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OH HO, back to these guys! Masuhiro’s back in his maroon armor, and Ina borrowed some clothes from Ayane’s wardrobe.

I’ve been playing too much Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and I wish it was JUST a pirate game! Especially since its plot is mostly about a pirate guy who’s like “I don’t care about all this stupid assassins vs templar crap. Just want me some BOOTY!!!” Anyway, it put me in the mood to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (you know, the first film). It’s easily the best of the four films, and I think that’s all because Jack Sparrow is a clever guy that everyone thinks is an idiot. And since the we see Jack being clever, we’re in on the joke when he’s acting like an idiot!

But then in all the sequels, Jack is an idiot that everyone thinks is clever, and it ruins what made the first film so much fun. Not to mention the first film has hilarious dialog, but almost all the ‘comedic’ dialog in the sequels is throwbacks to the first film’s jokes. Lazy writing, friends!

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  • Mike

    I see everyone except Ken… he’s biding his time to make a dramatic entrance, isn’t he?

    • suburban_samurai

      Yumiko isn’t present either, HMM.

      • Mike

        Somehow I utterly failed to notice this. In my defense she does not carry a sword one and a half times greater then (than?) her own height so,,,

        • CocoaNutCakery

          Than is comparative, so than is the proper one to use there.

        • suburban_samurai

          I’ll forgive you your lack of observance just this once.

          • Mike

            Just got caught up on Star Wars Rebels so… “I find your lack of observance… disturbing.”

      • Hfar

        This could imply many things…

        • suburban_samurai

          Check that dirty mind of yours at the door, Hfar!

          • Hfar

            Never! It’s my dirty mind and I will take it wherever I please!

          • Jaibyrd

            Sometimes he just leaves it laying around.

            Sometimes I poke it with a stick.

      • Thiago Kurovski


  • Pascalle Lepas


    • John Smith

      Wow, she’s wearing that pink number Yori picked out; she really does love him!

      • suburban_samurai

        Oh, no, that’s not the super revealing ninja outfit he tried to get her to wear earlier! It’s just a very pink yukata. Still, both outfits are Ayane’s. Ayane likes pinks, reds, and purples.

        • John Smith

          Really? Darn. Well, it’s pink, so it’s good enough for me.

  • IDPounder

    I spy with my little eye…a very suspicious-looking redheaded ninja.

    • KungFuKlobber

      It’s hard to tell at this resolution, but it looks like she might be wearing sunglasses over her ninja mask.

      • suburban_samurai

        I can’t slip anything by your ninja-like observations!

        • Neska

          I spotted her too! 10 months later . . .

  • charles81

    Who is the redhead ninja… Is that Matrix in some terrible disguise again?

    Love how Masu noticed the nick name Yuki. Heh, probably upset his brother in-law gets the hot harem.

    • Hfar

      What you talking about? Clearly that is an ordinary and totally inconspicuous ninja.

      • suburban_samurai


    • suburban_samurai

      OH he’s upset alright! He also still considers the ninja clan bad guys, he’s kinda stubborn like that.

  • poo

    Jealousy isn’t a good colour on you Masuhiro… not like maroon.

    • suburban_samurai

      Masuhiro’s also spent a lot of time mentally compartmentalizing the ninja clan into that of ‘the bad guys’, and isn’t so thrilled that Yukizane is hopping into bed with them (not literally, maybe).

  • Hfar

    Huh. So Ayane actually does own more than one kimono that reaches below her thighs. Who’d a thought?

    • suburban_samurai

      Ayane has an extensive wardrobe with a range of modest to revealing outfits. She just has no fashion sense. The other kunoichi don’t want to tell her, though, because she’s really sensitive.

      • John Smith

        And deadly. Don’t forget deadly.

  • Brandenfascher

    Since you brought it up, I’d wonder if Ken and Jack would be good drinking buddies.

    • Neska

      . . .
      I want to be in the bar when they meet! Even if I have to be working as the bar wench!

  • Lady Courage

    When ~Yuki~ says “essentials”, for some reason I envision a pile of trunks. One of which is entirely filled with various games of strategy.

  • AmberOne

    Is that Matrix in the background? It is isn’t it? You can’t slip a character by my watchful eye!

  • Da’Zlein

    Already to pet names? Yukizane works fast with the ladies…

    • MoveAlongCitizen

      It’s the intellectual charm. Sure the Gun Show works on SOME, but most would prefer a man that hold down an intelligent conversation and compliment them on more than their bust.

  • Insane Disciple

    Are you jealous, old man?

    • Kid Chaos

      Maybe. 😍

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