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Dodging like a champ!

If I did sketch streams, would anyone want to watch that?

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  • charles81

    Certainly a convincing point but he’s dodged the argument and is flipping out at the rebuttal.

    Debating at it’s best

    • Flaming Squirrel

      Ken: “Now THIS is arguin’ I can understand! Go get ’em, cheese doodle!”

      • charles81

        Ken would make some deeply cutting remarks

        • Bree

          Yeah, he has a surprisingly sharp mind sometimes.

    • Bree

      Yeah, it’s always a pleasure to try and rope people in.

    • Leandro Toniut

      Tang missed his chance and now it will take more than that to put Cho against the ropes

      • Bree

        I’d say he still has a dash of hope here at yanking Cho into a disadvantageous situation.

  • foducool

    nn4b: now with 9001% more action

    • suburban_samurai

      I just checked the scouter, and that is the reading I’m seeing on the comic’s current power level.

  • SKy

    Yo, evil monk dude! That rope weapon is a waste of your telekinetic powers!

  • Flaming Squirrel

    Dude, OF COURSE it missed. That only works if you yell “GEDDOVURRHEEEER!” when you throw it.

    • suburban_samurai

      Cho does kinda look like Raiden…

  • animalia555

    I personally think the prophecy is actually meta-humor, and the end of the universe actually refers to the end of the comic.

    • Xinef

      What if the comic continues, but it’s the reader’s universe that ends?

  • Cirago

    I would love to watch a sketch stream! Do you have a platform you prefer? Picarto and Piczel both have their ups and downs, but the same can be said for Livestream and Twitch too, sooo -shrug- I’m partial to Picarto just because I’ve been there for so long, but I’d be apt to show up just about anywhere, as long as time zones cooperate :)

    • suburban_samurai

      I signed up for a Picarto account quite a while ago but haven’t sat down to really set up the necessary technical bits required for a stream (mainly a dedicated microphone). I’m going on vacation at the beginning of March, but I’m hoping to start doing some sketch streaming later next month.

      • Cirago

        awesome! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for an announcement then! 😀

  • Sunwu

    Oh I see one of the brothers going after cho has a set of Wind and fire wheels! Guess He knows Ba guazhang (aka the martial art Air-bending is based off of)! this is gonna get good!!!
    It’s also making me want to practice with my own collection
    Seeing Wu and Tang fight for me will be a game of “which one don’t I have”

    • IDPounder

      Very nice collection, Sunwu!

      • Sunwu

        Thank you

    • suburban_samurai

      WHOA! Do you fight crime in your spare time?

      • Sunwu

        There’s still time for them to switch weapons

  • Discorvid

    Hell yeah I’d watch a sketch stream >_>

  • Kid Chaos

    Notice how they’re attacking from long range, trying to tie up Cho before they move in for the kill. Are they less confident about their chances in close combat? 🤔

    • Bree

      The will of the Tao grants them genre savviness to know engaging Cho in close quarter combat would be suicidal.

      • Xinef

        Didn’t Cho play mostly on the defensive in the last encounter?

        I wonder what would it take to get him on the offensive. Maybe if some samurai boy decided to help out, putting himself in danger… nah that would be too silly.

        • Bree

          Cho may have played mostly on the defensive, but one, he didn’t want to fight, and two, he has since been training. The will of the Tao informs them that if they used the same tactics as last time, they would not end up victorious.

          (Realistically, though, the answer could probably just be as simple as how badly close quarters hurt them last encounter–the forbidden technique was not kind on them, so they’d prefer not relying on it.)

          • Xinef

            But, knowing Cho, he would accidentally train something else than they expected (heck, something else than HE expected), because why not.

            And then he will surprise them with a Nine Thousand Two Rubber Ducks of Kindness Technique!…

            Or somesuch.

  • Yair Morgenstern

    Seems to me you’ve already sketched a couple of streams.

    • suburban_samurai

      I get it! I think…

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