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I can’t being to imagine what Tadashii is implying here!

I started watching Little Witch Academia, and it’s pretty great;  fantastic animation, whimsical, orchestral soundtrack, distinct, enjoyable characters, and none of the most cringe worthy anime cliches! I’d recommend it for any animation fan who’s looking for a high energy/low stress show (and who also has a Netflix account). Unfortunately I’ll never be able to watch anything again after I burn my retinas out staring at the SOLAR ECLIPSE.

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  • IDPounder

    I’m pretty sure there’s going to be some awesome exposition on this page…unfortunately I can’t see it, as I have stared too long at the firey, burning orb in the sky.

    • Turul

      Tadashii revealed that Yori’s real father is actually Masuhiro. But don’t worry, this won’t cockblock Yori and Ina, because Tadashii also revealed that Ina’s real father is Tadashii. And Eijiro’s real father are the birdfish, that’s why Hirotomo likes him.

      Glad to be of assistance! We didn’t get any eclipse where I live.

      • Galeden

        We only get a sliver of it from here

        • animalia555

          I live in St. Louis. I got the full vampire love song.

      • Xinef

        It’s as if Yori would give a damn about the whole “being related” thing anyway, if that was the case…

      • Kid Chaos

        Like Suigetsu revealed that Sarada’s real mother was Karin, not Sakura! Except he was wrong. (What, am I the only “Boruto” nerd in the house?) 😜

  • Turul

    Oh, so he uses the broken sword in general, not just against Yori at this time. That’s some dedication. …Which is of course exactly what one should expect of Tadashii Koto.

    • clogboy

      And he could take out an entire garrison of spearmen if he wanted. Damn foot soldiers are only good against peasants.
      Now, archers on the other hand, it’s a good thing he blends in, and moves fast.

  • animalia555

    I think the implications of that statement is making Yori ill

  • IDPounder

    By the way Alex, panel 4 would make a super wallpaper!

    • suburban_samurai

      I would, but the original file size isn’t really large enough, we’d have to blow it up, which would look not too pretty!

      • IDPounder

        For some reason I had the mental image of a secure vault somewhere, deep in the roots of Mt. Fuji, and guarded by a ninja clan in which super-high-res versions of all comics safely resided. Ah well, another illusion shattered.

  • charles81

    I guess the only time he used the new one was in training with Yori.

    Forge a leader… what IS he saying with that. What did he believe to be the intended purpose? That Yori was never to really take over, or that he was to be made a better man than his father had become?

    P.S. Yeah, Little Witch Academia is awesome. The series doesn’t match the movies but the movies are pretty awesome in their own right. The overarching story-line is really good but doesn’t get properly fleshed out until the 2nd season.

  • LordBolanderFace

    Tadashi Translation (Tadashilation?): “I do what I want, and I make it sound like it was exactly what you told me to do!”

  • Arkone Axon

    Oh… poop.

    It sounds as if Tadashi hopes Yori kills him. Since he’s prepared to die to show his loyalty… he may think he’s grooming Yori to be the leader their clan needs.

    • animalia555

      I think Tadashi knows that Yorikiro’s father has been sending the Demons of Sorrow after Yorikiro to test him. Why else do it one at a time?

      • Arkone Axon

        IIRC, he DIDN’T send them one at a time. The Demons of Sorrow decided to do it that way themselves, because they wanted a challenge. They’re known for being sadistic jerks who enjoy fighting and killing.

        • animalia555

          I’m pretty sure they were ordered to go one at a time. That being said they did choose among themselves who got to go first, could that be what you are thinking of?

        • Wanderer

          Nope, Tadashi states in an early comic that the Demons of Sorrow were specifically ordered to attack one at a time. See here:

          Ryoku: Is it wise to attack him individually?
          Tadashi: Our job is to carry out Lord Hirotomo’s orders, not question them.

          Basically, this has all been Hirotomo testing Yori’s “worthiness” to take over the clan and his strength. Hirotomo has the mind of a social darwinist; if Yori is worthy, he’ll find a way to overcome and fight his way through obstacles. If he dies or fails, that just means he wasn’t worthy in the first place.

          • Arkone Axon

            You’re right. Damn. The only other explanation I can think of is that the Demons of Sorrow were being sent one at a time in order to kill them off. But the only plausible motives for such a thing (they possibly threaten Lord Hirotomo’s rule, they committed a crime he wishes to punish them for, etc) don’t hold up under the circumstances. So… yeah, he does indeed seem to be trying to turn Yori into the kind of ruler that he feels their clan requires.

          • Dylan

            A thought occurs. Maybe Hirotomo didn’t say anything about “one at a time” — he just issued the “go off my son – the cool older one, not the dickish younger one” orders to Tadashii, who interpreted them creatively when passing them on to the rest of the squad. It never comes up when the DoS report, because they’re too loyal to question their lord’s orders to his face, and Hirotomo assumes they’re doing it for kicks (he knows they’re murderous psychopaths — hell, he hired them for it).

        • Roman Wieczorek

          They were not send one by one:

          It is Tadashi who interpreted Hirotomo’s words of “Warrior’s death”.

          As a Daimo, Hirotomo values good o his clan more than his family.

          And you did not get vote up from Mod :)

    • clogboy

      This is where the master forces the student to challenge him, and succeed where Genchu failed. Finally this epic subplot is becoming relevant again.

  • Sunwu

    Tadashi: that is why we must cast the the leader into the flames of mount doom-I mean mount fuji

  • clogboy

    Righteous insubordination it is, then!

  • animalia555

    Anyone else here read Noragami?

    • suburban_samurai

      DO I? I don’t, actually. Is it great?

      • animalia555

        I think you’d like it. It’s currently my favorite manga it’s hard to get into why I like it so much with out getting into spoilers but in terms of surface level details it deals with gods of shinto mythology in the trappings of a shonen manga. That’s not what makes it great, obviously, but I thought it might provide enough of a hook for you to check it out. The first 18 volumes have been translated by Kodansha USA complete with translation notes.

        • animalia555

          Let me know if you try it and/or if you like it.

  • purplelibraryguy

    Frankly, the best leader anywhere in the comic–in a walk–is plump go-playing uncle, and I really doubt he could survive one Demon of Sorrow, let alone Tadashi. Forging leaders? Muscleheads will be muscleheads.

    • suburban_samurai

      That’s yer problem, Yori! Always thinkin’ with her sword!

      • endplanets

        Yori: Yes. That is me. Always thinking with my “sword”. My sword told me to follow Ina and (lady known as Matrix) and, um, yea.

        Ken: My sword is long and thick.

        Ina’s Dad: my sword is useless and keeps getting me in trouble.

        Cho: I don’t have a sword.

        Ina: What In The Crap is going on!

        • clogboy

          Cho: As the prosperous cuttlefish was quick to understand, it is not the size of his appendages that matter, but how aptly he can peel the ripe oranges that fell off the unfortunate merchant’s ship.

          Ina: Are you comparing me to oranges?!?

          Yori: I once had an orange that was very bitter…

          Ina’s father: It is now clear to me that nobody in your clan nows the meaning of tact, unless taught through the sharp edge of a sword.

        • clogboy
      • clogboy

        Was Yori married off to Ina to sabotage her clan? I think, in terms of leadership she is the better of the two, no matter how much valor, bravery and goodwill Yori puts on display. Even his annoying little brat brother is more pragmatic.
        But that’s half of the entertainment :)

        • Turul

          Of course she is; she was taught by the plump go-playing uncle, who also knows a thing or two about how to forge a leader. Too bad Hirotomo didn’t have one of those for his offspring!

    • Xinef

      I’m pretty sure Yuki could win against demons of sorrow. Firstly, he’d know how to prepare against them, and secondly, he knows how to use speech as a weapon more powerful than any steel – as shown by how he handled the ninja, for example.

      As for Yori – he doesn’t need to be smart to be a good leader. All he needs to do is listen to Ina.

      … oh wait, listening to Ina is the smart thing to do… so yeah, he needs to be smart :v

      • animalia555

        They make quite the power couple.

  • Wanderer

    Well, it’s looking like a guess I made a long time ago is coming true: the whole thing with the Demons of Sorrow hunting Yori has been Hirotomo’s way of testing Yori’s worthiness to become leader of the clan. (Or at least that’s the way Tadashi is interpreting Hirotomo’s orders and moves.)

    • Xinef

      Sort of makes sense, considering it’s either Eijiro or Yori, and it’s not like Eijiro would make a perfect clan leader… at least not yet…

  • Dapperly

    D <<

  • clogboy
    Credit: Tiny Dick Adventures, by Blind Ferret Entertainment

  • ExPaladin

    Caught up! Great comic as always. :)

    Little Witch Academia sounds nice.

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    I don’t get it. I don’t understand his reasoning to continue to use a broken sword.

    • Turul

      Why he wants to do it: It’s a symbolic reminder to him that even though he cannot fully agree with where the Wataro clan is going or what he’s supposed to do as a Demon of Sorrow (who are supposed to carry out dishonorable orders, something Yori thought someone as honorable as Tadashii could not possibly do), he’d rather stay loyal to Wataros than run off and change his allegiance to someone new. That’s what he means with “some things are worth holding onto even after they have tarnished”. He’s talking about both the sword *and* his lord/his clan.

      Why he thinks it’s okay to do it: Hirotomo did give him an order to have a new sword forged, but he didn’t expressly say “and use that one”. Also, Tadashii reasons that the order to get a new sword was meant as a reassurance that Hirotomo still trusted him, thought he was useful, and wanted him to continue samurai-ing for the Wataros despite his failure (and not, you know, as an expression that Hirotomo wished him to hit people with an intact sword because it’s more effective). Therefore, Tadashii is not breaking against either the letter, or the spirit of Hirotomo’s orders, since he did get a new sword and he did continue fighting for the Wataro clan.

      (imagine I said “I think” at several points above)

      • suburban_samurai

        This is a great break down of Tadashii’s thought process. I would add that Tadashii struggles between the duty of following orders and the code of honor he wants to live by. And although his honor has been tarnished by follow Hirotomo’s orders, he still he still can’t let that tarnished honor go. He considers his broken sword a representation of his remaining honor. If he fought with the new sword that Hirotomo gave him, it would be like throwing away whatever honor remained and accepting blind loyalty to Hirotomo. If we want to go a step deeper, it’s his reluctance to follow orders blindly that likely makes him an excellent samurai. He thinks before he acts!

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        Symbolism is cool and all but Sub-Sam strikes me as a person who really enjoys practicality. Just has me a bit confused.

        You make a super valid argument for it though. very well done. :)

  • RobinGoodfellow

    GOD I wish they’d make more episodes of Little Witch Academia. That show was so fun.

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