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Old man voice word bubble trails!

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  • KungFuKlobber

    At high noon.

    • suburban_samurai

      Under the bell tower in the village square.

  • Hfar

    The ambassador’s special power is summoning a canted angle when he clears his throat.

    • suburban_samurai

      Tilted camera equals INSTANT DRAMA.

  • Breakfast

    Perhaps the man from Portugal wasn’t making incorrect assumptions as much as we were all initially led to believe.

    • John Smith

      Uh-oh; this does not look good for our heroes. :(

    • suburban_samurai

      Ricardo seems the type of guy who expects things to go his way, and tends to just make it so through sheer force of will. Or he just gets real lucky.

  • charles81

    I’m highly doubtful this old and evidently learned Wataro ambassador will not recognise such an important and infamous former member such as Genchu.

    It’ll be interesting to see what test he has in mind… And which warriors… Or civilians.

    • Kasper

      He did say “battlefield”. Of course, that concept will likely be defined by the Wataro.

    • suburban_samurai

      It is a slippery slope for Genchu, admittedly. Not gonna lie, the situation may spin out of control!

  • CaptainBetrayer

    And this is why no one ever should let a character roll up a Bayushi. Ever.

    • suburban_samurai

      I know now what a Bayushi is. The internet tells me he’s a fallen lord of some sort from Legend of the Five Rings.

      • TheMaskedFerret

        You should add some Legend of the Five Rings stuff to your reading list. Not that you need it, but you may find a few additional ideas to steal, I mean repurpose.

        • Thiago Kurovski


      • Scott Henry

        Bayushi is entire family from L5R actually, a family of the Scorpion Clan which is made up of the Bayushi, Shogo and Soshi families. They aren’t evil per say but they dont really follow Bushido and loyalty is far more important to them than honor is.

        • yomi

          Well, honor is one aspect of the bushido, loyality is another…

    • Scott Henry

      And what is so wrong with Bayushi? Also if you knew more about L5R you’d know you probably mean Scorpion clan.

  • Thiago Kurovski


    • suburban_samurai


  • IDPounder

    “…and then, it’s time for a nice glass of prune juice. And my afternoon nap.”

    • suburban_samurai

      That guy’s way into prune juice and naps, no joke.

  • Mike

    In other news, a Portuguese merchant is suing Genchu’s Translating Services Inc., claiming that he was “deliberately and maliciously mislead.” Genchu representatives declined to comment.

    • suburban_samurai

      We’ll keep you informed with the latest updates, TONIGHT at 11!

      • IDPounder

        I’m not wearing any pants…film at 11.

        • Scott Henry

          It’s a short film. Burn.

  • joblow

    Snakey Wataro… Cho is your destiny.

  • Bierdigan

    It is time for a real world test upon which lives will depend! …a test of these foreign, claimed-to-be-faulty devices that we haven’t been told the true purpose of and also that just appeared in the doorway like five minutes ago. Sorry to be nit-picky, this scene just seemed very quick, and that decision feels kinda sudden.

    • Jonathan B

      Judging by the way the scene reads, the ambassador is using the opportunity that has fallen to him to increase the pressure on Imagawa. Whether the item proves to be a usable weapon or not, he’s making Imagawa sweat and dance through hoops that emphasize the Wataro clan’s power. And if he happens to discover a useful weapon in the process, then it’s a double win for Wataro clan. He’s seen this object destroy a ceiling tile without touching it, after all. He may even oblige Imagawa to demonstrate loyalty by donating the weapons to the Wataro clan. He’s shrewd enough to recognize that applying pressure at this point will come out in his favor most any way it plays out. He even timed his intervention to just the moment when Imagawa thought he’d gotten a hand on the situation, throwing him off balance again.

      • KungFuKlobber

        Agreed, except that the guns aren’t really Imagawa’s to donate.

        • Jonathan B

          A minor detail. Particularly when he has the authority to execute the merchant and sieze them. And either way, it’s not the ambassador’s problem how he acquires them. :)

          • suburban_samurai

            This is true. All Imagawa has to do is perceive an insult to his honor and he can have the guns taken forcefully and the foriegners executed. That’s practically what went down in Shogun, which was a major inspiration for this arc of the plot and the character of Ricardo.

          • Jonathan B

            The sad thing is, I think I actually own a copy of Shogun but have never actually seen it. That might be because the copy is on Betamax and happened to be an extra in something I bought on Ebay. 😉

          • suburban_samurai

            I don’t know which I’d recommend more, the miniseries or the novel. I’d say both! Although the novel might be more engrossing. As high budget as the miniseries was for its time, the book feels more epic.

          • Neska

            The book is epic.
            I’ve read several in the series, but didn’t get around to finishing them all.

          • Madison Link

            And it’s not like Ricardo has been polite by *anyone’s* standards, let alone Japan’s :)

      • Bierdigan

        That does make a lot more sense, I appreciate the perspective! I guess it was just the decision to immediately take the things (which admittedly I’m sure anyone looking at them could imagine them as weapons, but this is the first time these people have ever seen a gun, and they’ve only been described as faulty for exploding) out to try them in a real-world kind of situation that threw me off, although we don’t know what the ambassador has in mind for that test. But like you said, I’m probably just not giving the old dude enough credit, and maybe he has the foresight just to swing his influence around for any advantage he can possibly take to keep Imagawa under his thumb just because he can.

        • jwkovell

          Jonathan explained it even better than I would have, but I’ll add that explosive weaponry would not have been unheard of at the time – cannon-like explosives predate the arrival of guns, even if they weren’t as common as the additional weapons.

          • Thiago Kurovski

            The ambassador is a cultured man. The thing is clearly some kind of dangerous foreign crossbow without bow… or a miniaturized cannon. Something like that is always appreciated.

  • 627235

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you start an arms race.

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