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Well, it’s a good thing the Wu Tang bros don’t have a super powerful technique that doesn’t require any weapons!

So I’d normally talk about stuff here, but literally all I’ve done with my free time is play Nioh. I’m sure I’ll put it on the back burner once March 3rd hits and I’ve got the Switch and BotW in my hands, although we’ll see how long I can stomach degrading weapons and boiling apples before I rush back to my katana and kusarigama so I can wail on more yokai.

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  • Primarch Lazarus

    It seems Cho and Ken have practicing… for this exact scenario… hmm… not gonna question it. Except maybe the part where they punted a box full of metal weapons that weighs in, oh I don’t know, at least 20lbs or so. Then again physics don’t really seem to be a thing. Let’s call it “alternative physics” for the sake of the comic.

    • Kid Chaos

      Or “the Tao”. 😜

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        Exactly. 😛

    • endplanets

      Ken: you little shit, eat my sword **fails to lift up sword**

    • Xinef

      We’re talking about two guys who would do the exact same thing with a tree trunk weighing a few tons, if need be.

      In a comic where one of the ninjas did the exact same thing with Mount Fuji.

      • Primarch Lazarus

        Like I said; “alternative physics”

  • KungFuKlobber

    Nice! They just invented caseball.

    • Bree

      Nah, caseball had been around long before these two were around. They did, however, take things back to the basics, and kick forward a revolution in the sport.

    • Sunwu

      I prefer basketcase myself, too much steroid use in caseball these days.

  • foducool

    bam, case closed

    • Bree

      Yeah, to be punt, we really should’ve seen this coming.

    • Kid Chaos

      What a great way to kick off this fight! 😎

      • Bree

        Yeah, backing each other up is always impressive.

      • purplelibraryguy

        Well, maybe it doesn’t have to come to blows. Now that Wu/Tang aren’t carrying so much baggage, maybe they can talk this out . . .

        • Bree

          I’m not so sure, it seems like this might have opened a casket of issues.

        • Xinef

          I think their preferred diplomatic solution is talking with fists.

        • Kid Chaos

          Mmmmmm…nah. 😜

  • Bree

    This is how they played baseball in Feudal Japan.

    • Turul

      It must be true, I learned it from No Need For Bushido.

  • EBeth

    Wait…Did I just see highly effective teamwork among our primary characters?!? ::checks URL:: Well, if something does not go hideously wrong after this, I think my whole life outlook may be changed… 😉

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO


  • clogboy

    Capitalizing on that swift greatsword :)

  • Flaming Squirrel

    Hey, speaking of BotW, check it out! Two of my favorite YouTubers got together and made a music video about it. It’s surprisingly amazing.

    • suburban_samurai

      That’s pretty rad! Not sure if I’m into the rapping bits, but it’s an overall catchy piece!

      • Flaming Squirrel

        Yeah, Peanutbuttergamer (Austin) is usually all about being funny, so I was legitimately surprised that he and Yungtown made such a serious music video.

        On a side note, I finally got a PS4 yesterday! Now to get busy on that huge list of games I’ve been waiting so long to play. You may not be hearing from me for a while 😛

  • Sunwu

    Cut to the new Wataro Ambassador being crushed by the box. (After the first two were shot)

    • Thomas

      I think it may have landed on a vendor’s stand for selling cabbages. :-)

      • jwkovell

        This ain’t Avatar! Get your fandoms straight, the NN4B vendor sells cheap tea and hotdogs.

        • Thomas

          Of course, it may depend on just how far the case was kicked, plus the relative gravitational plot fate pulling strength of each cart. For the record, I’ve seen the cabbage cart fall victim in strips outside of Avatar. It seems it has a multi-domain fate significance.

          But that aside, if you can, please share one or more links to examples of the NN4B vendor’s fate-prone cart. That would be great and timely.

          • purplelibraryguy

            Hotdogs also have multi-genre significance. Anyone for “Sausages! Inna bun! At five Mon I’m cuttin’ me own throat!”

          • Dylan

            Well, it is canon that every universe has its own version of CMOT Dibbler…

        • reynard61

          “My hotdogs!”

          • TheMaskedFerret

            Just change it to ‘my sauerkraut’ and you cover both fandoms.

  • Xinef

    It seems my faith in Ken was well grounded!

    … and it’s a good thing, because it means I’m safe from Vader’s force choke.

    And then, on the next page, Tang throws a rope lasso to catch the case in mid air, shouting “GET OVER HERE!”

    • Primarch Lazarus

      Then Ken will run in wildly brandishing his shiney new(ish) sword, screaming “THE DRAGON BECOMES ME!”

  • Hfar

    *in the next province*
    Nataku: “When a problem’s in your way, eliminate it.
    *gets brained by a flying red case*
    Eljiro: “…Man that case had impact.”

  • Dusk Shine

    I missed this comic. I don’t know when I originally found it or when and why I then lost track of it, but I missed it.

    • suburban_samurai

      I am equally glad you found it again!

  • Znayx

    The URL for this comic page ends in 691-2… was there a 691-1 (or just plain 691)?

    • Znayx

      Putting 691 in the URL leads to comic 172…

      • Znayx

        And URL address 172 doesn’t lead anywhere. Huh.

  • suzuki_formerly_zack

    welp! glad to see that several months that I was not keeping up with this comic were filled with nothing!
    on the other hand I thought I had more buffer before I caught up.

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