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AND THEN THEY FIGHT! Wait, is Tadashii fighting with a broken sword?

I’ve been watching the third season of Voltron, and it significantly elevates the show from the sort of generic ‘good vs evil’ template it was plodding along through the first two seasons. Suddenly we’re being hit with (somewhat) difficult moral decision, multiple antagonists in a power struggle, in-fighting between various groups, buildups with high stakes, and flashbacks establishing complex, dramatic turns of character. I’m starting to enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed Korra. It doesn’t hurt that the animation is still outstanding. Even the music seems to have gotten better in season three (although it still fails to compare to that original theme). Granted, for anyone interested, you still have to push through some 24 episodes of varying quality to get there. Watch them for the animation.

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  • Little Kingsguard

    I get it, he’s using his original sword that Gench cut in half, because he recognizes that his actions are dishonorable. He “lost” his honor when he failed to kill Genchu, and by refusing the offer to have a new sword forged, he’s remaining dishonorable by choice so he can better serve his lord.

    • jwkovell

      A good explanation, but clearly wrong.

      Tadashii is the Flash of the NN4B universe: his attacks are so fast that they can move through time itself. In actuality, the sword he’s using was broken in a fight with Fujio on page 999.

      • multilis

        “the sword he’s using was broken in a fight with Fujio on page 999” I guess we’ll have to wait another 188 pages in the future to see that happen in a flashback to the past. ;P

      • KungFuKlobber

        It all makes sense now! Matrix is actually Booster Gold in disguise.

      • Turul

        So on the next page, we’ll get the sound effect from Tadashii’s sword breaking the sound barrier?

      • clogboy

        Wait, isn’t the proper time travel tense ‘has going to break’?

    • LordBolanderFace

      I have another theory. See how it apparently changes length between panels four and six? He’s clearly using a trick blade like Yori had (still has?) earlier in the comic.

    • clogboy

      hmm who has an extremely sharp and long blade, and now knows how to use it more nimble. While also calling dibs on Yori’s corpse.

  • LordBolanderFace

    Tadashi: “Super genki horizontal slicing attack!”
    Yori: “Blocking… block!”
    Tadashi: “What? Clearly you have greatly increased in skill in these few short months!”
    Yori: “Yes. Now I am the master!”

    • LordBolanderFace

      BTW, it helps if you read this with their mouths not matching their words.

    • charles81

      I find your lack of sound effects… disturbing

      • LordBolanderFace




  • Jordan Hiller

    I suppose that this is Tadashi’s way of dealing with/protesting an order he disagrees with.

    • TheMaskedFerret

      His sword is broken, just like his honor. We may have a flashback to that incident that broke the sword (I don’t remember seeing that)

      • suburban_samurai

        (waves hands in a hypnotic pattern) …remember…remember…remember… (conveniently places archive link)

        • TheMaskedFerret

          It is amazing how my memory improves. Also, nice job with that foreshadowing. Also, does that mean that Tadashi may decide to follow the son rather than the father?

  • cu

    Once again, plants are collateral damage of samurai shenanigans. Last page of NNFB will read: “…and that’s why Japan is now a desert.”

  • clogboy

    Didn’t know Voltron was back on, thanks!

  • Sunwu

    Yori: is that a reverse blade sword?! that can’t be! That means!!

    Tadashi: Yes Yori I am the real Batosai

  • Xinef

    Theory 1:
    – Tadashii simply put invisible ink over half of his blade, to confuse Yori.

    Theory 2:
    – It was all a ploy to see if we’d notice that in the past few panels Tadashii’s sword was always obscured. If this would raise any suspicions from the always-alert always-perceptive always-overanalyzing bunch of nerds reading this comic.

    And we all know which of these two theories is more likely true. Right Cho?

    • suburban_samurai

      Theory 1 CONFIRMED. Theory 2 is just crazy talk.

      • Xinef

        Exactly what I was expecting/implying 😀

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  • Hfar

    Yori: “No fair! Your sword has less weight so it’s faster!”

    • Kid Chaos

      “And why are you using a broken sword, anyway? That’s my gig!” 😜

      • suburban_samurai

        Classic role reversal!

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    I wanted to watch Transformers Prime but I heard a budget cut really hurt it. And man, they killed off character like, what if they got their budget back and were able to rehire their voice actors, oops sorry your character is dead.

    Still really liked the art style, that was basically the only thing that got me wanting to watch it.
    Only ever Transformer I enjoyed was Armada. judge me if you must.

    • suburban_samurai

      I ain’t never watched a Transformers thing outside of the first three movies, which I regret.

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        Armada has a cool art style.
        But I read this thing that confuses me.
        Okay so there’s certain bits of dialogue that don’t make sense and you hear characters go huh?
        So did they record the confusion and keep it?
        It’s been forever since I watched it but I do own a complete collection (No idea if it’s a bootleg or not but ya. one day.)

        But ya, Armada looked cool, the two after it annoyed me, the one that came out after the first movie was lame, and Prime seemed cool but had budget issues.
        movie 4 was as good or better then 1 if we’re talking micheal bay.
        Okay so plot is garbage, as usual, but I like one thing a whole lot in it.
        Mark Whalberg’s character actually picks up a transformer’s weapon and uses it to help fight.
        while shia lebouf’s character only ever screamed and got in the way.

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    Where can I watch this new Voltron?

    • suburban_samurai

      It’s a Netflix exclusive show.

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        Damn. I canceled my netflix to catch up on my DvDs…. lol

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    Wait, when did his sword break? Or wait, was it that long ago? has he literally and all these years NEVER repaired his sword?!

    • suburban_samurai
      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        ya. XD I remembered that as I was typing that. I figured he would have gotten his sword repair by now.

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO
        Okay. This. See. I thought he was going to get a new sword.

        • suburban_samurai

          There is a strong possibility this will be addressed very soon!

          • Nos Rin aka CTCO

            I believe you. I forsee Yori making a comment about it. Now that I’ve said my thoughts though I will be wrong. :(

        • Turul

          > I will not fail you again.

          (I mean, he kind of already did when he could have killed Genchu by the frozen river and left him alive.)

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        I know, you’re the main dude who should know best. I’m just showing why I’m confused.

    • Roman Wieczorek

      Tadashi rocks
      He defeated ninjas with his tombstone glare

      He didn’t drawn his own sword when demons engaged Genchu.

      And even honou-ko could not seen his sword when he trains

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO


  • Darkseide

    The Broken Sword returns

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