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  • charles81

    Text Sense: First panel text bubble by Cho doesn’t seem to come across right. They don’t want to honor the master’s memory, they just insulted him for choice of Cho as replacement. I seem to recall the old text actually had Cho suggesting they simply go back and lead the clan while Cho follow’s the will of the tao to it’s end.

    Suggestion: “and[. I] will [remain and] follow the Tao to whatever end it leads”

    • jwkovell

      I’ve made changes all over the place for this one!

      Hopefully the jealousy of the brothers Wu and Tang becomes more obvious. They probably respect Master Zhao as much as Cho, but their envy colors their actions.

      • Leo

        So, this is a way, way old page, but I have to ask. Did Cho’s master perfect his own greatest technique? And if so, has he lived for more than 100 years, as Cho states nobody has for that long?

  • Quiet Mastermind

    Forbidden/double edged power here we come

  • animalia555

    What if the Tao is leading them to stand in Cho’s way?

  • 627235

    “All our weapons have failed. It’s time for fisticuffs!”

    Well, I suppose it’s the personal combat equivalent to a last ditch ram attack.

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