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  • John Smith

    A hit! A very palpable hit! 😀

  • Derkins

    Yori *definitely* leveled up.

    • Kid Chaos

      Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass!

      • jULES

        His skill has improved!
        let’s say 60/40

  • Dylan

    I’m hearing the Ascend music from Homestuck in my head right now.

  • charles81

    Text mistake: “Oh come on! Why the (INSERT) didn’t that work?”

    • jwkovell

      Fixed! Don’t forget to email us your name or alias as you’d like it printed in the book.

      • charles81

        I am Charles Gordon Wilkinson the 5th, son of Charles Edward Wilkinson the 4th, son of Charles Reid Wilkinson the 3rd, son of… Nah. “Charles Wilkinson” is fine, or “Charles G Wilkinson” if I needs distinguishing from my heritage ;P


          And do you, by any chance, have six fingers on your left hand?

        • SotiCoto

          Don’t you mean the 81st?

  • jULES

    “I closed my eyes,
    and I thought of you-hoo”

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