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OH HO, so tell us what you REALLY think about the good captain, why don’t you guys?

Come this update, I’d expected I would have a lot to say about Korra, and Rebels, and Smash bros, but of those three, the only one I’ve spent any time with is Smash. And lemme tell you, there’s a poop ton of characters in that game! Choosing a main is more stressful than buying a new car, because that’s the character you’re going to learn, and grown, and murder with for countless hours into the future. Personally, I waver between Wii Fit Trainer and Rosalina, but…oh, Greninja, Shulk, and Palutena are also great! And then there’s the fighters I was previously proficient in, Pikachu, Peach, and Olimar. And then there’s those great alternate costumes. You can be Fierce Deity Link, for cryin’ out loud! And you better believe I used the mii custom character creation to stick Ken, Yori, and Cho in the game.

Joe has been playing, I don’t know, basically every spare moment he can. I think progress on NN4B Volume 2 has come to a screeching halt over the past four or five days! It’s okay, we’re still on schedule, I think, maybe. At this point Joe is most likely a force with which to be reckoned. I fear to challenge him, but I’ll put on a brave face and meet him at the final destination, balance board in hand…  it won’t be pretty.

In closing, Smash Bros 3DS, so much fun, and my experience with the online features has been pretty solid, too. I do admit, though, that playing on a 3DS leaves a bit to be desired in terms of tight controls. I’m super looking forward that WiiU version! I got on the hype train and even preordered some Amiibos. This game seems to have become quite the danger to my poor wallet. Anyway,  have some friend codes!

Alex: 0619-4547-2438
Joe: 2793-0704-2809

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  • John Smith

    At last, some good old-fashioned evangelism! :)

    • suburban_samurai


  • YukoHoon

    I just love these guys 😀

    • suburban_samurai

      They’re very huggable. Genchu gives them a big group hug on the next page, I’m not lying! Well, okay, I’m lying.

      • Kid Chaos

        Group hug!

  • IDPounder

    Gimme that…old time Bushido!
    Gimme that…old time Bushido.
    Gimme that…oooold time Bushiiido….!
    …and it’s good enough for me!

    • Lady Courage

      Now I’ll have this version stuck in my head all day long. Thanks.

      • John Smith

        Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war… :)

        • Sunwu

          Forward Senshin soldier marching without fear! With our old commander safely in the rear! Yuki plays Goh from morn till night and thinks he’s very brave, but the men who really did the job are dead and in their graves. Forward Senshin soldier Marching without fear! With our old commander safely in the rear!

          • Lady Courage

            *fishslaps you all*

          • suburban_samurai

            Put that fish away before you get us all killed!

          • Lady Courage

            It’s a tuna, not a piranha. *puts it away nonetheless*

      • IDPounder

        I’ll be here all week! Tip your waitress. Try the unagi.

  • KungFuKlobber


    I’ve been playing classic mode once with each character, and I somehow managed to unlock all of Palutena’s extra moves before even playing her character. She has some sweet powers, let me tell you.

    • suburban_samurai

      I FIXED IT, YOU! And I have unlocked very few alternate moves. Whatchoo doin’ that’s so special eh??

      • KungFuKlobber

        Playing on a higher difficulty level, I’d guess, because that’s how I roll. And let me tell you, that Master Core fight is no picnic.

  • Mike

    Ethereal goods, requires ghost touch taxes to really profit from them.

  • White Rice

    I love these guys. Too bad about them & Cho bringing about the end of all existence…

    Ohh, are we doing a friend code posting (got to get that smash-on)
    White Rice: 3523-2244-3668

    • Zachary Morgan

      Yep they definitely been an interesting pair of characters.

      I will add my friend code here for people have to smash along to.
      AdarZan’nh: 3437-3058-4698

      • suburban_samurai

        We are 3DS friends now! I look forward to murdering you two to death!

        • White Rice

          You can’t kill what’s already dead! *jumps off stage at 0%*

  • Sunwu

    You know the first thing Cho and these two guys are gonna do when they get to the bar?? Share friend codes and play Super Smash brothers

    • suburban_samurai

      Cho mains Little Mac. Everyone hates him for it, but it was the will of the Tao.

      • MoveAlongCitizen

        He’s probably really good at it, too.

  • Neska

    Hard to say which is the worse import: guns or religion . . .

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