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We saw Pixar’s Coco yesterday and it reminded me that there are very few Pixar films I’ve seen that don’t have me in tears at least once by the end. I’d recommend everyone go out and see it, other than the fact that you have to sit through an anemic 22 minute long Frozen cartoon that is maybe not as offensive as the internet thinks it is, but is certainly no where in the league of the film it precedes. Luckily, Disney is apparently pulling the Frozen animated episode from the beginning of Coco on Dec. 8th, which both removes a sort of slow torture from the movie-going experience and reduces the run time down from what was well over two hours to an hour and forty nine minutes. It’s still on the lengthier side for an animated kids film, but the time flies by.

The basic story of Coco is about a boy named Miguel living in… I guess a fantastical traditional Mexican town. He loves music, but for generations his family has hated music and has dedicated themselves to making shoes. He quickly discovers his the great grandson of a famous Mexican musician, tries to steal the famous dead man’s guitar from a tomb, and ends up transported to the world of the dead during the Day of the Dead, and ancestral family antics and emotions ensue. The soundtrack is also wonderful, as it should be, considering the subject matter, and Miguel is a very plucky, likable lead. The plot takes quite a few twists, and expertly handles some red herrings that kept me guessing until the very end. So basically I’m saying it’s REALLY GOOD, everyone should go see it.

Also we saw it in 3D because of the showtime convenience, but it wasn’t worth the extra price, so I recommend a 2D showing what the vibrancy of the colors won’t be dulled by 3D glasses.

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  • Tim “Azur3flame” Eldred

    Did his hat regenerate the bit that got cut off?

    • Sunwu

      My head cannon is; hats are sentient/magical beings in the world of nn4b. Cho’s hat gives him sight, Ricardo’s hat regenerates, and Alex and joe have stated that they wanted Fujio’s hat to become a thing, so his Samurai helmet brings its user luck and fame

    • suburban_samurai

      I literally have no recollection of Ricardo’s hat ever coming to harm.

      • Kid Chaos

        And what about Ricky himself? (hint, hint) 💀

      • Tim “Azur3flame” Eldred

        I’d have to go look for it, but back when Ricardo was failing miserably at selling guns to Nataku, courtesy of Genchu.

  • Hfar

    Would you like a bandage for that burn Rrrrricardo?

    • Kid Chaos

      The Christian Priest uses EPIC BURN! It’s super effective. 😎

  • Turul

    These guys! Now these we haven’t seen in a while.

  • IDPounder

    Ricky grooves a heater down the middle of the plate…holy cow, folks! Father Manuel got all of that one! Waaaay, waaaaay back…..GONE! TO THE DEEPEST PART OF CENTER!!!

  • foducool

    yeah, he’s a natural at that

  • LordBolanderFace

    Well shoot, now I wish I’d gone to see Coco instead of Thor yesterday.

  • AGV

    I’m so going to watch Coco
    At first I was afraid because I thought that my country’s dub would ruin it (castillian and latin spanish are quite different, it would be HORRENDOUS if they gave castillian voices to a movie so immersed on mexican culture, and an insult even imo), but after watching some trailers and clips I’m happy to see that they stuck with the latin dub, I think that Miguel’s actor is the same as in the original english dub even

    Also, did you have the chance to watch Murder on the Orient Express?
    I watched it the other day, and I had a good time but I wouldn’t call it a master piece precisely

    • clogboy

      It sometimes does stand out like a sore thumb. Watch The Strain for instance, it has a good bit of Mexican Spanish going on, and it’s quite easy to see who’s reading rehearsed lines from a script (one of the main characters) and who’s a native speaker. Haven’t paid that much attention to the accents in Fear the Walking Dead.

  • FourEyedSamurai

    Wow, I can’t believe I caught up with the comic! Now I, too, can do the whole funny-and-smart-comments-community thing!
    ……..aaaaaaaaand I can’t think of nothing fun or original to write.

  • animalia555

    Ricardo gets what he pays for.

  • clogboy

    He’s serving food there, does that make it a tavern?

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