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And suddenly Ina’s rage metamorphosed like a magical butterfly into unparalleled fear!

“We are the Crystal Gems, we’ll always save the day, and if think we can’t, we’ll always find a way. That’s why the people of this world believe Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl… AND STEVEN!” Now imagine that looping in your head for hours on end. That is my current state of being and I am totally cool with it. Just so you guys know, Steven Universe is great, as I have recently discovered, and it’s first 35 episodes are currently on Hulu Plus ad free. There was a lot of SU fandom going down at Emeral City Comiccon, and it got me intrigued. What I really love about the show is how it takes its time world building. It doesn’t smother you with exposition even though the full story of what’s going on is fairly complex in its details. Also, the characters have great ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ style moments that you can’t not smile at, and the music? So catchy.

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  • Pascalle Lepas


    • charles81

      I dunno. She has quite a point.

      • Xinef

        Gotta love when people are to the point.

        I bet she’s now trying to teach Ina one more lesson – “You also need to carry a weapon and know how to fight.” Because you know, while tacticians can be epic and stuff, it’ll only get better if they can also fuel their rage into kicking butts.

  • Flaming Squirrel

    “I draw my conclusions like I draw my sword- people usually get stabbed shortly afterwards.”

    I never got into the Steven Universe fandom. I only saw one episode, and it seemed like it was mostly fat jokes. I love Adventure Time, though, so maybe if I were to watch more of it’d I’d change my mind.

    • Kaos Dragon

      Give it another chance. The creator of SU worked on AT, so you’d probably love it too.

    • suburban_samurai

      OOF fat jokes! I don’t know what episode that is… The show seems mostly interested in exploring character view points and making you feel the feels and laugh a lot. Also the action’s fun and did I mention the music? I like the music.

      • Flaming Squirrel

        actually, not that I think of it… I may have been thinking about Clarence. (embarrassed)

    • Kid Chaos

      I’ve seen some of SU on Hulu (and btw, Prime does NOT cut out the commercials!!! Very disappointed!!!), and it seems like a fun little show.
      But Steven should leave rapping to the professionals. I’m just saying.

      • Rose

        Hulu plus doesn’t cut out commercials?! There goes any chance they ever had of getting my money! TnT

        • Kid Chaos

          Commercials are limited (compared to the free version, anyway), but they’re still there. Apparently they don’t make enough money from subscribers to cut ads completely. “Premium content is expensive”, etc., etc. *sigh*

  • Auctorian .

    In a world of samurai, gravity defying swords and bad-ass shenanigans, nobody has yet learned that this, children, is exactly how one looses their sword hand.

    • suburban_samurai

      You know, that is a very good point, I wouldn’t want to be Matrix’s hand right now. Any other time, though, I would be down for it.

      • Kid Chaos

        Many she has a Healing Factor (SEE: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, episode 1).

    • Dichu

      Yori, I am your mother!

      • Kid Chaos

        More like his great-great-whatever-great-granddaughter, if I’m any judge.

        • Dichu

          I think you have to go to law school to be a judge.

          • Kid Chaos

            Overruled! *Bangs gavel*

          • suburban_samurai


          • Kid Chaos


          • margarinecup

            I’m putting you all in contempt of comments section!

          • Kid Chaos

            That comment is stricken from the record!

  • KungFuKlobber

    So … revealing Ina as Yori’s weak point, or trying to get Ina to learn how to fight?

    Or, for the people who really love wild speculation, is Uso not so dead as we thought?

    • suburban_samurai

      you just keep on speculating, why not! I’m on board with the Uso theory.

      • IDPounder

        Nah, you already did a splashy full-page death scene for Uso. He out.

        • Xinef

          What if… it was just an illusion that also affected viewers? There was no splashy full-page, but Uso wanted us to believe he died, so he made us think there was?

          • Flaming Squirrel

            What if all of this is just an illusion? What if Uso never really existed? What if Matrix… really is THE MATRIX?!
            (brain splodes)

    • charles81

      I’m gonna go out on a limb with my own speculation and say Ina is a strong point, not a weak one. He’s defeated demons of sorrow when she was under threat.

    • Kid Chaos

      Matrix is testing Yori’s reflexes…or something. Anyway, she’s not going to kill Ina (I hope).

    • Jonathan B

      Actually, I suspect she’s trying to cause Yori to display how quickly he can shift with a regular sword by spinning to block her, in order to show the difference between that fighting style and Ken’s general cleaving style. That is the topic of her demonstration, after all, why there are different fighting styles.

      • Dichu

        This is much too reasonable a conclusion for this comment board. I’m afraid I must ask you to leave until you learn to be a little less rational.

        • Derkins

          I know right? I was shocked too. Shocked, I say!

      • Minando

        Ken would have hacked off her sword arm. That´s effective, that is.

    • Lampros Liontos

      My hypothesis:

      Reflex is a trained ability. This is the reason for “hours of leaf-cutting practice;” it puts the ability to find and strike a small location into the area of reflex, freeing the conscious mind to focus on the surroundings.

      Now, because he is aware of Matrix’s action, he will instantly move to counter is using his sword completely by reflex.

      If he had been wielding Ken’s new sword, the added weight would slow the movements of his strikes and lengthen the time of recovery (the time in which one moves a sword back into a pre-strike position after a strike). This would be unfamiliar to reflexes used to a much lighter and faster weapon; this would distract him, since he would have to concentrate on the weapon, instead of his surroundings. If he’s focused on anything other than his surroundings in combat, then he is soon to be no longer “not dying.”

  • LynzO

    I may have just squealed with excitement! First the jealousy and now (hopefully) some protecting?? Progress?????

  • Jordan Hiller

    This is either going to be totally badass or end in someone getting seriously hurt. Possibly both.

    • suburban_samurai

      You’re building this page up like it’s the Star Wars prequels! Don’t be too disappointed…

      • Jordan Hiller

        Well I enjoy your comic more (in general) than the Star Wars prequels, so that may be why. Don’t worry, I’ll get over my disappointment. :)

  • Sunwu

    And Ina pulls out her own sword and defends herself!!!

    • Dichu

      Actually, I think Ina is more of a mace person. Not the spray, the giant spiked ball on a stick.

  • Hfar

    Ah ha! It turns out that main heroines in NNFB are Highlander-esque immortals and Matrix knows THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

    • Dichu

      The Quickening!!!

  • Lenvoran

    It’s okay. Ina’s back stepping. Pretty sure you get i-frames for that.

  • Warcodered

    I’m sure she’s just about to cut a loose thread she noticed.

  • Dusty Coyote

    Point: speed is his style. Big ass sword doesn’t work with speed.

    Faster than Link spinning around to cut grass, Yori is gonna swing around and block that.

    • Dichu

      Perhaps just as quick as the mortal draw from twilight princess, though.

    • Da’Zlein

      Or disarm her… at the elbow…

      • Dusty Coyote

        In the words of Lepas: Plap. Plap.

  • Lady Courage

    The downsides of being the mastermind and not the warrior.

    • Xinef

      The upsides is that she should have expected that to happen.

      • Lady Courage

        True. Ina’s off her game because JEALOUSY.

  • leavescat

    *Yori kills Matrix*
    *Lex teleports in and laughs*

    • suburban_samurai

      That would certainly take things in an interesting direction.

  • Minando

    Hahah, fooled you, rubber sword.
    Huh ?
    Sorry. Wrong sword.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Such great warriors. So well trained. Yet, no one has bothered to teach Ina the first thing about fighting or even defending herself, ’cause she’s a girl. Or, ’cause they’re too self centered to even think of it. Or both.

  • SotiCoto

    … Okay. That is odd. This is the second time I’ve heard about this Steven Universe thing in two days… and yesterday I only heard about it because some arsehole I was mass-downvoting on Reddit had most of his posts arguing on some StevenUniverse subreddit about a bunch of stuff that sounded downright retarded.

    Sufficed to say… I don’t want anything to do with it on account of that one douchebag.

  • Insane Disciple

    Yep, still creepy

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