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Friends, the comic has returned! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week. I know I had quite the good time. I’ve invested a few hours into a specific Christmas gift, Xenoblade Chronicles X. I’m loving it, but I imagine it’s quite the divisive game considering its ugly faces, relentlessly energetic music that can’t be muted, and unnecessarily complex character leveling systems (not to mention it’ll take 30 to 40 hours of gameplay before I even get my giant robot). On the other hand, it’s a game that takes basically all my favorite scifi anime tropes and crams them into a single game. All the mech, weapon, and armor designs are so rad, and the world is crazy fun to run around and explore. Also, even though I’ve read a lot of complaints about the soundtrack, it’s actually composed by on of my favorite Japanese composers, Hiroyuki Sawano, who’s also done the soundtracks for Attack on Titan, Gundam U, Sengoku Basara, and Kill la Kill (this is his first game OST so I’ll cut him some slack, especially since I still love it). I’d probably only recommend Xenoblade Chronicles X to scifi anime lovers who always liked the idea of exploring a richly detailed MMO world without all that social stuff getting in the way. I’m guess that’s probably a pretty niche group, but I guess I’m in it!

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  • leavescat

    200 hours in, I’ve nearly 100%’d X. To be fair, I left it on while not playing for a few dozen of those, but still. I think that the first Xenoblade had a lot more charm, especially in its character models and animations, but for those who wish to customize X is amazing (and the characters’ personalities becomes a bit better once stuff starts happening after the first few chapters). I wish there was a better way to bulk sell items though. As for music, there’s at least one track that stands out well. It’ll be a while before you hear it and I don’t want to taint expectations by saying where it’s found, but I hope this gives you one more thing to look forward to.

    L is my favorite character, especially to have in my battle party. You’ll probably figure it out when you meet him.

    • suburban_samurai

      I just got to L! I have no idea why he’s your favorite yet since I haven’t put him in my party. I guess Elma’s my favorite because she’s like a super cool heroic badass, but I feel like they still haven’t introduced me to most of the characters. Really, though, I think my favorite characters are the skells, but it’s probably a long wait before I’ll get to put them in my party. And I’m curious to what piece of music to which you’re referring! I’ve likely already heard it many times since I have the soundtrack on my phone. Despite hearing it ad nauseam in the game, I still enjoy listening to the ost independently, I like it that much!!

      I played a couple hours of Xenoblade Chronicles on my Wii, borrowed the game from a friend. I was definitely liking the story and characters, but I was turned off by the muddiness of the graphics on my somewhat large TV. I primarily want a New 3DS so I can play XC on it. I think I’d enjoy the game more if I could play and pause anywhere.

      • leavescat

        Well, you already know that L spouts out nearly correct idioms. All his battle speeches continue this trend. I find it hilarious to end battles to someone excitedly saying “We won that with our hands down!”, etc.

  • IDPounder

    Priests get an automatic 4 ranks in “Run Away!”

    • KungFuKlobber

      For every three class levels he has, a monk gains a cumulative +10 to his enhancement bonus to unarmed speed.

      • Xinef

        And if they use Pathfinder rules instead, monks would also be able to spend Ki points to temporarily boost their speed.

        Even if Rrrrricarrrrdo has “shot on the run” he can’t actually combine it with the “run” action, since that’s a full round action. He’d have to use a move action instead, which means the priests would be able to move about 4 times faster than him.

  • Sunwu
  • KungFuKlobber

    Panel 3: Only the penitent man will pass.

    • IDPounder

      The breath of the Lord!

      • reynard61

        Wait ’til he has to make the Leap of Faith. That one’s a doozy!

        • KencingFendoka

          Hopefully there is a pile of hay waiting for him when he does 😉

    • Speedy Marsh

      The unpenitent man will also pass… from this mortal coil.

  • No Name

    It’s true, man. Without having a specific monetary figure in mind, it’s hard to really know the appropriate volume of outrage to levy at your transgressors. Then you have to deal with second-guessing yourself — is it too much, too little? Are you *correctly* outraged?
    Nobody needs that kind of doubt, man.

    • Flaming Squirrel

      I recommend being an equal opportunity outragist. You extend the same amount of outrage to everyone, no matter how big or small the infraction is. Some people might say breaking somebody’s legs for eating the last slice of people would be an overreaction, but these same people would say it’s an UNDERreaction for somebody who’s murdered your entire clan and family. The important thing, though, is that you’re being consistent, and therefor fair.

      • Algeron

        the thing that concerns me here is that someone is slicing and eating people O.o

    • suburban_samurai

      I agree, Ricardo holds too much doubt in his heart. He should let all the rage out.

  • Astralfury

    And now he is going to pay them back….WITH INTEREST*

    *when he calculates that too.

  • Leo

    The price of God’s forgiveness is true repentance. The price of Ricardo’s forgiveness is higher… And has interests.

  • charles81

    Wait ’till Genchu catches up and helps him figure out he’s killed a diplomat of the most powerful clan in Japan in front of one of their general’s and the leader’s son while they happen to have their army parked just over that ridge.

    • Kid Chaos

      Remind me; are they running towards the Senshin border…or away from it? 😜

      • suburban_samurai

        This is an excellent question.

        • charles81

          Way I figure it, if they’re running away from the the people trying to kill them, they’re going in the right direction.

  • clogboy

    With that kind of bill, it is a good thing that Jesus saves! On the other hand… everyone else takes full damage.

    • KencingFendoka

      Hahah, that is punny on a number of levels. I don’t know whether to bust out my d20 and pray to the dice gods or my checkbook and pray to the Lord of Finance.

  • Flaming Squirrel

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying Xenoblade Chronicles X. I’m undecided as to which console I should buy. WiiU is cheaper, and it has some awesome games like this one, the new Zelda title, Smash Bros, and a few others, plus the entire Wii library, and some really nostalgic gems like the Donkey Kong Country trilogy on Virtual Console. But, PS4 has some great looking games too, like Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV, the Final Fantasy VII remake(s?), and No Man’s Sky, and a lot of PS1 and PS2 classics on the Playstation Network. But, it’s more expensive. Which would you recommend?

    • suburban_samurai

      Considering all the PS4 games you mentioned are likely a long way off from release, and all the WiiU games you mention are out right now, I think the choice is clear! Also, as much as I enjoy my PS4, my WiiU gets waaaay more use. I’ve loved the heck out of Mariokart 8, Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, Windwaker HD, Pikmin 3, Xenoblade X, Splatoon, Super Mario 3D World, Toad’s Treasure Tracker, and probably more I’m forgetting! There’s a lot of great stuff that’s only playable on WiiU. On the other hand, most of the games I’ve played on PS4 are also on Xbox and PC. One of my friends who’s been very pro Sony since the ps1 gave up on this gen’s consoles except for the WiiU. Not to mention that even though the WiiU is the less powerful of the three major consoles, it’s the first time we’ve gotten to experience Nintendo games in glorious HD, and it IS glorious! The polish on first party Nintendo games makes some of them look more visually striking and memorable than a lot of what you’ll find on PS4. There’s just more color and fun being had on WiiU, while PS4 games are still too often trying to be gritty and realistic, which I got kind of bored with after eight years of the previous console generation. So, WiiU: would recommend!

      • Flaming Squirrel

        One thing I heard that was interesting is that Xenoblade Chronicles’ world was, mile for mile, bigger than Skyrim’s. They say that X’s is even bigger than Fallout 4’s. Having played them, would you say that’s accurate? If so I gotta say, it’s pretty neat that the two least powerful consoles managed to outdo its competition like that.

        • suburban_samurai

          All open world games are so staggeringly huge now days!! It’s always weird to me how they measure this stuff. Do they just compare the width and breadth in virtual mile? Do all the open water areas in Xeno X count? You technically can traverse them, even if they’re empty! I could potentially believe its overworld is bigger than both, although I’ve never played a Fallout game. Skyrim also has so many huge underground areas, and I haven’t encountered any staggeringly large caverns in Xeno X. If nothing else, Xenoblade X’s world is more imaginative and colorful than Skyrim’s. And, you know, you eventually get a flying, transforming giant robot to traverse it, so, sold!

          • Flaming Squirrel

            I’m more into JRPGs anyway. With the exception of anything made by Biowarre, western RPGs are more interested in immersion than anything else, making you feel like you’re IN the game. Which is cool, but JRPGs are better at telling exciting, linear stories, and I like that better.

          • suburban_samurai

            I can go for either, for sure, although I do prefer my main character to be an actual character with a name and history. I’m liking the Xeno X story so far, but it’s pretty simple, and your main character is a customizable avatar who stays very generic by necessity. The first Xenoblade on Wii was definitely more story and character focused, which is one reason I still want to go back and play it, preferably the port on the New 3DS.

          • Flaming Squirrel

            Reminds me of White Knight Chronicles on PS3. You make your own character, but then they make him completely pointless by making someone else the hero. You don’t even get a line of dialogue apart from, *waves hand and bobs head like he’s talking.”

  • Jake

    don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that ZING!

  • Mr Hats

    It looks like Ricardo needs to do some

    (I’ll get my coat)

    • suburban_samurai

      *Points to the exit*

    • KencingFendoka

      Now put on the sunglasses and cue music, Detective 😎

  • Madison Link

    Fortunately, Ricardo’s wrath is limited by the accuracy of 18th-century weaponry (and Ricardo).

  • Da’Zlein

    Some might think they are really good runners for guys that meditate all day, but Ricardo is actually just weighed down by his gun and impressive hat

  • Hfar

    Well I’m certain Ricardo can come up with a ball park estimate in short order. I mean, three crates of guns has to be worth at least a furious, so that plus two barrels of gun powder has to be equal to a towering rage.

    Units of anger: it’s what makes the world go round.

  • Insane Disciple

    A legitimate technique, indeed✌🏾

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