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Oh, who’s this now?? (honestly, I’m sure we all know who it is.)

Hope everyone had a satisfactory holiday weekend. It slowed down page production on our end, so there won’t be an update next week. I want to try to use the extra time to finish inking more pages and get a little buffer going. The pages are drawn and written well in advance, but inking and coloring are pretty much happening week by week!

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  • Andy Nguyen

    looks like Yukizane took a level or two of ninja

    • Turul

      Or maybe an army or two of ninja

    • Slograman

      Yuki is clearly a halfling; his +4 racial bonus to Stealth synergizes well with his high DEX and CHA.

    • IDPounder

      Those mutton chops are quite distinctive.

  • endplanets

    To see who our mystery guest is just click they Vote button.

  • Major Tom

    Beardy man survived after all?

  • Turul

    I see Genchu isn’t as fluent in Chospeak as Yori is. Well, he’ll get used to it. Maybe.

    Nice to hear the authors had a relaxing holiday. :)

  • Slograman
    • Paul McCubbrey

      islamophobia is hip

      • Slograman

        It was Osamaphobia actually, and yeah, he tended to blow up things.

        • Paul McCubbrey

          Allahu Ackbar is a general benediction in Islam, so using it as a synonym for “terrorist” is in fact islamophobia

          • Slograman

            If you choose to focus on that, then yes. Likewise, you can choose to focus on Hitler’s heritage and decide that a hate speech said by him in German is somehow a condemnation of German or Austrian societies.

          • Paul McCubbrey

            If you can’t see how that’s a false equivalence I have no hope of convincing you. Nonetheless, I shall make one last vain attempt.

            Imagine “Allahu Ackbar” replaced with, say, “Praise Jesus.” Even if Christian terrorists used that phrase whenever they shot up a mosque or firebombed a medical clinic, it would still sting to see people casually treat that phrase as a stand-in for terrorism.

          • Namaphry

            It’s xenophobia for sure. ‘Deus vult!’ is just as scary for just the same reason, religious warriors would say it just before doing violence. Both phrases could be easily translated to English, and if they were, they wouldn’t seem independently scary anymore. Foreign languages make them sound fearsome.

          • Slograman

            Alex has personally contacted me and asked that we drop this conversation. I posted the wrong video in the first place. There’s a more innocent version where it’s just a guy shouting “It’s PIKACHU” when it’s clearly Koffing. I wasn’t aware that the video had been parodied and that versions like this would pop up.

            I’m still a little annoyed that people are trying to read my mind and make assumptions. I should not have engaged and just left it. Please consider this matter closed.

          • Slograman

            To further clarify, Allahu Ackbar means something very different in this context. Something inane or positive can become a threat in another person’s mouth. Osama poisoned a lot of good things, Allahu Ackbar being one of them. I personally don’t find the phrase threatening under normal circumstances. Having a terrorist leader utter them is bone-chilling. If Osama was riding a tricycle, it’d probably be bone-chilling. That’s what bad guys do: Make the good or innocuous seem evil.

          • animalia555

            Just look at how Hitler ruined the Swatizika. Seriously it was a symbol of peace in India and in Buddhist temples for years. But now the west will (probably) forever equate it with anti-semitism. Though in places like India and many Budddhist countries it’s common for the reason mentioned.

  • Hfar

    The Return of Zoro Ninja Uncle! I was wondering when he’d come back.

  • Sunwu

    General Atszumori!! Is that you!!!!?

  • Little Kingsguard

    Well, there’s one member of the Izuma. Wonder where everyone else is?

    • Turul

      Probably hiding in his shadow

  • clogboy

    Cho and Genchu: hive mind :)

    Edit: only read the ‘probably’ later. Would be so epic if Genchu could understand his profound wisdom just by a shared sense of combat awareness and -experience.

  • TheMaskedFerret

    The disturbing part is that Cho is becoming more understandable with time….

  • Kid Chaos

    How many of these people actually recognise Yuki? 😜

    • KungFuKlobber

      I’m going with one and a half. (Cho probably thinks he’s a pretty girl.)

  • Ladon

    It’s… it’s… Atsumori, back from the dead! Good to see you again, you straight-faced sonnofashogun!

  • Minando

    -Let the games begin!
    -Oh nooo, not chess *again*!

    • Kid Chaos

      Chinese checkers! 😜

  • Turul

    Since there’s no new page this week, we’ll have to make our own!

    …uh, yeah, if I keep doing this long enough, maybe I’ll eventually learn to write comics too!

    • Nos Rin aka CTCO

      I don’t get it.

  • Frank Royce Harr

    That is onnnnne diligent alpaca.

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