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  • John Smith

    Tough talk from the guy who’s bleeding to death. *eyeroll*

  • charles81

    RYOKU KNOWS!?: Minor thing really but if we’re to presume that Eijiro hired ninja to kidnap Masuhiro and Nataku supported his sabotage of the peace treaty then we’d presume that Eijiro, and likely Nataku, are unaware of the assassination planned after the wedding.

    Yet Ryoku’s text here, indicates that while Hirotomo’s 2nd son and one of his most trusted generals were unaware, he, a mere bodyguard for the 2nd son and recent additional member of the Demon’s of sorrow, is aware of the plot.

    You could remove it since Yori explains the whole thing in a few pages anyway, but at the same time, I really love his line that Yori would kill a clansmen before assassinating an enemy clan chief.

    • jwkovell

      The correction is two, no, three-fold.

      I’ve updated the text in this and the following page to make it more clear that the assassination attempt was to be handled by the DOS, so would have to have been aware of it. The DOS report directly to Hirotomo, so he wouldn’t HAVE to tell Nataku, and certainly not Eijiro, any of this (this will not be the last time the DOS receives orders without Nataku being fully aware of the implications).

      That said, there’s no reason for Hirotomo not to let Nataku in on this particular scheme, so I’ll make it more clear on some of his pages that his motives are based as much on a dislike/distrust of Yori as anything else. After all, Eijiro is far easier for Nataku to manipulate.

      Finally, The next page had a long-standing logical error where it seems Yorikiro would automatically succeed Masuhiro upon his death. The political reality is more complicated than that. Only through some forceful persuasion could Hirotomo guarantee that his own son won out, as opposed to a more distant Senshin relative or other son-in-law (hint hint).

      All of this is a case of deciding what to reveal, when and how. Characters a fallible and not always truthful.

  • leavescat

    Kinda liked “it doesn’t…” as his last words better. More frustration/talking to himself then another insult.

  • Dim Light

    First he tries to kill Yori, then kidnaps someone to blackmail him in to an ambush…. yet when his actions lead to his demise, suddenly Yori is the bad guy who “kills a member of his own clan”?

    The nerve of some people….. XD

    • MoveAlongCitizen

      Ah, yes, much honor coming from a cheating Assassin.

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