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  • Derkins


  • Dani

    Anyone else hearing the Mario jumping sound effect?

    • Zapmolcuno

      No, but I am hearing the Super Mario 64 theme now

  • Kalrakh

    Just wondering where he did get the new stuff? Didn’t they break the old one? 😀

    • Kid Chaos

      It is a mystery of the Tao…or maybe his “brothers” had one to spare (hell, they brought everything else). 😜

      • Debbie Wright

        Did they bring a kitchen sink?

        …you left yourself open for that.

        • Kid Chaos

          Nice one! 😎

    • SotiCoto

      Did you miss the bit where he had a second one on his back all along?

      • Kalrakh

        Hrm… Yeah, seems like I missed that 😀

  • Quiet Mastermind

    Monks are compatible of that?

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