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To celebrate the release of Nioh (which I’m playing too much of), I’m upgrading the comic to PURE ACTION. The plot is now incidental and under cooked, just like Nioh’s!

Real Art Talk; this page is probably not as readable as I’d have liked it to be, mostly because it lacks a panel showing both Wu and Tang in the same shot. So it can be hard to place their location in relation to Cho, especially since I keep reversing the ‘camera angle’. Just goes to show I need more practice framing complicated fight choreography. The only way I can think to improve that is to have more fighting in the comic. Like an endless stream of fights. Forever.

I saw the Lego Batman movie. It was entertaining, but not as entertaining as The Lego Movie, likely┬ábecause most of the jokes are based around the fact that Batman just wants to be dark and gritty and everyone else wants him to be more open and honest with himself. There are only so many jokes that concept can sustain over the course of an hour and forty five minutes (yikes, this movie could’ve been 15 minutes shorter!). Also the editing moves at an incredibly fast pace and it’s PHYSICALLY EXHAUSTING. Ugh, am I just getting old? My favorite parts were whenever they lampooned the live action Batman films (frequently), and any scene that took place in the batcave (it is the greatest of all batcaves every put to screen).

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  • charles81

    He didn’t see the attack… but he did…

  • Hfar

    Tsk tsk! Have you guys been tip toeing around the 180 degree rule? You naughty artists!

    • suburban_samurai

      You’re only supposed to break a rule after you’ve mastered it. Clearly I’ve mastered it! *awkward throat clearing cough*

      • Hfar


  • IDPounder

    You could say that rope is about to be…upchucked.

    • Bree

      Yoinkould say that again.

  • McNutty

    Now he’s just styling on them. Was he holding back this much earlier?

    • Orange Orangutan

      No. It was tao’s will, obviously.

  • EBeth

    And my mind goes straight to “He’s gonna make a bad-a** yo-yo out of that, isn’t he?” ­čśÇ

    • Bree

      Well, yo-yos WERE originally weapons……

  • Turul

    “The only way I can think to improve that is to have more fighting in the comic. Like an endless stream of fights. Forever.”

    For the sake of the art, I think I can live with this.

    • Primarch Lazarus

      Somehow I’ll find a way to survive as well… for the art of course.

    • Xinef

      And then the comics will be renamed to Dragon Ball NN4B

      • suburban_samurai

        I was thinking Muscle Fighter Zero (or S).

  • SKy

    Seems the brothers got tied up in their own arguments.

  • Red225

    Why is Cho turning towards the thrown dart? It’s not like he can see it to gauge when he needs to leap and grab the rope.

    • Flaming Squirrel

      If he’s anything like the first Demon of Sorrow (whose name escapes me), then he can probably “see” in a Daredevil sort of way.

      • EBeth

        Ryoku. I kind of miss him – yeah, he was vicious, but he sure was pretty!

        • suburban_samurai

          I often regret killing him off so early, but I just really wanted to get in that classic swordsman duel early on! His fight in the old shrine might still be my favorite to have drawn in the comic.

  • Xinef

    5th panel – Cho looks towards the dart
    6-7th panels – Cho remembers he’s blind and should act accordingly

  • Flaming Squirrel

    Honestly, they should have seen this coming. String weapon + Loopy circle weapon = one of you’s gettin’ deweaponized.

    • Bree

      They trusted in the will of the tao, to find protection.

      The tao decided to do the obvious.

  • Din Till

    Is this guy really blind?

    • Turul

      I mean, he can read. Blindness is just a minor setback!

    • suburban_samurai

      Cho is blind, but he chooses to see things anyway.

      • Bree


        My whole perspective has been a lie! :(

        All this time, I thought Cho was blind, but he chose to let the tao see things for him. D:

        • Xinef

          Those two options CAN be true at the same time.

          … but only, if we assume that Cho IS the Tao.

          • Bree

            That idea certainly holds some appeal!

        • David

          he sees without looking.

  • Sunwu

    Cho! Remember your training!!!
    Bunny ears, Bunny ears, jumped into the hole,
    Popped out the other side beautiful and bold.

  • Falling Star

    Cho, you absolute boss.

  • David

    nothing wrong with an incidental plot in an action game. I mean…pretty much every Mario Brothers plot is incidental and they’re still good games!

    • suburban_samurai

      Agreed. And what plot is there in Nioh, I enjoy. Still, if the game had sprung for a more robust story like an Onimusha game, I would’ve dug it. It clearly has the convoluted mythology to support one!

      • David

        fair enough. everything can always be a little better, but if you only have ONE complaint about something you enjoy, you’re doing fine.

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    nice! love this!

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    also I will consider going to see the movie just because you said the batcave was awesome!
    Also nolan totally ripped us off on a good batcave! so mad!

  • Kid Chaos

    Don’t stop not dying, Cho! ­čśÄ

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