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Oh Masuhiro, you’re out of the loop! Ina and Yori are totally not getting married anymore, sorry.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! So when it comes to this ‘next generation’ of consoles, for whatever reason I’m most interested in the WiiU. Maybe it’s because Nintendo in HD looks DELICIOUS, or maybe I’m just burnt out on drab, gritty, post apocalyptic zombie games, or I’m not really into shooters, or all three! Either way, the WiiU’s library is piling up with all these games I’m interested in; Wonderful 101, Mariokart 8, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros WiiU, those Amiibos(I know, I’m a sucker)! But, oh, well, geez, $300 for the system, or $350 for a bundle, that’s a lot of money.

Well, I finally took the plunge, but instead of buying a brand new system or a user system, I ordered a refurbished WiiU from  It showed up at my door about a week ago, along with an ordered copy of Hyrule Warriors, and I have been playing the cuss out of that game since. As refurbished products go, I can’t recommend this enough! The WiiU runs great ( even despite being left on for hours when I have to pause in the middle of a Hyrule Warriors level), looks like a brand new console, and is $100 cheaper than a standard new WiiU. So to anyone who wants a WiiU but finds the $300 price tag a little too steep, and doesn’t feel comfortable trying to get a used console for cheap, be aware of those $200 refurbished models. GOOD DEAL, FRIENDS.

Also, Hyrule Warriors is super rad. Impa’s my jam.

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  • Pascalle Lepas


    • IDPounder


      • Have a rock


        • reynard61



            Plot? Where? Oh you mean the talking between the fight scenes…

  • charles81

    Captured by the younger son, assassinated by the father and replaced by the older son… and you want to marry your daughter into this family?

    • suburban_samurai

      Well NOW he sure doesn’t! Masuhiro really only knew about Eijiro’s kidnapping plan, so he might’ve just figured Eijiro was a bad apple. Yorikiro he specifically chose as Ina’s potential husband based on some previously gleaned qualities. Hirotomo, well…Masuhiro sure didn’t suspect Hirotomo would employ an assassination plot to gain power! Maybe Masuhiro’s naive, but it’s more likely the circumstances of this whole conflict spiraled out of control while he wasn’t looking.

      • Xinef

        He sure is good at gleaning at ninja qualities, though.

        • suburban_samurai

          Masuhiro is a master gleaner.

          • TheMaskedFerret

            And did his wife know about the gleanings, there would be hell to pay.

      • leavescat

        Wasn’t looking: read as – literally blindfolded.

  • charles81

    The big problems with the Xbox and PS is that they’ve gone so far that they’re really just trying to take over from whatever gaming market the PCs are holding onto.

    Nintendo have managed to survive the console war and come through still remembering what a console is and what games most people expect to play on a console.

    • suburban_samurai

      Yeah, the XBOne and PS4 are definitely trying to bring over some PC market gamers, but in some ways they may be making some console gamers move to PC! I had no intention of getting a PS4, except a too-good deal fell into my lap and I picked one up for 50% off. I do like the console quite a bit, the controller design is especially nice, but I would’ve been perfectly content just playing the inevitable PC ports of any good console games.

      Now that the line is blurring between the console and PC, there’s just fewer exclusive games and fewer reasons to not just put down the extra couple of hundred bucks to get a nice gaming PC that will outclass any of the consoles. Not to mention that PC gaming is way less expensive than console gaming once you get over the initial financial hump of buying the PC.

      Nintendo though! They’re just a big elephant that does what it wants and we happily bow to its whims.

    • John Smith

      I’m a PlayStation guy from Way Back When (PS Original FTW!), but I just can’t keep up with the expenses. Me and my beat-up old PS3 will just have to limp along a while longer.

  • Astralfury

    Well that explains why he bailed on the wedding, as goofy as he can act i never saw him bailing *just* because he was told he had to marry like Ina did. I just wonder who he overheard that plot from as Hirotomo would have been insane to let yori in on that.

    • KungFuKlobber

      Yori has already told Ina about this, so it’s not new to long-time readers.

      • jwkovell

        Good thing there are lots of characters out of the loop so we have an excuse to recap!

    • suburban_samurai

      Well, we may find out how Yori discovered the plot in the not too distant future!

      • leavescat

        Waitwaitwait, Yori knows THE PLOT? Did Matrix tell him or something?

      • KungFuKlobber

        Next Sunday A.D.? From a guy named Yori, not too different from you or me?

  • Yacc

    This is a great episode, this is a great cartoon!!!!!!!!!! (I can not put enough exclamation mark after my sentence)

    • suburban_samurai

      You did the best you could, but you fell short of the target by two of three exclamation points, I think.

  • Yacc

    Jaw dropping ….. hehehe

  • John Smith

    Plus, Ina doesn’t like Yori *that* way. Too bad; they really do make a cute couple. :)

    • suburban_samurai

      She’s like Yori plenty, he’s a super nice guy who kills people who kidnap her! Problem is that their potential marriage is seeming very star crossed at the moment.

      • Xinef

        Solution? Secret marriage!

        Just don’t let anyone know (especially Ina’s mother)… that certainly wouldn’t end badly, right? Right?

        • John Smith

          Two words: “Vegas, baby!” :)

    • IDPounder

      Doesn’t like him? Man, I need to find ladies for smoochies who don’t like me.

  • Hfar

    Man, talk about having killer in-laws. This is going to make family picnics a bit awkward.

    And say what? You mean you’re tired of games with a color pallet of brown, brown, brown, grey-brown, brown, brown, green-brown, and brown? Clearly you just don’t understand art!

  • Have a rock

    Well how’s THAT for a future father-son in law talk?

    • suburban_samurai

      it ain’t off to a good start! But at least they have a lot in common; noble birth, martial arts, a healthy dislike of ninja.

      • Kid Chaos

        Don’t stop not dyin’, Masuhiro!

  • YukoHoon

    Well, telling the truth in this situation is the best policy. But I’m half scared that Yukizane finds it “interesting”. I hope he’s not making plans of his own… Aw, who am I kidding? Of course he’s making plans of his own.

    • suburban_samurai

      Plans WITHIN plans!

  • Lady Courage

    That’s a D8 expression if I’ve ever seen one.

    • suburban_samurai

      It would be masuhiro’s fav emote if he had a cell phone! He’d probably have an iPhone, too, he’s a hip dad like that.

  • ColdFusion

    That’s some of the coolest, least clunky looking samurai armor i’ve ever seen. i saved it as a reference.. it looks like if you made it an action figure it could actually move its legs.

    • suburban_samurai

      oh, any interest in a tutorial? “How I draw Samurai Armor” step by step? I’m thinking about doing something like that.

      • Hakka

        But ye it’d be hella cool.

        I remember you made a shading tuto a while ago (and I can’t find it anymore ;w;) , it was my first Photoshop/colouring tuto and was hella cool and helpful.

      • ColdFusion

        well it’s not so much the ‘drawing it’ part as the ‘coming up with it’.. this is somehow better than real life, so it goes beyond using a reference model.
        but any tutorial you put out i would look at!!

  • Sunwu

    It was a Teenage Fedual Japanese Wedding and the old folks wished them well!!!
    You could see that the Wataro did truly loved the Senshin girl quite well!
    Now the young monsieur and madame have rung the Shinto bell
    “セ・ラ・ビ”, say the old folks It goes to show you never can tell!!!

    They bought a souped-up Carriage
    ’twas a cherry red 1753

    They drove it down to Osaka

    To celebrate the anniversary

    It was there that the Wataro was married

    To the lovely Senshin he loved so well
    “セ・ラ・ビ”, say the old folks It goes to show you never can tell!!!

  • Ben Johnston

    Masuhiro’s all “Bwhaa.a…..???!?!?!

  • SotiCoto

    Hindsight is a bitch.

    Seeing all that stuff about the Wii U.
    I bought one of those myself. And Hyrule Warriors, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Bayonetta 2… and a few other games.

    And then Nintendo effectively abandoned it. All because Japan has no further interest in home consoles. And all the attention was refocused on the p.o.s 3DS.

    • suburban_samurai

      If I burned through games faster, I’d probably be upset, but my WiiU was my primary machine through 2015 and into 2016, and my 3DS a close second. The big N may have abandoned the WiiU, but after spending hundreds of hours with Hyrule Warriors, Bayo2, Xenoblade X, and Mariokart 8, I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of that refurbished console. I still haven’t even opened Splatoon and I’ve barely touched Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3. Also, none of these games are brown tinted military shooters! The only game I spent a significant amount of time with on my PS4 was MGSV, and that was a major disappointment 50% of the time!

      I’ll be the first to say that Nintendo makes a lot of counter intuitive to downright bad business decisions, but they’re still making great first party games.

      • SotiCoto

        Random question : Have you ever played any of the Monster Hunter games?

        This may be a very silly question… since I have my suspicions… but Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was one of the best games released for the Wii U, and 4 Ultimate was the reason I caved and bought a 3DS in the end. Now they’re bringing out Monster Hunter Generations, but I’m still holding out for an Ultimate version of that too.

        Just asking because Ken has a very Monster Hunter feel to him… probably on account of his choice of weapon.


        • suburban_samurai

          I love the idea of monster hunter, but I’ve struggled several times to get into it with no success. If they put out a more story driven iteration with some toned down/more accessible game mechanics and I’d probably eat it up.

          Ken’s sword is more based on Sanosuke’s zanbatou from Rurouni Kenshin, and Guts’ dragonslayer from Berserk. I wanted to take the ‘giant anime sword’ trope and blow it up to beyond ridiculous levels. Ken was actually a last minute addition to the comic. We’d already started it when I decided to add him as a main cast member.

          • SotiCoto

            I read the Ruroni Kenshin manga a long time ago. Never saw the anime. Have done both for Berserk. Both good pieces of work.

            Anyhow… Monster Hunter isn’t really the sort of thing that lends itself to plot. It is about epic boss battles and playing dress-up. I love it to bits.

            THAT SAID … How about Dragon’s Dogma? Released about the same time as Skyrim… and tends to fall somewhere between Monster Hunter and Dark Souls as far as gameplay goes… though it is a LOT more forgiving than either. I’ve sunk so many hours into that game too. And it is MASSIVELY inspired by Berserk. I’ve remarked before that Dragon’s Dogma is practically “Berserk: the game”.

  • MoveAlongCitizen

    Well then. This honesty is quite refreshing, really.

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