricarrdo’s personality though, he’s more likely to choose the “I’ll just shoot anyone who threatens me” path. Or at least point his gun at them until they buy it from him.

          • Mark Irwin

            Despite Ricardo’s eccentricities I doubt he would sell a gun to anyone he thinks would shoot him in the back.

    • Rose

      They are also actually reasonably chill, so your chances of not dying are probably a lot better.

  • KungFuKlobber

    Nataku might be regretting right now that he took German in high school instead of Portuguese.

  • Sunwu

    All this talk of pacifism in the comic! time to listen some hippy music!!!

  • Kid Chaos

    It’s hard out here for a pimp merchant of death. 😎

  • psYcHOticHiCKeN

    Oh nooooes!!! I caught up with the comic.

    Was great entertainment. Thank you. I will check back for updates.

  • Derkins

    lol he has never spoken so eloquently

  • Cross Ikon

    I almost want to see Nataku throw his sword at Ricardo to stop him…

  • clogboy

    One shot and it might miss or do very little damage… and then there’s the other guy to deal with. Yay for misplaced bravery.

  • Rose

    Good job Genju. Do the language thing! It’s actually a really good advantage.

  • Frank Royce Harr

    It is less complicated. Money’s no good to the dead.

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