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I keep laughing at this page! Fumio gets so nervous that they’re about to be outed as infiltrators, he just pushes all the suspicion on Ina, Yori, and Cho without even giving Ina a chance to get them out of it! Maybe he was hoping to avoid his inevitable death at her enraged hands. “YES, THAT’S IT! THAT’S THE EXPLANATION!!”

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  • IDPounder

    When in doubt, look for someone else to throw under the bus. Fumio obviously has advanced managerial training.

    • sylverdrag

      Advanced? Takes all the credit and deflect all the blame so fast it makes your head spin.

      Fumio’s a middle management god!

    • MoveAlongCitizen

      He used to be in the IRS before budget cuts. He had to turn to a less polite form of monetary acquisition to survive.

  • Sunwu

    This ninja arc is REALLY making me want to play the Tenchu games on the playstation again!

  • Eltharrion

    So, next Ina is going to push the ball onto Yori, who’s going to ask Cho for help, who in return is going to spout out some random Tao metaphors, ninjas get confused and they beat them into bulp, and while hiding the bodies Ina’s dad and all of our Femme Fatale ninjas appear around the corner.
    …What, like you wouldn’t want to see all the beautiful kunoichi in the same screen.

    Also, I just love Ina’s face in the first panel. Don’t know why, it just… Has some special “irritation” written over it. Not the usual kind, but a special ninja irritation.

  • charles81

    I know you are
    you said you are
    but what am I?

  • Hfar

    To be fair, Ina was fairly obvious. I mean, a kunoichi who isn’t wearing a super revealing outfit? Psha!

    • Eltharrion

      So that’s why Naruto ninjas aren’t considered ninjas xD
      Though, you have a point. She doesn’t have different kind of clothing and she isn’t already commanding the real ninjas around like a boss.

  • Anonymouse

    Fumio would make a fine ninja deceptive, cowardly and lethal (to allies)

  • KungFuKlobber

    Panel 1: Ina does not really intend to kill them.
    Panel 6: Ina really, really intends to kill them.

    • Eltharrion

      Screw killing just them, she seems to be one who wants to go on a killing spree like Ken.
      …If those two could work in harmony, just imagine the sheer destruction they could make.

      • SotiCoto

        Wait… is Ken still pratting about outside with the other kunoichi?

  • Charvale

    You know, I had a feeling Ina was just upset with Fumio and his companion, but now it looks like she really will kill the pair. I love how the ninja’s coming down the hallway don’t seem to be your typical “oh they’re dressed as ninjas, were good” and actually question the group… it definitely adds a level of depth that you don’t normally see in hirelings.

  • Johannes Hjortshøj

    Of course they’re not real ninjas. You can plainly see them.

  • Ben Johnston


  • animalia555

    Did Fujio just pull a Sokka?

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