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Did you not know that NN4B had ethereal spirit dragons?

Anyway, enjoy our totally accurate representation of Taoism and gyros.

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  • IDPounder

    They’re right about one thing…gyros ARE delicious. No matter how you pronounce the name.

    • suburban_samurai

      Thus is the infinite wisdom of a Gyro vendor.

  • KungFuKlobber

    I hate it when I’m driving down the road and some idiot sits down in the middle of traffic and starts using his freaky Tao powers.

    • Mike

      If we come across them now, we’ve been forewarned to not mess with them at least. Unless “thwak!” is the sound of a vigorous handshake.

      • suburban_samurai

        Fists to the face is how Taoist monks say hello.

  • Sunwu

    This week on “Taoist-Cats” the brothers try to find our hero Lion-Cho using the Tao “give me sight beyond sight!”

    • suburban_samurai


  • Hfar

    Fresh gyros? Bah! Everyone knows that feudal Japan was far better known for it’s fine shawarma!

    • Thiago Kurovski

      I think in this period the most common fast food was döner kebab, provided by the Germano-Turkish immigrants.

      Now I bet you have never heard of Germano-Turkish immigrants going to Japan… But that’s one of ten facts that your teacher lied to you about (TM). Copyright by

      • Guest

        It still is! There you go, one original japanese döner kebab stall, directly next to one of Yasukuni-jinja’s steel torii.

      • yomi

        It still is! When we visited the Yasukuni-jinja on our Japan holidays, there was a original japanese döner kebab stall directly next to one of the steel torii. I’m trying to upload the picture, but I might fail.

        • Thiago Kurovski

          Yeah! Now I’m able to move to Japan!

        • suburban_samurai

          I’m willing to bet that’s some seriously greasy food, right there.

    • suburban_samurai

      Yori and the boys should go out for shawarma after they defeat Hirotomo!

      • Neska

        Schwarma: Established Victory Food.

        Incidentally, we’ve got a great place for schwarma here in Corvallis, OR . . .

  • CaptainBetrayer

    Hey, guys. I think he’s coming down with something. You know, sitting in the middle of the road, missing his pupils. Honestly, it’s like he’s got some kind of freaky Street Fighter disease or something.

    • suburban_samurai

      He’s built up his power meter too far, and has to release an Ultra.

      • Speedy Marsh

        Quick! Pull his finger!

  • charles81



    Daylight come and me wanna go pubbin!

    • noisyparker


      • reynard61

        “He’s a Tao-er of Power!”

        • KungFuKlobber

          You guys have used up all the good puns. I’m throwing in the Taoel.

          • reynard61

            When it comes to puns, I just like to go to Tao-n — Taos, of course…

          • suburban_samurai

            HERE NOW HERE NOW WHAT’S ALL THIS THEN WHAT’S ALL THIS?? All these puns are too much, GET OUT OF TAO-WN!

          • Lampros Liontos

            Looks like the Tao is up a few points.

  • Johannes Hjortshøj

    Tao at work, clear the road!

    • KungFuKlobber

      Union road workers tend to lean on their shovels instead of just sitting down. It makes them look less lazy.

      • Johannes Hjortshøj

        Oh but tao workers aren’t lazy at all they’re focusing so much as to loosen the soil they sit on

        • KungFuKlobber

          Shovel leaning loosens soil too.

          • Johannes Hjortshøj

            But sitting Down covers more ground.

    • suburban_samurai

      Maybe Wu should put up a sign or something.

      • Astralfury

        Or punch someone else in the face, that seems to work in all situations.

  • linuxthekid

    Hmmm, tracking, spirit animals? I get it, hes a Taoer Ranger!

  • Scott Henry

    Any chance of this becoming an anime?

    • suburban_samurai

      Not sure. Who do I need to talk to to make that happen?

      • suzuki_formerly_zack

        no joke

  • Ben Johnston

    one to Thwack, one to Tao. Meanwhile, Cho has both in one body. I think we know who the real winner is here.

  • Neska

    Gyros are delicious, no matter how you pronounce them . . .
    Also, incidentally, my mother is responsible for introducing the Gyros Pizza to El Cajon, CA: the best pizza place in town happened to be run by a couple of Greek boys who also sold gyros sandwiches out of the same restaurant, however they had never considered putting the gyros and the feta on the pizzas. After a significant amount of convincing, my mother got them to sell us such a pizza . . . a month later it was a regular menu item.

  • SotiCoto

    Tao Te Ching

    Chapter 73

    The bold in daring will be killed
    The bold in not daring will survive

    Of these two, one may benefit, the other may harm
    The one hated by Heaven – who knows the reason?
    Even the sages still find this difficult

    The Tao of Heaven:
    Does not contend and yet excels in winning
    Does not speak and yet excels in responding
    Is not summoned and yet comes on its own
    Is unhurried and yet excels in planning
    The heavenly net is vast
    Loose, and yet does not let anything slip through

  • MoveAlongCitizen

    So, is Cho just running on this “Tao mode” all the time, then? That’d explain his perfect awareness.

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