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Okay, not gonna lie, things are looking pretty grim.

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  • KungFuKlobber

    If a face is in your way, bash it!

  • Breakfast

    There is only one word that can describe this:

  • cu

    Not many people know that the name of the Daisuke clan has its origins in an English explorer from the 13th century who was visiting the local daimyo.

    After watching some of the clan’s members fight in a battle, the explorer made a comment on their martial prowess. The head of the clan at the time thought that the foreign words “they suck” sounded pretty badass, so he took them as his clan’s motto.

    Through the centuries, members of clan Daisuke have long honored this ancient tradition, with the occasional black sheep being actually a competent fighter, like Genchu.

    • Turul

      When reminded of Genchu, they would shift their eyes and mutter, “He’s… adopted…”

    • Xinef

      Might be part of the reason why they sort of banished Genchu to the Wataro clan.
      So officially he was still considered a Daisuke, but he would live and teach in the Wataro capital, so there was no risk of any Daisuke actually learning from him by accident.

    • Slograman

      “I’m bleeding, which makes me the victor!”

      • 627235

        Considering that bleeding slows down quite a bit once the heart stops, bleeding is (kind of) good. Better yet if you stop bleeding while still alive and with enough blood on the inside to stay alive, of course.

  • Ocean Burning.


  • Turul

    That’s it! Now I’ll kill you even more dead than I was already going to kill you!

    [one punch later]

    That’s IT! I’ll kill you extra double more dead than I was already going to kill you!

    • clogboy

      “I’ll kill you twice! Then I’ll mangle the remains of your corpse, have a Shinto priest bring you back to life in Mononoke-hime’s enchanted forest, where I’ll rip your heart out and feed it to you through your ass!”

      • Ocean Burning.

        Too convoluted. Better to chop up the remains of the corpse into little pieces and feed them to carnivorous fish.

        • clogboy


          • Turul

            Make him into birdfish fodder and send it to Hirotomo.

          • Ocean Burning.

            Oh… can you enlighten me on the lore of the mysterious birdfish?

          • clogboy

            Yes. They’re carnivorous.

          • Ocean Burning.

            Ooooh… tell me more…

          • clogboy

            Did you know they mainly feed off the remains of Daisuke’s slain enemies? As of a decade ago, they’ve gone pretty much starving were it not for Ken.

    • Xinef

      I’ll make a kabuki play of you where I’ll kill the actor playing you!
      And I’ll find a new actor and repeat that again and again!

  • foducool


  • Kid Chaos


    • Nos Rin aka CTCO


    • Nos Rin aka CTCO

      NOW I”M PANICKING EVEN MOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • clogboy

        Ken –


  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    Didn’t expect that.

  • Tim “Azur3flame” Eldred

    So the real question, is Ken gonna get back up, all Goku-vs-Jiren style, and be like “bitch where do you think you’re going, who said we’re done here?” or is this going to be a teachable moment about succumbing to rage?
    Thought the second: would that incident mark the first known instance of “TRIGGERED” in history? XD

    Not gonna lie, I’m getting a smidge tired of seeing Nataku play god-mode. I REALLY want to see that guy just effing CURBSTOMPED. Which means the narrative must be doing something right.

    • clogboy

      Anger and hatred only bring you so far. We have an overpowered enemy here, and it takes more than the determination to be strong.

      Notice two things. It is not certain yet that Yumiko is dead (although mortally wounded), and Nataku still has the arrow in his left wrist. And possibly a third if it isn’t already obvious: Yumiko has the same hate fueled anger and probably has a Daisuke Ex Machina left in her.

      • Ocean Burning.

        “…and probably has a Daisuke Ex Machina left in her” — WE HOPE

    • Ocean Burning.

      Definitely not the first instance of “TRIGGERED” in history… that goes waaaaaaayyyy back XD

  • Crestlinger

    +1 for his sword going sentient and finishing the bugger off itself.

  • clogboy

    I hope this comes out as an omnibus. Or better yet: two. One before the hiatus, and one after.
    What’s the plural for omnibus? Omnibi? A bi-omnibi?

  • Redundant Jovian Thor

    all caught up…. again… … again…
    … … again, again…. again… uhhh… how many times have i had to catch up to more than 6 pages now?

    a lot, that’s all that matters. a lot.

    • Redundant Jovian Thor

      what? no! I havent forgotten to check back on NN4B! YOU’VE FORGOTTEN TO CHECK BACK UP ON NN4B!

  • tinwatchman

    Yeaahhhh, that’s the downside of those huge blades, isn’t it…

  • Vsevolod Derenkovsky

    I’m generally not picky about this sort of thing, but this sequence contains several entirely implausible moves from Nataku.

  • tinwatchman

    That *would* be the downside to impractically heavy weapons…

  • SlugFiller

    Hmm, I guess Nataku IS smarter. Although that’s not really saying much…

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