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Come on, Ken! Suzuka has spies and knows the guard post changes, and maybe it’d take a few more minutes, but…oh well.

I hope everyone had an already holiday thing! I finally saw Into the Spiderverse, and I think it’s my favorite movie of the year, and easily my favorite Spiderman movie! Good stuff, highly recommend and all that. Also finally started playing God of War, and it is also quite good. I’m getting in the best of 2018’s media right at the tail end.

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  • Little Kingsguard

    Suzuka looks like she wishes she discussed this *before* letting them get close enough to run off without her.

    • Xinef

      Yuki on the other hand looks like he doesn’t mind 😉
      … probably expected it and planned accordingly.

    • Kid Chaos

      Ehhh, quit complaining and throw the grappling hook already! :)

  • Xinef

    … I guess Ken wasn’t in the mood for “Half-giant rogue tactics” after all.

    Though I guess half-giant barbarian tactics also work.

    • foducool

      bonus points for being able to write “rogue” properly

      • Xinef

        I’m always baffled by people choosing to play a lipstick in tabletop games.

    • George Paterson

      are you kidding? This is half giant rogue tactics. The purpose of the half giant rogue is to keep the guards focused on the half giant rogue, so the other rogues can slip in and do their thing.

      • Xinef

        Do dead guards count as focused?

        • George Paterson

          Do you see any blood on that zanbato? Because I don’t. Believe me, if Ken had gone in there to kill Wataro guards he’d have splattered a couple on the first swing, he’s very good at it. He’s doing exactly what he said he’d do — distract them.

        • Jake

          “The eyes of the dead forever remain vigilant as they gaze at eternity…” *Some book i read as a child*
          In my opinion, I’d say yes. Dead guards do count as being in the focused category.

  • foducool

    c’mon, who needs stealth when you have DISTRACTION?!

    • KungFuKlobber

      D I S T R A C C

      • foducool

        he attacc, he attacc, but most importantly, he distracc

  • KungFuKlobber

    I love everything about this page.

  • James Rye

    Reminds me of Stealth games where Stealth is optional aka nobody can see you when everyone is dead.

    • Xinef

      Like Deus Ex? … Or Mark of the Ninja?

      Yeah, quite a few good titles.

  • Hfar

    “Ken! This is a stealth mission! You can’t let anyone see you!”
    “They can’t see me if they’re all dead!”
    “Ken, you can’t kill everyone in the entire castle.”
    “Oh really? Hold my tea.”

    • IDPounder

      Ken doesn’t drink…tea.

      • Hfar
        • IDPounder

          I sit corrected. Obviously all the sake has been destroying my memory.

          • Hfar

            It was a dark time in Ken’s life. He doesn’t like to talk about his tea days anymore.

  • animalia555

    For those who want it Here’s another video from Linfamy’s History of Japan video series

    The Yayoi Arrive…and Change EVERYTHING! | History of Japan 4

    • Kid Chaos

      Not to be confused with the modern “Yaoi Period”. :)

      • Xinef

        Also should be mentioned that Yori has nothing to do with the Yuri Period. Despite his best wishes.

      • animalia555


  • Crestlinger

    Well then at least. Now it would be: ‘OMG A SURFING BEAR!’ *Whips out phone.
    *Gets swallowed by tsunami.

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    I saw both Aquaman and Spiderman today. I enjoyed both movies.

  • Agent 52

    Hey I understood that choism

  • Namaphry

    I’m distracted, too. I wonder what happened to the yari the first guy on the right in panel three was holding? And who’s Yori, again?

  • George Paterson

    Someone hasn’t been studying with Uncle Yuki long enough. Acting openly but disguising your attentions can be as effective as acting without being seen at all.

    Right now the guards are thinking “OMG angry Daisuke!” Clearly this is a vengeance raid from a couple of angry Daisuke warriors, and they are responding on that basis. So while Ken and company is keeping the guards distracted they can sneak just about anything else into the compound they want as long as it isn’t an angry Daisuke.

    Note Yukizane grinning in the background as Ken starts his “distraction.” He’s figured out what Ken is really thinking and realized that it was a potential masterstroke.

  • Frank Royce Harr

    Well, I’m distracted.

    What is the purpose of Stealth? is it to get in without being noticed or is it to slide in without disturbing the pond?

    1. Totally one. SO one. MOVE!

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