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  • Derkins

    The boys seem pretty close together in age, here, but now that they’re older they look further apart. Maybe Eijiro’s just petite.

  • Sumbody

    There’s a typo in panel 3. Genchu should say “samurai must learn to use all of their senses,” instead of “user.”

    • jwkovell

      Ah, too much technical writing for me! Thank you, We’ll have it fixed shortly.

      How would you like to have your name listed in the book? We are a day away from sending it to the printer : )

    • Nick Godby

      he did . where are you seeing user? its not in my copy.

  • Da’Zlein

    Oh no, if he can’t see how can he ensure he doesn’t just gut poor Ryoku?

    • margarinecup

      Oh… that would be terrible…

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