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We kind of missed a week there, mostly because of visiting family. Joe usually makes some sort of Aprils Fools thing (well, sometimes) but we totally missed this year. Joe had the idea after the fact of making a non-canon page where Cho DIES from the 1000 Fists.  Hilarious!

Okay, I do have a public service announcement of extraordinary importance. Samurai Jack Season 5 is freaking incredible and everyone has to go watch it NOW. It’s only three episodes in so far, but it’s Samurai Jack at its best, and the show was already one of the best, if not THE best, action cartoons of all time. And now that Jack’s on Adult Swim, they can take the gloves off and throw in some bloody violence! Until season five, Jack only sliced up mechs, robots, and machine opponents. For the first time he’s facing off against other people, and they’re terrifying! Also, there’s finally continuity between episodes. Other than the original three pilot episodes, and a handful of returning characters, every episode of Jack was self contained. With season 5 having a longer plotline and human lives at stake, Genndy Tartatovsky can finally give us the excellent long-form storytelling that we haven’t seen from him since the 2D animated Clone Wars cartoons (the best thing to come out of the SW Prequels).

If you’ve never seen seasons 1-4, I’d highly recommend them, but otherwise the plot is very simple, Aku, the evil, shapeshifting master of evil, flings a samurai and his bane-killing blade from feudal Japan into the distant future, and then the samurai, who adopts the name Jack, proceed to look for a time portal back to the past. Season 5 establishes that it’s been 50 years since the last season, and Jack has discovered that he’s a person out of time and can no longer age. Also, he lost his sword somehow and he still hasn’t managed to kill Aku. From that point forth, SHIT GETS REAL. So stop sitting around and go watch it! Season 5 is like $20 on Amazon Video or iTunes. It’s worth it! At least so far.

And for anyone wondering, the voice actor they got to play Aku does a good job of filling Mako‘s metaphorical shoes.

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  • charles81

    Didn’t even loose his hat this time.

    • suburban_samurai

      He’s improving!

      • Kid Chaos
      • Bree

        Seriously though. For all the talk of the brothers’ form improving. Cho withstood the full barrage of the 1000 fists of fury here FAR better than he did the first time. His arms look uninjured, in fact.

        • Turul

          Well, you see, he flew back further away. The force that pushed him away is force that his arms didn’t need to absorb.*

          *) Physics **may** be subject to cartoon logic.

        • suburban_samurai

          Keep in mind this was Tang’s 1000 Fists, while last time it was Wu’s, implying that Tang isn’t quite as good at the technique.

          • clogboy

            How can you tell them apart? Also, if one of the two is clearly more adept, why let the other perform the technique? (Yes yes I watch the Cinemasins channel too much)

          • Xinef

            Because they’re insane.
            For one, they’re trying the same technique that didn’t work previously. Supposedly that’s got something to do with the definition of insanity.
            Secondly, they’re trying to stop the will of Tao. That’s got nothing to do with the definition of insanity.

            Also, Wu might be a little scared of breaking his bones again… such a cowardly chicken he is.

          • clogboy

            I don’t think they’re trying to stop the will of the Tao, as much as they have different interpretations on whether Wu and Tang are destined to stop Cho.

          • Nos Rin aka CTCO

            maybe the first guy is still recovering. it DID fracture several bones in his hand if not all of them. That would be a fair reason.

          • clogboy

            It does not explain how he could use the rope dart that superbly. And Tang will have trouble using the wind and fire wheels after this, too. Cho’s training has paid off.

          • Madison Link

            Wu has the wide, square chin. Tang has the narrow, pointy chin.

          • Turul

            What! Really? *flips back to see* Huh, all this time I thought they looked the same!

          • Pumpkin_Cake

            Wow, I’ve been telling them apart by that Wu was carrying the gigantic weapons case. Now that they’ve lost it, I’ve tried to remember their positions like it’s a months-long shell game. The jaw thing will help.

            Assuming they don’t die in this fight.

          • suburban_samurai

            Yeah, I should’ve given one of them a big scar on the face or something. Hindsight. But Tang wants to do the 1000 Fists too because he’s jealous that Wu’s better at it.

  • KungFuKlobber

    We’re only seeing Cho from behind. This can only mean one thing.

    It’s his doppelganger again!

  • Turul

    Guys, guys, Cho just needed some time to decide what to do. Don’t interrupt him!

  • Primarch Lazarus

    Next panel will be a hat tilt to reveal an intense stare, I’d bet money on it. Well, metaphorically anyway.

  • Sunwu

    Punched him so hard he gave cho his sight back

  • jankmaster98

    Look, if these guys followed basic adventurerer rules they would know that you don’t step into arch-rival(s) battles! Stepping into your buddy’s plotline battles is just asking for an asskicking, or even worse, become a Yamcha…

  • Bree

    I pwoosh Cho will do well.

  • SKy

    Aw… I wanted to see Ken parry their attacks with his sword’s edge… :(

  • Ladon

    Hey Matrix, be nice! How would you like it if Cho called you a condescending harlot?

    • Bree

      She would probably smugly embrace the term and get a good chuckle out of it.

      Why do you ask?

    • Xinef

      I think Cho would sooner call her the fluffy elephant on a pear tree.

      • Turul

        Well, but the elephant that sits in a pear tree would do well not to call the majestic trout’s fluffiness in question.

      • Ladon

        You make a strong point.

  • Flaming Squirrel

    Cho: “Stop! This isn’t your fight!”
    Ken: “Then start @#$%ing fighting, pointy hat!”

    • Flaming Squirrel

      Alternate reply: “Finders keepers, pointy hat. You weren’t using it anyway!”

  • Wanderer

    So, is anyone taking bets on whether the 1000 Fists is forbidden for practical rather than philosophical reasons? In other words, because it damages the hands of the user too much to be worth it, rather than the usual, vague, this technique is inherently immoral sort of thing?

    Also, regarding Samurai Jack, the few clips of the season I’ve seen are pretty damn good. And I believe the voice actor replacing Make (Greg Baldwin) is the same guy who took over playing Iroh on Avatar after Mako died, so he certainly has practice in doing Mako’s roles.

    • clogboy
      It was dangerous for the students to learn, that’s why their master refused to pass it on (rather than prohibit using it – although I don’t expect him to lend consent either, it’s an ‘own discretion’ sort of thing).

      Took a while to find this strip. Ah the good old days, when a battle took no longer than five pages.

      • Wanderer

        Yep. And I’m also betting that Cho wins because Wu and Tang hurt themselves too badly to be able beat Cho, and Cho in the end is victorious without even needing to fight. Very Buddhist/Taoist.

        • clogboy

          I like the scenes in Iron Fist, where the main character does nothing but deflect. For a run-of-the-mill TV show that’s pretty good choreography.

  • clogboy

    Cho dying would have actually been a pretty good surprise, were it not that he bears the most apocalyptic plot burden of all the characters. But I would have liked to see his dying Cho-ism :)

    • Xinef

      And then they’d call a christian priest and a hindu guru to perform the funeral.

      And then they’d go to a bar to drink in honor of the deceased!

      • Thomas

        I wonder if the priest would suggest a wake … in a bar.

        • Xinef

          I wonder how many “Three people walk into a bar…” jokes… I mean prophesies, end with “one of them is dead”?

  • animalia555

    Hey Cho. You are their friend abd you are in trouble, that MAKES it their fight.

    • clogboy

      I forgot why he joined them in the first place, probably to make sure he doesn’t walk into a bar by accident. And because they were heading West, which is not East, the direction he was trying to avoid.

    • suburban_samurai

      He knows Wu and Tang won’t fight his friends if they don’t get involved, so he’s trying to protect them. Granted, Ken and Yori just assume it’s a pride/honor thing.

      • animalia555

        That makes more sense. Now I fell he should be honest with them about his reasons.

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    I really want to own a hard copy of Samuari Jack, as well as Megas XLR, and IGPX….. (and justice league which I missed cause I already watched it on netflix right before my workplace had it)

    Honestly while I am fine with SJ being darker I am not too fond of the idea of him killing humans. I liked the whole slicing robot things.
    Maybe when he fixes the timeline it won’t matter after all. I would love to see a finale where it shows all the characters from over the years living a happy life in the new timeline. I know, I’m sappy, sue me.

    • suburban_samurai

      I just want my bloodlust sated. I do like that it emotionally wrecks Jack when he realizes he’s killed someone, and he has to come to terms with it and and how it changes him in order to survive. We’ve also had four seasons of Jack mercilessly chopping up sentient robots, so I’m okay with the change up!

      What’s IGPX? And what’s your workplace that ‘has’ Justice League? Just curious!

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        HAD. :S like a year or two ago. big big retail place.

        IGPX was a humanoid mecha racing anime and I just remember really liking it. I believe it was like 2005-2006 when it was on toonami. not sure if it was a toonami exclusive or not but FYE had some of the discs for way too much. :S I need the boxset of IPGX, Megas XLR, Samuari Jack, and of course, Reboot. oh well.

        But ya, IGPX was pretty cool. it was a 3 person team versus a 3 person team combat racing anime where each teammate had a job, one was a heavy/combat, one was like, the leader and I have no idea on the third but there was romance and intrigue and it was just a lot of fun. Sort of a tournament thing. I really need to find it.

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