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Yori has reached faster-than sound effect attack speed! Oh, yeah, Genchu is on his way. Speculate away… or not. Good thing he has a series of sonic booms to point him in the right direction.

I really didn’t plan on buying Mario + Rabbids. The Rabbids franchise just never grabbed me and I had acres of Hyrule to search for Korok seeds. But Ubisoft found the right formula to tempt me away from Hero Mode – a 4-way crossover between Mario, Rabbids, Banjo-Kazooie (music by Grant Kirkhope), and Fire Emblem (okay, this one is a stretch, but to me all turn-based tactics games are Fire Emblem).

Ubisoft’s take on the Mario world is gorgeous. It’s really a shame that they don’t give you more camera control so you could look around.

The games few flaws are obvious pretty quickly: controlling Mario and the gang in the overworld is clumsy at best. This makes annoying block puzzles even worse. While you can warp to individual challenges later in the game, I found exploration tedious. This may be my own lack of direction sense speaking, but a map screen would be ideal, considering the backtracking you’ll do to find secrets.

The point of the game is the combat, and that’s nearly perfect. A few enemy animations are a overly long and the poor camera control spoils some of the fun, but that’s it. The strategy is deeper than I expected and relies largely on chaining your heroe’s various abilities to move quickly around the board.

The comedy is constant and very… Rabbid. I particularly enjoyed the more subtle character animations of your teammates, but by far my favorite part of the game has been the Mario opera (spoiler to follow).

Mario needs more opera.

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  • LordBolanderFace

    No words? No sound effects? You guys know what this means? It’s a fill in the blank page!
    …you guys do it. I’m too tired. Maybe tomorrow.

  • charles81

    Genchu isn’t running… he’s steadily rolling the Earth to bring his destination closer.

  • McBroseph

    on mario + Rabbids, its not a crossover with fire emblem… its a crossover with mario, rabbids, and XCOM.

    • jwkovell

      As per my parenthetical statement, I think you mean “Fire Emblem XCOM: Dawn of the Moon” It’s a shame that the XCOM branch of the Fire Emblem series continues the mistake of not including Marth.

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        Roy > Marth.


  • cu

    Let’s speculate, then. Those are two completely unrelated scenes: Genchu is trying to reach the nearest river to stop his on-fire skirt from burning completely.

    • Turul

      Genchu is smoking hot, all right.

      • EBeth

        Wish I could upvote this more than once! 😀

  • Major Tom

    – inside Genchu’s head –

    “Oh crap, I left the stove on and the door unlocked back home!”

  • clogboy

    End game in sight with blurred lines… this is going to be a grand mess :)

    • Turul

      It will end once they’ve created so many of those white motion lines that they can’t swing their swords anymore.

  • IDPounder

    Yori has finally found Tadashi’s one weakness…thanks to a shoulder injury in the distant past that healed strangely, his arm moves superhumanly fast to the right but has a hard time bending to the left. Just a slight block is enough to keep him from moving his arm back into position to launch another attack. Sound effect – “Leverage”!

    • clogboy

      Good thing Tadashii is only holding an empty sheath in his left hand.

  • Xinef

    Genchu: “OH NO! I LEFT THE OVEN ON!”

  • clogboy

    Not the wisest move… Yori left his back wide open for Tadashii’s left fist, and I see no reason why his sword hand can’t circle back in a slicing motion which is fairly impossible to block with either of his swords.
    Yori’s best option is to slice Tadashii’s throat in this very same second.

    • Xinef

      It looks like he should be in a position to headbutt Tadashii with the back of his head to his face.

      • clogboy

        Yori might stab his other sword into Tadashii’s gut… but you don’t want to get caught with your arms crossed. Or your back exposed.
        I see more potential when applying whatever my brother inflicted on me when he practised for his black belt jui jitsu, but ‘No Need for Jui-Jitsu’ would probably be a different comic.

        • Xinef

          “No need for martial arts” – a comic about the near future where they just use firearms. And if the target is behind cover – artillery. And if the cover is resistant to artillery? Nukes.

          • clogboy

            “No need for firearms” – a brief retelling of the X-men universe.
            “No need for telepathy” – a brief history of the cellphone.
            And the list goes on.

          • Xinef

            Telepathy (depending on how it works) can still be useful.
            1) If it’s transmitting thoughts rather than words, you get no misunderstandings!
            2) I think telepathy is usually less prone to spam?
            3) It’s cheaper?
            4) Privacy! (or can the government eavesdrop on telepathy?)

          • animalia555

            I don’t know. Last time I checked you can’t hang up on telepethy.

          • Xinef

            You can! Just shut down your brain 😀

          • clogboy

            Telepathy is both a blessing and a curse. If you’re trained in using it, you can also train yourself to block it out, or be aware of people listening in on the convo. But it’s not common enough in any cinematic universe to describe any common laws or best practices. At least a cell phone is scrambled.

          • Jonathan B

            Technically on your point 2, an untrained telepath in the X-Men universe is usually subjected to endless spam from everyone :)

          • Xinef

            I’m not too familiar with the X-Men universe, however this seems similar to the problems untrained empaths have in some other universes. Except they’re sensing/transmitting emotions only.

          • Kid Chaos

            SEE ALSO: Patrick/”Menace” from Strong Female Protagonist. 😵

  • TheGorram Batguy

    That silly opera song was great. It was clearly written by long-standing fans of the Maria franchise and the humor hits home, for me at least. If I had some real context for this song I’d probably like it even more.

  • Purphoros

    So, Yori really is trying to get a bloodless victory… In the last two panels his blade goes all the way from his far right to his far left, without cutting any unguarded vitals that are conveniently located on the way.

    Unless Yori’s phasing his sword hand through time and space instantly, which would also explain how he managed to get his blade to stop, reverse and go through a 120 degree arc while Tadashi’s barely moved an inch…

    I wonder, maybe that’s even part of the test? Not just surviving, but avoiding to kill their own powerful fighters in the process. A test of leadership and strategy as much as a test of power and skill.

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    I won’t touch that game even if I had the console. X-com 1 and 2 are far better. 😛
    If I want a weird off shoot of mario I’ll play super mario RPG. :)

  • Kid Chaos

    No update? Sad face. 😢

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