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  • Derkins

    <3 <3 <3 Get'im, Cho!

    • Kid Chaos

      Don’t stop not dyin’, Cho!

  • charles81

    Suggested Text Alteration for LOTR Reference:
    “And a day may come when you surpass me in such matters.”
    “But it is not this day!”

    • jwkovell

      Though appreciated, this suggestion… Shall not pass!

      I do, however, now realize where the idea for the text likely originated.

  • Cross Ikon

    Wait… But I thought Yori was Aragorn, here >_>

    • Kid Chaos

      Which leaves plenty of room for Cho to be Gandalf.

      • User Unknown

        “A Taoist monk is never late, nor early. He arrives precisely when the Tao means him to.”

        • Kid Chaos

          “YOU…SHALL NOT…PASS!”

      • animalia555

        Does that mean Ken is Frodo?

        • Kid Chaos

          Could be! We’ve never seen Ken barefoot, after all… 😜

          • animalia555

            Let’s just say the One Ring did a number on his personality. 😁

        • 627235

          Isn’t Ina Frodo?

  • jULES

    One of the most
    sound fx eva!

    • Kid Chaos

      Nice hat! 😎

      • jULES

        I wear fedoras, porkpies, skicaps and bowlers myself.

        (Not all at the same time though…)

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