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  • charles81

    JOKE MISSED: Without the panel of all three ninja walking in a row, you kind of miss that Masuhiro has picked out the smallest possible ninja to explain his tight outfit. Consider loosing the 4th panel to expand the 2nd and show at least one of the other ninja. or try cropping 3rd and 4th panel enough to fit at least part of the next guy in frame.

    ALSO: I like the new joke that “no one misses anything!” but I feel the scheduling conflict with the assassination mission doesn’t measure up to the old bubble wrap joke.

    SUGGESTION: in response to “Anyone I know?” what about mention of Uesugi Kenshin, reputed to have been killed by an assassin who hid in his lavatory and jammed a blade or spear up his anus.

    “Anyone I know?”
    “Some Daimyo called Uesugi Kenshin.”
    “The recall came while I was hidden in his lavatory, ready to-”
    “Gah, I don’t wanna know”

    • jwkovell

      Restored the comparative short ninja panel!

      I flip-flopped a few times about the bubblewrap joke, but in the end, I liked the office humor better than the blatant anachronism.

      If we incorporate the historical joke in a future page, you’ll know who we stole it from :)

      • charles81

        AWESOME restructure.

  • Nick Godby


    • Kid Chaos

      e.e. cummings? is that you? :)

  • Mason Marks

    What’s the bubble wrap joke?

  • jULES

    ‘Speaking of missing, hey, you’re back.
    Did you do something with your hair?
    Something’s different about you,
    can’t quite put my finger on it…”

  • B-loved Worlock


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