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UPDATE (5/28/18): Next page should be up tonight.


Oh, Masuhiro, weren’t you even listening on the last page? But then, things just happen so fast, ya know?

We’ll be seeing Solo on Friday, I’m excited! I mean, even though the advanced reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are putting it around 70% and it’ll likely drop even lower after its release… But then again, Rogue One is sitting pretty at, like, 86% and that movie is like 80% super boring characters being boring. And who cares about Rotten Tomatoes scores anyway, amirite? Either way, I’m sure I won’t be able to shut up about it on the next comic update.

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  • Sunwu

    Hmmm not sure if he’s allowed to kill the daimyo, or just capture him….

    • multilis

      You think he cares what he is allowed to do?

      • Sunwu

        Im just thinking about the bushido code and if there was any rule about this. But yes you’re right he probably will kill him regardless

        • reynard61

          Im just thinking about the bushido code and if there was any rule about this.

          Repeat after me: “There is a reason that this comic is called No Need For Bushido. There is a reason that this comic is called No Need For Bushido. There is a reason that this comic is called No Need For Bushido….”

          • Ocean Burning.

            Some of the characters have no need for bushido, and some have need for it XD

          • purplelibraryguy

            Dunno about that. The villains have no need for bushido because they’re treacherous scum (being villains and all). The heroes have no need for bushido because they insist on thinking for themselves and doing what they think is right, rather than going with the whole bushido blind obedience thing. Cho has no need for bushido because he has the Tao. The other foreigners are generally foreign devils with no understanding of proper Japanese moral codes. And anyway they’re lordless scum so they couldn’t have any bushido if they begged for it.
            I’m not sure any bigger-than-cameo character in the whole thing has any need for bushido. Except maybe one or two daimyos who really wish some of their subordinates did a bit more obeying.

        • Xinef

          IFAIK unlike European chivalry, where taking prisoners and ransoming them alive was common, in Japan with bushido you were rewarded for killing high ranked enemies… bringing the head of an enemy officer or general was very profitable.

          Also, wasn’t Hirotomo’s (original) plan to off Masuhiro so that Yori’s marriage with Ina would bring Senshin lands into Wataro control?
          Sure, things have changed since page 1 of the comic, but I don’t think Nataku wants Masuhiro alive, and at the moment I think he’s the one who would make the decision if Masuhiro were captured.

  • charles81

    Masuhiro has escaped from worse… well… sexier anyway

    • suburban_samurai

      Honouko could be super sexy under that armor.

      • Brandenfascher

        [X] Too sexy for shirt
        [X] Too sexy for Japan
        [X] Too sexy for hat
        You sure? He’s not fulfilling some necessary checkboxes.

  • Gandalf the Tsaagan


  • Ocean Burning.

    Interesting visual effects in panel 2!

  • Kid Chaos

    Is this where Yorikiro steps in to save the day? He’s got that cool sword (courtesy of Matrix); maybe it’s made of something stronger than steel? I mean, he’s already fought the other three Demons of Sorrow; the authors wouldn’t let Genchu face Honou-ko alone…right? 😵

    • Brandenfascher

      I’m pretty sure Yori is destined to face all demons of sorrow, but probably at the cost of others losing their plot armor.

    • Xinef

      I think Yori is a bit busy playing with his brother at the moment?

    • purplelibraryguy

      Maybe Ken could do it. His sword may not be stronger than steel, but even the new smaller version is pretty huge. Quantity has a quality all its own.

      • Kid Chaos

        Nah, Ken’s busy with Nataku; this one’s got Yori’s name all over it. 😎

  • Major Tom

    That’s quite the shiner you’ve got Masuhiro.

    Also, I plan on seeing Solo this weekend too.

  • IDPounder

    If only Honou-ko were wearing a kilt, then he’d be truly badass.

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    I hear solo is actually pretty great, and seeing as how it is a star wars film. I obviously will be going to see it.
    I hear we’ll get a spin off for Lando. That will be cool, maybe the creation of cloud city?
    Lando is the coolest, and smoothest character in the whole star wars universe.
    will be great to see more of him, shame it wont be with Billy Dee….

  • Hfar

    Metal armor can actually block katanas strikes? But movies taught me swords are supposed to cut through armor like butter! Despite, y’know, armor being designed to stop exactly that.

  • LordBolanderFace
  • RickRussellTX

    Oh he took his eyes off Masuhiro. A dangerous mistake!

    • suburban_samurai


      • fantastory

        We want to see the “leg thing” again !!!

  • clogboy

    Snap! PWND!! And Faceplant!
    Also, not only did he flipped his sword off-panel, he’s using his left hand for the finishing move.

  • Jonathan B

    I still have to go see Infinity War first before Solo, I think. Just actually got to see Black Panther this past weekend. I probably will see Solo though. Usually, my demands of a Star Wars film aren’t all that high, and they usually mostly satisfy them. In the end, I really just expect them to be a fun action movie with some cool scenes. And they usually deliver on that. I have probably a dozen different complaints about Rogue One, things I think didn’t work right or should have been done better or differently. But if you asked me if it was fun and you should see it, I’d usually say yes unless I knew the person I was talking to couldn’t get past the complaints. I expect Solo will be at least up to that standard for me.

    • suburban_samurai

      Luckily, I’m pretty sure Solo doesn’t reference Infinity War in the Disney continuity, so you don’t have to see them in order!

  • LordBolanderFace

    I keep posting a comment but it keeps disappearing :(

  • reynard61

    Roll for Escape, Masu! Roll for Escape!

  • Xinef

    Well… that’s one way to create an opening for Genchu.

    Btw. take that, all the people who say katanas don’t have pommels!

    • clogboy

      Well, next thing you know they’re going to introduce shield bash!

  • clogboy

    Is nobody talking about Deadpool 2? No? Just checking…

  • clogboy

    OK things you know that are going to happen:
    Solo meeting Chewie (time permitting, or they’ll come up with a backstory that never pays off)
    Solo winning the Falcon, which is at that time Lando’s personal pimpin’ pad
    Solo making the Kessel Run
    Solo getting in debt with The Hutt
    Solo making his escape to Tatooine, and setting foot into creature cantina
    (Not necessarily in that order)

    My personal opinion: the original SW trilogy was good. I’m curious to see how the Ren/Rey stories will play out, but story- and directing wise the new films had some gripes (the second more than the first). Not sure if
    I dislike Rogue One more than the pre-trilogy (with Anakin and Padme) although the prequels had some interesting political narrative, but they’re letting me down for different reasons.
    But then, they were never intended as benchmarks for storytelling or science fiction, just as benchmarks for visually stunning space fantasy filled with entertaining swashbucklery and dialogs about fate, destiny and courage. It succeeds at that, and I think we all have in common we grew up with it and inspired us in some way. It connects us, binds us together.

    I’ll wait for Solo on Netflix (Europe will be largely unaffected by Disney’s own streaming platform), unless some of my fiends plan to go.

  • clogboy

    I assume an in-depth review is pending… Rotten Tomatoes hasn’t changed its rating for Solo and is putting this:
    “Critics Consensus:
    A flawed yet fun and fast-paced space adventure, Solo: A Star Wars Story should satisfy newcomers to the saga as well as longtime fans who check their expectations at the theater door.”

    • suburban_samurai

      That sounds about right, I did check my expectations at the door, and I did have a good time. I’ll write more about it when I update the page tonight.

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