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Nataku has perished, but his teachings live on in Eijiro! dun Dun DUN!


I’ve been playing a bit of No Man’s Sky Next on PS4 as of late. My SO bought the game digitally back when it was released. She sunk several dozen hours into the vanilla game, but then moved on. I’ve continued to come back to it with each big update, and this latest one, which adds in a 3rd person camera and character customization, has managed to sink its teeth into me. I mean, I kind of enjoyed the chill atmosphere of the game before hand, but something about being able to see your character inhabiting the space, as well as a bit more variety in the planets and more open base building options has got me thinking about NMS way more than I should be! That and we kind of already owned it, which helps.

I’m not really into open ended survival games. I tried to get into Subnautica, but it just became frustrating. Maybe I’m just a sucker for, colorful, deep space exploration. There also seems to be a bit more meat to the game’s linear storyline path, although not that much more, as its still a lot of vague introspection and text boxes.

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  • Breakfast

    Oh… right… this scene was a thing.

    • Ocean Burning.

      LOL yeah some of us been waiting for it… XD

  • KungFuKlobber

    So, eliminate your daddy issues.

    • PSadlon

      Exactly my thought.

    • Kid Chaos

      “I just shot Yorikiro my daddy issues in the face!”👿

      • Wanderer

        “Car didn’t hit no motherfuckin’ bump, Eijiro!”

  • clogboy

    Japanese stand-off :)

  • Turul

    Love that first panel :)

  • Merlin

    …he listened to Nataku.

  • Ocean Burning.

    Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh this is the family drama I’ve been looking for right here!!! We need some emotional background music to go with it! Someone recommend some emotional background music!

  • Crestlinger

    Keep him talking long enough and he might not even notice that fuse going out.

  • Arkone Axon

    “Well done son guy.” From TV Tropes.

    C’mon, Eijiro. Forget the sibling rivalry… remember which relatives love you more…

  • Defenestrator

    When a problem comes along, you must whip it?

  • Warcodered

    Things not to say to someone with a sword to your throat.

    • Xinef

      And the best way to eliminate problems that stand in your way is to turn them into allies, right? Right?

      • clogboy

        …nah, works for Goku. Then again, that show doesn’t deal with a whole lot of real problems. Except for, like, the world blowing up.

        • Xinef

          Well, Dragon Ball is a bit unrealistic… mostly in showing how you can solve problems by shouting at each other very loud. And for long enough.

          • clogboy

            Have you watched the news recently? 😉

          • Xinef

            Nah, though I get the impression that when the news show people shouting at each other, then you can expect many episodes later the problem will still remain unsolved.

            And yes, even more episodes than in DBZ.

  • Xinef

    Can someone remind me why Yori doesn’t just push Eijiro’s gun arm aside and/or move his head out of the line of fire?

    • clogboy

      I’ll take a wild guess that Yori will drop his sword first, in preparation of an emotional speech. We know Eji looks up to him :)

      • animalia555

        You read my mind clog boy

        • animalia555

          Worst case scenario. His dual weilding will come in handy later.

  • clogboy

    Can I say, this looks like Nebula and Gamora all over again?

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    I’ve been playing with some people and I’m having some fun with it. It’s a nice relaxing game but F* those sentinels! He’s mining a rock! Kill him! oi….
    this game DOES love to kill you.
    and I can’t fly for shit. x.x

  • Dshim

    don’t listen to the guy who just died

  • clogboy

    OK think I was wrong about Eijiro. This is actually a very dramatic scene. I always thought he looked up to Yori, and that he was driven by an urge to fill his shoes. But now I can see that he’s mostly an impudent little brat, driven by ambition.
    He has his eyes on the throne, and the only way to it is through his treacherous brother. From his head canon he wouldn’t be wrong in killing his brother. But even given the situation, and knowing his alterior motive to send the DoS after him, Lord Wataro will not look kindly upon fratricide. Yori is in real danger, because Eji is just one emotional outburst away from going off the rails.
    My wishful thinking puts them on the same side of the real problems that this story is dealing with, but Eji can’t see it that way yet because Yori is more mature, better informed. It’ll be interesting to see where this is leading to.

  • Harper

    gun to a swordfight, or…?

  • clogboy

    Eji: “I know what I have to do. But I need your help.”
    Yori: “If you shoot me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”
    Eji: “Doubt it.” *shoots Yori”

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