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  • Derkins

    someone’s winning some points back ^_^

    • John Smith

      Ina ran out on the wedding before she even knew what Yori was doing, so she’s got no right to complain…not that she’d ever admit to that, of course.

  • slogra

    In panel 3 (or 4 if you count the small textless panel), Yori says “assasinate” instead of the correct spelling, “assassinate.” No one said asasonashun would be easy.

    • jwkovell

      Got it, thanks!

  • Chris Bowers

    Panel 4 “Though me” should be “Through me”

    • suburban_samurai

      OOF, a couple days too late, unfortunately! Well, I’ll consider it an easter egg typo for those who find it in the book. We did our best to catch as many as we could, at least!

  • Koto Thundrin

    EDIT 5-0: Second half of Panel 4’s speech bubble “Though me, my father” shouldn’t it be Through? or how ever it’s spelt?

    • Kid Chaos

      EntropyIncarnate beat you to it; see comments above.

      • suburban_samurai

        Unfortunately neither was fast enough to catch it before the book went to print! Hopefully it will be our only typo since no others have been found since we sent off the final PDF.

        • Kid Chaos

          Just a thought; if Masuhiro was killed, couldn’t the Senshin clan just declare Yuki his successor? Or maybe I’m oversimplifying things. 😵

  • psYcHOticHiCKeN

    Edit police:

    Through me, my father would…

  • Quiet Mastermind


  • DarthJazzHand

    “Why did you ran out on my wedding? The one that didn’t happen because I ran out on it first?”

    • Kid Chaos

      “Well, it’s kind of a funny story…” 😜

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