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It’s Yumiko, come to impede on Ken’s glorious vengeance!

So, E3 is over, and I still can’t believe how we got three separate feudal Japan samurai action games announcements! Well, okay, technically Ghosts of Tsushima had been previously announced, but that gameplay trailer is incredible. This E3 was definitely the year of the samurai.  I’m admittedly bummed all the rumors swirling around the Nintendo Direct didn’t manifest. No Retro Studios Starfox game. No new F-Zero. No Bayonetta 3. Not even info on that Yoshi game. And even though we finally saw the Fire Emblem Switch game, it does not appear to be the incredibly tantalizing but dubious gothic themed FE (although I am still very excited for it).

I did finally pick up Hollow Knight on Switch since it shadow dropped during the Nintendo Direct. I’ve wanted to dive into that particular Metroidvania for what feels like years now, but it seems holding out for the Switch version was the right call. I haven’t gotten much beyond the opening few minutes yet, though, but I have no doubt it’ll be a good time.

Anyway, it was a pretty great E3! And hey, David Hayter is back as Snake, nice!

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  • cu

    SFX: Daisuckered!

  • clogboy

    Epic entrance! Also: Go home Alex, you’re drunk 😉 How did she ever get a hall pass by the way…

  • Turul

    Next boss fight! And da boss is Yumiko.

  • foducool

    he knows better than to argue with her

  • Minando

    Women, eh? Can’t live with them, get stabbed without them.


  • tinwatchman

    Shut it, Ken. She’s got just as much right to this Sweet Sweet Vengeance as you do.

    • Turul

      But Ken saw Nataku first!

      • tinwatchman

        Ah, but did he call dibs?

        • SKy

          He called many things. Chances are very high “dibs” was one of them.

  • Gandalf the Tsaagan

    Yumiko is like “Shaddup, nerd. This is my fight too, don’t be so selfish”

    I love what I have seen in the Ghost of Tsushima gameplay trailer, an open world samurai adventure sounds super rad

    • clogboy

      Seems like they follow the path of the Tomb Raider reboots: start a story arc by entering a zone, rather than starting a quest or entering a dungeon. As in, shit doesn’t wait to happen until you’re ready for it. :)

  • Major Tom

    Yumiko, that arrow to the thigh was supposed to hit a little bit lower…

  • IDPounder

    …and Yumiko Daisuke sticks the landing, a flawless floor routine for Japan! The votes are in, 10s all around except for the Chinese judge, who’s still bitter that half her national team was disqualified after staying out past curfew to watch the latest Ennosuke masterpiece.

  • Ladon

    Come on, Ken. You know you want it. The two last surviving members of the Daisuke clan fighting side by side to avenge their fallen brethren by destroying the root cause of their betrayal. It’s poetry in motion!

    • Turul

      Also terror in motion. The best combo!

  • Ginger Mayerson

    I’m just glad that when I yelled “It’s her fight, too, Ken!” at the comic, no one was around to hear it. However, I still mean it, and I’m happy that Ken agrees with me and Yumiko. Or at least is going along with it. Thanks, Ken. Thanks, Alex and Joseph.

    • clogboy

      Right? Here she is, wanting to move on and stay alive. She lost all previous claims to revenge by joining the ninja clan, but I’m wondering where her loyalties now are and what made her join the fight. I’m not shipping them per se, but might be that seeing she’s not the only survivor makes her believe that there are things left to live and fight for, other than just staying alive and fighting for coin.
      What will the happy ending for her story be, I wonder. After peace between the Wataro and Senshin clan, will the Ninja clan let her go? Or even return, if she’d choose to? Will she be content with peace, knowing that the actual masterminds behind the purge of her clan have been dealt with, partially due to her aid? How will she and Ken find resolution while being of invaluable aid to Yori and Ina? It’s clear that they built her up enough to make her more than a sideshow character.
      Unless ofcourse, she’s destined to be the tragic sacrifice, guiding Ken on his path with wise words from her dying breath. I enjoy how original and unpredictable the story has been, and am looking forward to the conclusion, whenever that might be.

      • clogboy

        Also, if someone ever wrote a Kabuki play in her honor, I’d totally watch it.

  • Hfar

    Man, Ino would be proud of that death glare.

    • Turul

      Probably! Yumiko has more of an ice cold death glare, whiile Ina, Ken, and Maru have scorching ones.

      • clogboy

        Who says you can’t convey an expression with just one eye.

  • Crestlinger

    *Your fight with My sword. *Glaaaaaare.*

  • Warcodered

    Grah! arrows my one weakness.

  • Dshim

    dey gun’ marry

    • Gandalf the Tsaagan
      • Renadt

        Damn, if ProZD does not know the collective id of the internet.

      • Kid Chaos

        Ship it! Ship it good! 😍

    • Ocean Burning.

      Glad to know another person is on the same page as me… when I saw the last panel my first thought was: “WUV, TWOO WUV” 😍

  • Xinef

    Ken: “Ok, I kill him first, then when I’m done it’s your turn to kill him. And then I kill him again, and so on.”
    Yumiko: “…”
    (kills him anyway)

  • Arkone Axon

    He’s in serious trouble now… the legs are full of muscles and other components that you’d THINK you can do without… until they get injured. The muscles that now have an arrow lodged in them (firing off all those pain sensors with every slightest movement, or even when he’s NOT moving) is the muscle group that gets called upon every time you extend the leg. Or when you hold the knee joint in position while lifting the leg to the front or side or back. In other words, his mobility has just been seriously compromised… and that’s assuming the large blood vessels that supply the leg haven’t just been cut.

    (not even going to mention the death glare there, since everyone else already commented on it. MY biggest question is regarding her eye. Not the one we can see, but the other one… because wearing an eyepatch over a perfectly good eye was a trick used by ninjas and others in the practice of operating at night and in the shadows. You keep that eye in perpetual darkness… then at night you have an eye that’s already perfectly adapted and ready to see in the darkness as if it were perfectly illuminated. So… did she lose her eye, or is she keeping it covered so she can snipe even during a new moon? I honestly can’t remember if they covered this in a previous page)

    • Kid Chaos

      Good point in the whole arrow-in-the-thigh thing! (And no, I don’t think we’ve ever seen her without the Eyepatch of Power.) 😎

      • Arkone Axon

        Yeah. I remember a mui thai match where I was just pounding the hell out of my opponent… until I pulled my calf muscle while dashing in for a lunging punch. Afterwards I figured no big deal, I barely took any hits in turn so I could get back into training for the next match…

        …As it turns out, the calf muscle is shockingly important to so many things we take for granted. Like… walking. Or standing. Or even moving the foot around while sitting down…

  • endplanets

    Its the equivalent of a 360 no scope. And he complains about (sorta) kill stealing. Its really has been a while since we have seen Ken complain about video games.

  • Znayx

    Aw, where’s the “INTENSE GLARE!” sound effect?

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    3 new samuari games, and I still haven’t even tried the first NIOH.

    hmmm, how different are they?
    well doesnt matter, I cant invest a lot of money into new games for a while anyway.

    • suburban_samurai

      Well, it’s okay! Don’t hold your breath, likely Nioh 2, Sekiro, and Ghosts of Tsushima aren’t coming out for at least a year, maybe two. I do highly recommend the first Nioh, but only if you’re willing to double down on a brutally tough game!

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        I was actually looking at The Surge cause, mecha and power suits and robots and stuff. But apparently it’s not challenging like dark souls but just hard to be hard where everything costs too much and enemies one shot you anyway.
        I go to school in september so I’ll just hold off for now.
        I need to balance expenditures on hobbies anyway. but eventually I think. lol.

  • Frank Royce Harr

    Nope. Can’t stop her at all. Not even with a restraining order.

  • TekServer

    It’s taken me until this page to realize that Ken’s voice in my head is that of Dante Basco (the actor who voiced Prince Zuko in Avatar:TLA). Did you know that Dante was also Rufio in Hook? I just learned that. Small world! 😀

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