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  • John Smith

    Wait a minute…Ina has a sister??? And where is she now????

    • Supreme Ü

      A sister? Don’t you mean 4 sisters?

      • Kid Chaos

        I think I need to brush up on the Senshin clan’s family tree.

    • jULES

      Sister!! So… she has a sister!
      Obi-wan was wise to
      yadda yadda bla.

      • Kid Chaos

        Ina vs Vader: Ina uses DEATH STARE; it’s super effective. 😎

    • charles81

      Old response I know but from recollection, Ina’s sister was already married to another powerful clan. Thats what was special about Ina’s clan. They weren’t as strong as Yori’s clan on their own, but they had enough allies they could pull together to be a threat.

      Recollection again, but I think the authors originally intended to bring Ina’s sister and the clan she married, into the story, supporting against Yori’s clan, but they dropped it in favour or wrapping up the story a bit quicker and this single page showing a sister is all that remains of her.

  • Skoddle

    I believe you meant “we’re” or “we are” in panel four.

  • charles81

    Awww, I liked the comment that they were referred to as “HIS” daughters when they were troublesome. I know thats true for my kids and wife.

    • jwkovell

      It was a fun line, but made less sense once we reworded Kagome’s own lines to reference some of Ina’s sisters’ names.

      • SotiCoto

        I’m puzzled. Why is the dialogue being ninja’d throughout the story?

  • KungFuKlobber



    • jwkovell

      Got it!

  • B-loved Worlock


  • Insane Disciple

    4 daughters? That explains a lot, actually😅

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