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Genchu, master translator.

My week’s been rather busy, and I found myself staying up until 2am (well, it’s getting to 2:30am at this point) to finish the page. Part of that was because I didn’t start  the drawing stage until Friday night, and spent most of Saturday visiting the parents. The other part is because EVO2015 happened this weekend and I was kinda glued to Twitch watching the Street Fighter IV finals JUST NOW. And holy geez wow it was exciting! EVO finals are always edge-of-your-seat material! Although I think the Gamerbee vs Infiltrator endurance match would’ve made for a greater finale than the actual final match between Gamerbee and Momochi, especially with Momochi’s on the fritz arcade stick throwing off the momentum. It certainly did raise the tension, though! Geez, EVO, you’re only on once every year, but for that weekend, my productivity is inevitably shot.

I also want to thank deedylovescake, who’s been flatting NN4B for the past five or six pages. If I didn’t have her help  flatting the pages for me, I’d probably still be working on the page, all tired and cranky or whatnot. Thank you!

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  • Crowlitch

    pfft. Machiavelli. I wonder if he planned on taking a few pointers

    • Kid Chaos

      Check it; it’s good stuff.

      • guildsbounty

        To be entirely fair…Machiavelli didn’t actually believe any of that stuff. Everything else he ever wrote showed him to be a proponent of Free Republics. And The Prince was written, dedicated to the Medici family, which Machiavelli hated with a deep and enduring passion (they broke his arms and exiled him). The whole thing is a piece of satire…dripping with sarcasm. He basically wrote it as a guidebook on how NOT to govern (or how he wanted his enemies to govern so that there’d be a massive popular revolt to kill them all.)

        • Kid Chaos

          *GASP* You mean the whole “be feared but not hated” thing is a sham??? :)

      • Crowlitch

        I did an analysis on it in high school, it was one of the only required readings I had any interest in

  • Xinef

    A historical figure mentioned in NN4B? IMPOSSIBRU!

    At least you’re not sinking YumiKen or YoriIna ships… though, that’s a relief.

    • suburban_samurai

      We can’t sink the important ships! And Joe really wanted that reference, even though I was like “do we want to put in an actual historical figure reference?”

    • Kid Chaos

      Ship it! Ship it good!

  • Astralfury

    Said in the tone of someone who wonders why the hell they had to translate that.

  • Sam DunKley

    The wide-eyed innocence on Father Alvarez’s face is a thing of beauty.

    • Nomad94

      Not to mention genchu’s sad face.

      What it looks like he’s thinking
      “Oh no my cat was on that boat”
      What he’s actually thinking
      ” my plan didn’t work. He didn’t drown. How am I going to kill him without giving myself away now?”

      • Xinef

        The easiest way to kill someone like Rrrricarrrrdo (without drawing suspicion)?
        “gun malfunction”

        • Nomad94

          Or another botched translation.
          ” he said that your great grandfather was a coward and your mother was a selfish pig. He also said something about killing you in your sleep.”

      • White Rice

        But his plan was to get rid of the guns & gunpowder WITHOUT killing our friendly weaponmongering captain (unless absolutely necessary)

        I think his “sad face” is more to cover the fact that they were responsible for the ship sinking, and to show “oh no, now the goods can’t be salvaged; sorrow” with a heavy *WINK WINK* directed at us.

    • Speedy Marsh
      • suburban_samurai

        nooooo, I do not understand the world’s fascination with minions!!

        • Flaming Squirrel

          they’re good for a few laughs, but we all know what happens when the comic relief gets their own movie…

          • jwkovell

            [Fujio raises his hand cautiously]
            Fujio: They, uh, all get rich?

            [Fumio slaps his hand down]
            Fumio: No Idiot!

            [Fumio whispers conspiratorially to Fujio]
            Fumio: We get FILTHY rich!

          • Flaming Squirrel

            Fujio: “And all the ladies!”

  • Flaming Squirrel

    Ricardo: “Come on, you @$&#&!*$*$&! My $*$!&$ ship is @*$!^!/@ sinking! Lend me a $*$&#*@ hand! @*$*$^#€×¥@¥÷*!;@!”
    Translator: (looks expectantly at Genchu)
    Genchu: “I am quite displeased with my current situation and request your immediate assistance.”
    Translator: “My, that isn’t at all what it sounded like he was saying. Portuguese is such an odd language!”

    • suburban_samurai

      Genchu’s an excellent diplomat.

  • Lady Courage

    Genchu should receive the award of “Politest Translator”.

    • Da’Zlein

      I would definitely lose my running, my translation would’ve been “I desperately need toilet paper”

      • Lady Courage

        You could still win an award with that, but it wouldn’t have anything to do with politeness.

        • suburban_samurai

          Awards for everybody!

  • White Rice

    My goodness, with the pacing of that translation I couldn’t help but snort. The joke here got me to actually snort. Not a small laugh, a “heh” or even a proper “lol”-ing, but a genuine, uncontrolled (and unexpected) snort.

    What a way to start the day.

    • suburban_samurai

      This makes me glad. I was for seriously afraid it wasn’t working as a joke!

    • 627235

      One reason to learn languages: Having to wait for the translator just doesn’t feel right if someone enters the room cursing and shouting.

  • Hfar

    Tsk! And none of them brought their swim shorts!

  • Sunwu


    • Kid Chaos
  • Anne Iglesias

    Father Alvarez is so darn precious. :)

  • charles81

    Shogan’s Golden Orbs!

    • Rose

      Kintama no Daimyo?

      • charles81

        So glad that someone got that “Golden Orb” reference.

  • Mike

    *In his best Tom Waits voice* The ship – is – sinking!

  • animalia555

    For those who don’t know The PRince was meant to be a stealth parody as Machiavelli was actually a staunch republican

  • animalia555

    Maybe ricardo will end up selling fireworks instead? The time period for it is correct at least.

  • Insane Disciple

    Well, crap

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