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I’ve gotta wonder if Ina and Yori were talking politics this whole time during the cut away. It IS what they share most in common, after all!

A couple weekends ago one of my visiting friends brought his Oculus Rift (the dev kit version, not the commercial release that’s coming this week) to try out. I was able to play Elite Dangerous for about 20 minutes and the experience was brain melting, I need VR in my life. The feeling of docking a ship while looking all around you as you enter a space station with full surround sound audio is incredibly immersive. There are a myriad of reasons why VR may never catch on as a popular media outlet, but I’m really hoping it takes off. Basically all I want to do now is play every game in VR. (Granted, my opinion on the PS4K are mixed, to say the least, even if it will better support Playstation VR.)

Also, guys, I am SOO EXCITED for the new Netflix Voltron. All these Korra alums are involved! LOOK AT THOSE CHARACTER DESIGNS! LOOK AT THE MECHS! It’s like a dream project come true. And since it’s Netflix, we’ll get all 13 episodes at once! Geez, I hope they include the classic theme music in there somewhere.

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  • tinwatchman

    And everything goes to hell in three… two… one…

  • Pascalle Lepas

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast

  • Sunwu

    Yori: *sigh* welp I got this big sword training thingy tomorrow, theres rice on the fire place if you’re hungry, I’ll call you
    …from across the forest because I’ll be near the campsite.

  • IDPounder

    Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?

    • SHADOW4662

      I fink so Brain, but where are we gonna get 3 gallons o’ peanut butter at this time o’ night?

      • IDPounder

        Do not mock a love-smitten Wataro.

      • Jake


      • Shaowdragon

        Why, from ACME’s 24/7 peanut butter bulk sales store! Just… Keep an eye out for some of our employees… Like the one with a tuft of blue hair running everywhere. Or his less than successful supervisor… Or the one with the red mustache… Or the Tasmanian no one can understand… Y’know, just talk to the guy chewing on carrots or preferably the one who looks a bit like a pig… He’ll sort you out. But if you see the carrot chewer talking with the black haired one who has a speech impediment and the bald guy with the hunter outfit we let him wear… (cause who needs uniforms?) Stick around. It should be entertaining…

        Oh, and don’t forget to ask about our affordable weights!

        • SHADOW4662

          See, now this is customer service right here. Do you also carry pianos and dynamite? I have this roadrunner that will not leave me alone…

          • RazorD9

            I wouldn’t cross that bridge. Mainly with my experiences with roadrunners, that bridge will fall once you are in the middle of it followed by a boulder. Stick with poison birdseed and avoid cliffs and acme products.

          • SHADOW4662

            …but I thought Acme was the best at what they do… Shadowdragon, did you lie to a fellow Shadow?

          • Shaowdragon

            I have yet to see a bridge of ours… I’ll have to check with the R&D.

          • Shaowdragon

            This seems like a case of bad luck… I don’t think our bridge kits include boulders…

          • Shaowdragon

            Why yes! They are in the section with the Blue haired kid and his supervisor, just after the safes and hunter outfits!

  • Jordan Hiller

    God these two are adorable together 😀

  • foducool


    • Sunwu

      It looked like it already did to me

      • suburban_samurai

        It’s intentionally left ambiguous! My head canon is that they had a hot makeout session, no more.

        • RickRussellTX

          With a sword.

    • Speedy Marsh

      “La petite mort” by snu snu?

  • Kid Chaos

    “BTW, we’re not talking about swords anymore.” 😍
    “Not…about…swords?” 😶

  • SKy

    Soo… Who’s going to interrupt them this time? Still taking bets…

    • Kid Chaos

      $5 says it’s Cho again! 😜

      • Flaming Squirrel

        You kidding? Now that Ina’s father is with them, he gets ALL interrupting rights!

        • Kid Chaos

          Good point, good point… 😍

    • suburban_samurai

      May they go uninterrupted.

  • Xinef

    They were discussing swords.
    And I can definitely agree with Yori. Swords are awesome. “I like swords.” should become a meme.

    … oh wait.

  • TheMaskedFerret

    So, when is the additional Daisuke going to show up again?

    • suburban_samurai

      When it’s most climactic!

  • Auctorian .

    *burns popcorn*

    • suburban_samurai

      They already did!

      • Auctorian .

        Oh I know lol, but my other ‘image’ was more appropriate for the scene yet slightly… less… for comments sections :p

  • SotiCoto

    I suppose it is about time they learnt how uncomfortable it is to try and have sex in the woods.

    … Well, someone is gonna get rooted either way.

  • Scott Henry

    Did they have sex?

    • suburban_samurai

      it’s intentionally left ambiguous!

      • Kid Chaos

        Ken: “Make it unambiguous!” 😍

  • Scott Henry

    I bet she likes his “sword”. GIGGITY GOO!

  • Vadik

    So, I was about to bone my girlfriend, but then bigfoot shows up…

    • Kid Chaos

      “…I hope he doesn’t have a bigger ‘sword’ than I do…” 😍

  • clogboy

    yay character development :)

    but yet wait… your daddy is going to fight my daddy, let’s make out?

  • Jake

    Panel 4 new text popped into mind. something along the lines of “Forget it, fanboy. This is as pinup as i get.”

  • clogboy

    Beer ‘o clock comes early today…

  • madsniper

    I love love love the poses in the first panel. They look so gone on each other. XD

  • SlugFiller

    I was looking at this page on April 1st, and the image started spinning clockwise, making it look like Ina is leaning downwards towards Yori.
    I’m like:
    1. This comic suddenly has effects
    2. This comic suddenly became NSFW

  • Grimlock13

    Oh My…

  • Arkone Axon

    Wow… she actually looks very pretty when she’s not scowling…

  • Kid Chaos

    BTW, I am totes excited about Netflix!Voltron, and I’ve been watching “Assassination Classroom” all weekend. It’s got a crazy premise (standard for all anime and manga), but it’s oddly fascinating (also standard). Check it out; you won’t be sorry. 😎

  • RickRussellTX

    When did they suddenly become adorbs?

  • Skralin

    God they are just adorable aren’t they?

  • Insane Disciple

    I know three maniacs who would agree with that sword philosophy

  • DarthJazzHand
  • Frank Royce Harr

    If they keep this up, it’s all going to get complicated again. :)

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