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Having failed to get him drink, Matrix has simply decided to murder Ken with swords. Seems like an over reaction, but let’s see how that goes!

So my favorite show right now that isn’t a cartoon is Arrow, which is, I think, in large part because of that super rad driving soundtrack! I also love the whole Arrow universe that The CW’s been constructing. Sure, a lot of the writing is groan worthy, and there are so many painful cliches to eye roll at (I say that having constructed a perfectly eye-roll worthy trope-tastic webcomic), but GOSH DARN if Arrow and Flash aren’t fun as hell to watch!

I’m actually concerned about keeping up with all these spin off shows, because there’s going to be a team-up superhero show with The Atom, Black Canary, and Mr Flame (or something), and a 2D ANIMATED action cartoon that ALSO ties into the universe. I fear spinoff overload, but I can see it potentially working like a TV version of the Marvel Cinema universe. It’s just weird how we probably won’t get the big DC staple characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in these shows because DC probably wants to avoid too much branding confusion with its intended Justice League movie lineup. It’s frustrating because I despise Zack Snyder as a film maker and it’s sad to see the big DC names trapped in a monochrome, angst ridden film universe while all their lesser known cousins are having a blast on television. Still, they did tease Harley Quinn in that one episode, so maybe in time DC will lighten up on the restrictions! After all, we’ve got to assume Gotham exists in the Arrow-verse, right? Oh, I guess Gotham is its own show, but if Stephen Amell can’t guest star then WHO CARES.

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