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That Wataro ambassador has a face only a mother could love. I assume we’re talking about a very generous mother at that.

I’m at 27% completion of Metal Gear Solid V, and the number of hours I’ve sunk into it since buying it a week ago is kind of embarrassing! The game is a beast, and as much as I love video games, I haven’t binged on one this much in quite a while. It’s a detriment to other projects and chores I need to be getting done and wildly irresponsible! BUT, as a poor counter argument to overplaying a video game, MGSV is likely the last full blown console game in probably my favorite game series of all time, and the internet is RIFE with spoilers, so my best bet at avoiding them is to beat the game as quickly as possible! Except I’m not really beating it that quickly, am I? Well, stealth games are meant to be played at a leisurely pace, right?

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  • charles81

    Right ONE?
    Yeah… about there only being ONE general leading the invasion.

    Surely finding TWO generals will be better than one… right?

    • Kid Chaos

      Yeah, but just wait until Nataku lays eyes on Genchu. I can see it now…

      • charles81

        Change his name to “No fingers Nataku”?

      • Jonathan B

        However, Genchu is wearing plot invisibility at the moment; after all, he’s dead. Deader than dead. Fallen off a cliff into the water with the assassins in no way checking for a body. It doesn’t get deader than that.

        • Da’Zlein

          “He’s dead, super dead! So dead, we didn’t even check for vitals”
          “So his internal organs were sprayed everywhere and his blood was painting the walls?”
          “No, but he fell off a REALLY high cliff!”
          “Dammit, amateurs”

  • clogboy

    You’re forgiven for overplaying. This is a geek culture and I bet most readers wished they had the opportunity. It is well deserved, dear Sir :)

    • suburban_samurai

      I’ve had to cut back, which has significantly slowed my MGSV game progress!

  • Flaming Squirrel

    Rrrricardo: “Gun go BOOM, enemy go DEAD!”
    Nataku: “Give me ALL THE GUNS, new best friend!”

    • Kid Chaos

      He’s gonna need “ALL THE GUNS” to make any kind of impact; muskets like Ricky’s are terribly inaccurate. :)

      • Flaming Squirrel

        This is a world where giant swords cause mini earthquakes, and you want the GUNS to work realistically?

        • Xinef

          I wonder if we’ll see a scene where Cho catches bullets mid-flight.

          … then flings them back at the musketeer causing his head to explode.

          • Flaming Squirrel

            No! Hands and heads must all behave in a realistic, logical manner, as per order of the Kid Chaos.

          • Kid Chaos

            Damn straight!

    • Da’Zlein

      It’s Senshin season, the wabbits live for now

  • Sunwu

    For some reason every time now when I read a sentence with the word “Ambassador” in your comic Darth Vader’s voice is reading it.

    • Kid Chaos

      Now I’m thinking about the opening scene from “Return of the Jedi”… :)

      • suburban_samurai

        You SHOULD be thinking of the opening to New Hope!

        • Kid Chaos

          Hmmm…no, I don’t think so.

  • Xinef

    What’s not to love about his face?

  • David A. Tatum

    Wait, wait, wait. You’ve got at least one commission I know about due in a month (heh), you just announced your engagement on Facebook (or your fiance did, anyway), you’ve got this comic to produce, you’ve got a day job… and you’re wasting your time on Metal Gear Solid V?!

    Good choice! (Though I do hope my commission still arrives on time)

    • Mike

      I’d scold him, but I started a new job not long ago and still managed to spend 19 hours on Shadow of Mordor in just one week.

    • suburban_samurai

      David, I’ll get some thumbnails to you this week, I’m sorry!

      • David A. Tatum

        No worries — things are running a few weeks late all around.

  • IDPounder

    “…but what am I saying? Of course it will be the right general leading the invasion. It’s not like there’s some unseen hand out there tweaking events towards inevitable conflicts for its own amusement. Right? …guys?”

    • Mike

      You’re supposed to tag that sort of thing with *spoiler alert*

  • Leo

    Oh! Hello… Nataku.

    …Boy, this is awkward. How is that hand doing, anyway?

  • SlugFiller

    The way the Buddhist is talking makes it sound like Genchu had a chance to talk to the ambassador between this page and the previous one (Although that would totally blow Genchu’s cover). Why would he think the ambassador has even considered that scenario?

    • jwkovell

      A fair question. However, Genchu has already seen how the ambassador does his job first-hand (recall his aggressive negotiating tactics on page 550 – )

  • Insane Disciple

    I hear a “ Oh, crap” in the near future

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