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Cho, this is not a good moment for hesitation!!!

Zelda update! Still haven’t beat it, but I’ve put over 90 hours into the thing. Ugh, it’s like Skyrim all over again (except way more enjoyable, not that I didn’t enjoy Skyrim too).

I saw Logan! It’s GREAT. My first thought after it ended was “if only Rogue One‘s ending had hit me a third as hard as Logan’s…” I can’t even say I’ve been much of a fan of the X Men films because the powers on display are often so OP and inconsistently applied that the deus ex climactic moments are usually a big ‘whatever’ to me.

But Logan’s plot is so wonderfully understated! no one’s moving Golden Gate Bridges or football stadiums, or trying to wipe out all mutants/humans. It’s just a very small, contained story about a couple of grumpy old X Men and a kid they’re trying to help. It’s simple enough and the cast small enough that the characters can act their hearts out at one another and build up tension and drama in each scene. The effects are mostly seamless and very well integrated. I’m sure a lot of CG effects were used for the violent action scenes, but everything feels grounded and real, which is NOT COMMON in big action blockbusters, much less superhero films.

If I had one thing to criticize off the top of my head after only a single viewing, there are quite a few shots where dudes with machine guns stare dumbly as Logan (or other) leaps at them. It’s a silly trope that rears its head in nearly every action scene! But it did not detract from my good time. I would also complain about some continuity errors from the previous films, but since the X Men franchise seems to pride itself on not giving a flying fig about continuity, I will also allow myself to not care even a little bit. The movie is plenty consistent within itself.

So, basically, I love the pacing, I love the editing, I love the dialog. I cried like a baby a couple times, no joke. Sure, they’ll reboot the X Men franchise, or continue it or whatever, but I doubt any future films will top this one, for me at least!

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  • KungFuKlobber

    I’m loving the Tao symbolism in panel 2!

    • Bree

      There’s actually a fair amount of symbolism on this page if you look at other panels, too.

  • Bree

    You could say it’s a doubt time for Cho showing his training.

  • charles81

    All I want is for Cho to smile when this is done and pull some steel bars out from beneath those bandages.

    • Xinef

      Better yet, if those steel bars are now forged into sharp blades. Because supposedly if you hammer into a steel bar many times it becomes a blade. It doesn’t say you have to hammer it with a hammer, fists should also work.

  • Primarch Lazarus

    I’m curious as to what it is Cho might be indecisive about. Perhaps he has learned a forbidden technique that would allow him to win at the cost of breaking his word and vows to his former master, much like Tang and Wu had with learning the Thousand Fists technique.

    I too recently saw Logan, and I gotta say that it was one of those rare films that left me with little to say about it in good way. All I did want to say is that it was one of the most well done films I’ve seen in a long time, doubly so for a marvel comic movie, and the ending left me devastated as well. I believe that if Logan was anything less than rated R, it would have lost a lot it’s storytelling “punch” as it were. Without spoiling too much for some, if they had to tone down to pg-13, then the death of a certain character would not have been nearly as impactful. In short I loved Logan like no other x-men film, and I’m glad there was no after credit scene; it would have been distasteful in my opinion. Aaaaand rant/opinion is done, time to move on…

    • Kid Chaos

      “1,000 Fists” is a forbidden technique, and Cho is reluctant to use it (“Honor Before Reason” and all that). He may not have a choice, though… 💀

      • Bree

        Cho’s not going to use it. He’s going to use something else, which is similar enough where he still hesitates, but where he isn’t breaking his word.

        • Xinef

          And his secret technique is… revealing the top of his face!

          This will obliterate Wu and Tang, but he’s hesitant to show it to the audience too, lest we too are obliterated.

  • Sunwu

    “There is only one Supreme Executioner. And those who try to take his place are like children trying to carve wood as a master carpenter. Most will injure their own hands” – Tao de jing Chapter 74

  • TheGreatEater

    Well after this, it’ll be interesting to see what he came up with from his talk with Matrix a few pages back.

    I just hope he’s healed up better since the last time he blocked the attack.

  • Flaming Squirrel
  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    I hear he dies really freaking pathetically at the end. I wont say how because spoilers but, ya. the dude he fights and how he is killed. I mean, just. SERIOUSLY?! and people are OKAY with that?!

    • suburban_samurai

      In the film it doesn’t feel pathetic. He’s clearly sick and struggling and up against an opponent on top of his game. Also, the fact that Logan IS mortal makes it a better movie, because, quite honestly, his ludicrous immortality in the other film kills all tension.

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        yes, but of all the enemies they could have come up with for him to fight. why That of all things?
        And. Just…. Tree? really? A Tree?

        • Primarch Lazarus

          How about YOU get impaled on a foot-wide branch through your chest, and tell me how that feels. Then we’ll mock you for dying on a tree.

  • SlugFiller

    If you don’t accept a thousand punches in your fists, you take them in your arms. But then again, if you don’t take a thousand punches in your arms, you get them in your fists.

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