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My favorite detail about this page is Masuhiro showing off the hogtying skills he learned in the ninja cave to Yori and Ina. Ina is not impressed.

The canon  explanation as to how Tang ended up hogtied is that after he insulted Wu, Wu turned around, marched toward him, apologized, and wushu chopped Tang across the head, knocking him out. Then Cho produced some rope, and Masuhiro proceeded to tie Tang up. Also, the bandits were dispatched to retrieve Wu’s luggage, which they did, and it was very heavy and they complained about it a lot to each other but not to Wu because they’re terrified of him.

In other news, I have a picarto streaming channel set up that I intend to stream art from Wednesday evenings between 7pm EST and whenever I decide to wrap up. If you want to come chat at me, I’ll be there!

So I’m still absolutely loving Samurai Jack season 5, but there’s a weird contradiction going on. It’s almost like now that the show is on adult swim, some of the humor has gotten more juvenile. Dick jokes,, excessive blood, and random cursing just to be funny. I don’t really object to the content, what bugs me about it all is that Samurai Jack never needed any of these things to tell great stories and set up great action scenes, and considering how weird and distracting they are in this last, otherwise fantastic, season just highlights how unneeded they continue to be. Perhaps Genndy Tartakovsky is a better story teller when he’s restricted to all-ages storytelling, even if he seems to relish being unshackled from that burden.

Also, in the most recent episode, Jack does this meditation deal to get his sword back, and I was really hoping it’d just materialize in his hand like a shard blade from The Stormlight Archive, but no luck.

And lastly, Joe bought Mariokart 8 Deluxe on the Switch. He also bought it for full price when it originally released on WiiU, and he bought the DLC when that released. That means he’s officially spent $140 on Mariokart 8 at this point. JOE, YOU SPENT $140 ON MARIOKART 8!!!


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  • jwkovell

    RE MK8: No regrets.

    • AGV

      Damnit, Joe

    • clogboy

      MK8 wrote the next page..? 😉

      • Primarch Lazarus

        I think the next page got kidnaped by some ninjas

  • charles81

    Masuhiro shows his expertise in knots once more.

    And the product line expands to require the collection of Tao MASTER Cho… Ken buddy sold separately.

    • IDPounder

      If Buddy Ken is anything like Buddy Jesus…I want one.

      • charles81


        People are constantly praying when Ken appears
        People become generous when Ken appears
        The sick are miraculously able to walk again… In fact Ken does better and has them run!
        and most importantly… they are both fictional!×180.jpg

        • Bree

          I’m pretty sure that general historical consensus is that there is at least one real Jesus. Opinions beyond that may vary (some think there may have been more than one, some think he was just a man, some are dead serious when they think he performed literally all the miracles written in the Bible, best not to go into the details there but you get the idea), but the man himself, probably not fictional.

          You could say the things he’s attributed as doing are fictional (though best to avoid that lest you want a long drawn-out discussion on religion), but Jesus himself probably did exist.

          • Flaming Squirrel

            The awesome thing about the ancient Romans was that they were super serious about the records they took. If you can find someone in them (and you *can* find direct references to Jesus) then you know that they were 100% real. Whether he was or wasn’t the son of God is worth debating, but his existence is a proven fact.

          • clogboy

            I don’t really buy into Christianity. But the witness records of his actions by life are inspiring. He was a rebel (like Ken) but also a humanitarian (unlike Ken). This is something anyone can be inspired by, while still thinking he was just a man. With several biographies written down in an ambiguous language.

        • charles81

          There was one paragraph in one Roman record, written decades later, by a roman called Tacitus who commented on a group called the christians by the general population who’s founder, called Christus, had suffered “the extreme penalty”… No mention of a Buddy Jesus :)

          • clogboy

            Like Cho would say: ‘The unwise tinder peddler who feeds the fire with his own wares, usually ends up with clouded vision.’

          • Joshua Petersen

            Problem is that Christ isn’t the biblical character’s name, it’s a title. So if the Romans recorded a Christus, it’s the wrong individual. Christ, in the era, was a title that meant high priest or king. So you should be watching for a high priest. Considering Jesus’s stories involved baptism, likely a high priest of the Essenes. And the Essenes did have high priests during the time period.

          • clogboy

            That’s why he was known as Jesus of Nazareth (his birth place). To fight ambiguity one would often state genealogy as a last name. However, don’t forget that Jesus is our European name for Iesoos (Greek) which is probably how they wrote his Jewish name Yeshua. Which gives less certainty of how it was written down in the Roman records which were in Latin.

        • IDPounder

          Kids these days…no one remembers the classics. George Carlin would be turning in his grave.

  • Red Xe

    For every thing I try to like about Jack season 5, it seems like there’s at least one thing to offset that, so overall, it feels like the season so far is just a lost opportunity. As you mentioned, there’s the dick jokes and unnecessary blood etc etc which feel out of place, but it seems like outside the first 2-3 episodes, the mystery reveals aren’t worth the pay off, the story-telling is placing the wrong emphasis on stuff, and some of it even feels pretty rushed right now, esp when it comes to throwing in cameos.
    (hi scottsman army, hi star wars reference)

    Wanting to avoid a long rant, but its like, every mystery, or potentially dramatic moment is undermined by needing to resolve stuff in one episode. Jack looking for the sword, and then empowering it should probably have been a bigger deal “oh hey, here’s some gods that made the sword from your dad’s soul, but we had to budget ashi’s brutal and excessive gore fest to undermine the significance of blood and fleshy enemies coming after jack, after which that demeaned the whole threat of skaramoosh (sp?) possibly telling aku jack didn’t have his sword in the first place.

    Its like “here’s something that could be compelling and interesting, but the show doesn’t have time to make it work in the story telling, cuz well, jack has a hot non-aku women in his life now, so its going to magically fix everything in a hurry.”

    Its great to see some of the older characters, but the whole ‘oh jack is so amazing, we should help him but just, eh, for 50 years, oh but we all magically know where he is all the time, just feels weird. I could get behind maybe jack was too swimming in doubt and anger or whatever to accept their help, but given the latest rush to redeem jack in time for one episode to be resolved, that doesn’t seem like that’s a thing the story is going to use, or acknowledge or whatever — if anything, those cameo’s should have been part of the path to jack finding his balance and coming to terms with his failure’s and overcoming his guilt of killing etc etc Maybe they’ll still be part of the army to help corner aku and eventually see jack off to face the guardian once again at the last time portal (assuming its still a thing, though kinda sad jack lost his beard and such already) but it just feels like its more lost opportunity. Its kinda getting to be a point to me that maybe the whole “jacks’ not the one’ from season 3 will just end up with jack making a sacrifice to end aku in the future, and then pass the torch onto ashi to travel to the past. And while that could work, right now I’m kinda just anticipating this is going to end up as just more ‘could have been handled much better’ that I’ve been seeing/feeling from this season thus far.

    So tl;dr, want to enjoy the show, but as said, it really is a weird bunch of contradictions.

  • AGV

    Oh! Outfit upgrade! This means that Cho leveled up!

  • foducool

    fuck yeah, alternative outfit unlocked

  • clogboy

    So epic upgrades for all?

  • jankmaster98

    Cho is now Loyal to the Squad and will focus on the mission, disposal of troublesome brother to follow. Questions as to what this will mean for the future of the order unknown. Will have to trust the Tao

    Unlocked New Power: Thousand Palms of Tranquillity

    Alternate Outfit Unlocked!

    Weapon Upgrades Acquired!

    • Opal Eyes

      Now to just be careful about the aftermath of The peaceful brother’s loyalty mission. If you’re not careful, you could lose loyalty on both of them, and then they’d wind up dying on the suicide mission. (*grumps at Miranda and JAck*)

  • Ladon

    “It felt peaceful. As if I knew I didn’t have to fight anymore. You kept blocking yet I felt… transcended somehow. Like I knew the truth of things.”
    “Yes, well-”
    “Real talk, I think your super block got me high”

  • Turul

    Cho looks less than delighted at the new outfit; maybe he’s worried it won’t go with his hat?

    • Xinef

      No, he thinks “But my outfit is already white!

      … oh wait, I haven’t cleaned it in a while…

    • suburban_samurai

      Maybe he’s just confused, or taken aback, or contemplative. I don’t know how you can read his expression when literally half his face is covered!

      • Turul


  • EBeth

    Ohh! Streaming -yay! But, 7pm in which time zone, please? :)

    • Discorvid


    • suburban_samurai

      yes, that would be 7pm EST. I will update the blog to reflect that! Sometimes I forget that we’re all operating in different time dimensions.

      • EBeth

        Thank you both! :)

  • IDPounder

    Agreed on Masuhiro showing off his hogtying skills! Even before reading the commentary I was sitting at my desk chuckling over how proud of himself he looks.

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    Wow. I really did not see this coming.

    • Bree

      Those who have sight may find a shoot of bamboo and believe they have seen the beginning of the forest, only to miss the panda beside them.

      …Too coherent?

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO


    • suburban_samurai

      I hope you’re pleasantly surprised and now super frustrated!

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        *shrugs* eh.

  • Sunwu

    Cho: The beaver may bury the machete at mount ying, But the Dragon never wears white after labor day.
    Also, do you have this in a size 13, all this Japanese food is murder on the love handles.

    • suburban_samurai


  • Flaming Squirrel

    That’s what I was afraid of, with it being put on AS. It’s like… there are more mature shows on regular CN than their “adult” program.

    Also, the storm knocked my internet out on Saturday, and since I save all my writing to an internet file and there was no chance of getting it fixed until today, I decided to take some time off and buy Breath of the Wild (which I was going to wait and use as an award for finishing my current book, but… oh well). You were right! The constantly breaking weapons is annoying, but overall I’m loving the game.


    • Flaming Squirrel

      Also also also, I’m starting to wonder if Cho’s really the buddhist monk who prophecised to end the world. It didn’t say *blind* buddhist monk, it just said buddhist monk, right? Tang seems much more… end the world-y than Cho.

    • suburban_samurai

      The third Stormlight book, Oathbringer, is coming out in November (I believe) and it is over 60,000 words longer than the Words of Radiance! How are they even gonna bind that behemoth?? It’s the book I’m most looking forward to this year.

      Also, an update just today for BotW came out that lets you play the game wit the Japanese VO! I think I’m gonna wait until all the DLC for the game is out, though, before I commence a second playthrough.

      • Flaming Squirrel

        I KNOOOOOOW! So excited! Only problem is that I only buy his stuff in mass market paperback. I hardly ever read at home (I always seem to have other stuff to do at home) and as much as I love Sanderson, I refuse to lug a refrigerator sized book around town with me. So if it comes out in November I’ll still have a few months to wait. I’ll probably reread the first two, and I still haven’t finished Shadows of Self and Bands of Mourning. I’m rereading the entire Mistborn series too, and alternating between each book with a book I haven’t read yet (currently reading The Great Hunt) so I’ll probably have plenty of material to last me until the paperback comes out.

        And I have to admit, despite how much I loved the first few hours of BotW, I’m starting to feel fatigued after a couple days of extended play. I was afraid of this. I usually stay away from free roam games because they’re so drawn out that it loses my interest. I’m not the kind if guy who really enjoys “exploring” a pretend world. I usually prefer more streamlined games that can tell me an awesome, tightly written story (Tales of Xillia is one of my all time favorites, despite having rather lackluster gameplay). I’ll admit, BotW hasn’t lost my interest *yet* and the bright Zelda graphics are way better for me than the bland realism of something like Skyrim, but… I dunno, we’ll have to see.

      • White Rice

        60,000 words longer? Geeze. At least I know I’ll be getting more than my money’s worth when that purchase comes around (most likely if/when Sanderson does a signing around here…being close to SF has serious advantages)

        I’m guessing the book will utilize new advances in binding technology. Advances involving thinner, stronger paper, improved glue resilience, and ancient words of holding to contain the gravity of the whole thing.

  • Joshua Petersen

    And so Gandalf the Grey became Gandalf the White.

  • Insane Disciple

    Did she really do anything?~

  • DarthJazzHand

    Maaaaan. Not how I expected that to end. I thought it’d be more like…

    • TekServer

      Try watching that gif while blinking as fast as you can. It’s really trippy, despite the fact that it doesn’t actually change it that much.

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