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Eijiro’s very confident in his ability to conform Atsumori to his way of thinking! I’m sure it’ll work out great.

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  • charles81

    Mellow out Nine-Finger.
    Have some magic mushroom soup.

    • Flaming Squirrel

      Is it the kind that makes you double in size?

      • Jake

        well, it sure beats the one that makes you nine feet small… and yes misheard lyrics can be real entertaining around those who know the song by heart.

  • Hfar

    Interrupting a man’s lunch to tell him a war’s going on? That’s just bad manners Nataku!

  • Flaming Squirrel

    Come on, you guys! I’m not not killing you so that you can not kill people!

  • TheMaskedFerret

    Well, Nataku is an expert on stubbornness. It stands to reason that the only thing he would respect about Atsumori is that the man can match him on stubbornness.

  • Not Real

    “If you have time to gawk at me, you have time to kill the enemy?”

    Sure beats “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean.”

    • Turul

      “If you have time to lean, you have time to WIPE THE ENTIRE REGION CLEAN OF ENEMIES”

  • EBeth

    Ahhh, Eijiro…The enthusiasm and sureness of youth. Life has obviously not kicked him in the teeth enough yet. And he’s riding next to just the kind of guy who likes to do the kicking, too…

  • Da’Zlein

    “But sir, the enemy’s not here right now!”
    “The enemy is always here! If you can’t see them then you clearly aren’t ready!”

  • RobinGoodfellow

    “…..say the tradesmen with a grin.”

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